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James Ure 1817-1897

JAMES URE 1817-1897 James Ure was the son of James and Janet McCole Ure. 

He was born in Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, Scotland, 11 June 1817. He was among the first to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Scotland, being baptized April 10, 1840. He soon became active and was advanced to priest in the priesthood. He then commenced to preach the gospel in his native land in company with Elders Charles and Robert Hamilton. Oct 8, 1841 he was ordained an elder. His missionary work soon led to his appointment to preside over the church in Bridge of Weir and surrounding branches. 

In 1844 he gave up all secular work and devoted full time to the church. He presided over the Sheffield Conference in England and continued to preach in England and Scotland until 16 January 1849. Having received permission from Elder Orson Pratt to immigrate to the land of Zion, he and his wife Jannette, whom he married 5 Oct 1845, and daughter Catherine Ure boarded the ship “Zetland” at Liverpool on the 17th. They departed 24 Jan 1849. After a pleasant journey they landed in New Orleans Monday April 2, 1849. 

On the trip to St. Louis by steamer there were four deaths, and one birth. Their precious little Catherine, age 2, died and was buried in St. Louis. 

In April 1856 James married his second wife Agnes Davis. He was 39 years old at the time. On 17 Oct 1868 at the age of 51 he married his third wife Elizabeth Jones in the Salt Lake Endowment House. 

27 Oct 1849 he and his family arrived in Salt Lake Valley. He and his family passed through many trials in the early days, even the Indian trouble in Grantsville in the summer of 1851. 

 James fulfilled two missions to the Old World after having made Utah his home. In 1877 he was set apart as first counselor to Elder F.M. Lyman who was President of the Toole Stake of Zion. 

The United States of America, laws of the land initiated the Homestead Act of 1862. This law gave anyone over 21 years of age 160 acres of land if they lived on it for five years and made improvements. It is probable that James and Elizabeth Jones Ure moved to Kamas, Utah, after having four children born in the Toole, Utah, about 1886 or 1887 in as much as they received their Homestead Certificate 20 Aug 1892 by Benjamin Harris in Salt Lake for 160.63 acres of land on the west side of Kamas Valley. 

On Nov 8, 1894 he was ordained a patriarch under the hands of Lorenzo Snow, F.D. Richards and F.M. Lyman. He resided in Kamas until his death 29 July 1897. His funeral was held in the fifteenth ward meeting house in Salt Lake August 1 and buried in the city cemetery. 

He was faithful to the work of the Lord and had many sterling qualities. 

Compiled by Earl and Harriet Ure Stephens from the Journals of James Ure. 

193 Great Salt Lake City, Aug 19th 1852 

A Blessing by John Smith Patriarch upon the head of James Ure son of James and Janet Ure, born in Bridge of Weir, Renjreios Scotland June 11, 1817. Brother James in the name of Jesus of Nazereth I place my hands upon thy head to seal upon you a blessing and priesthood that are sealed upon the had of Joseph upon the land of Egypt for this is thy lineage and right of inheritance. I seal upon you the blessing of health and life in fullness, the fullness of the priesthood shall be conferred upon you in due time, teaching you all the hidden mysteries of the redeemer’s kingdom giving you power to work miricles in the name of the Lord which is necessary for the gathering of Isreal. You are called to teach to the nations afar off. No power on earth shall slay your hand. You shall be able to break chains of iron, and letters of brass. Thousands shall believe thy word. You shall baptize them and lead them to Zion. The wise and the ignorant the rich and the poor shall submit themselves unto thee with all their riches for building up of Zion. Thou shall be blessed in thy family with a posterity which cannot be numbered for multitude, they shall be mighty in the priesthood none shall excel them in Israel, you shall live to see the winding up scene of this generation. Come up in the first reserection with your companion and all your father’s house and shall inherit a kingdom, which shall never fail even so Amen Great Salt Lake City Aug. 19, 1952

James on his mission to Dundee