Saturday, December 1, 2018

2019 Creating an Online Family History Video Library:

How important are video recordings in family history?
Can video tapes inspire the next generation?
Do you have your parent's testimony in some format?
What type of events can you video tape?
What event do you wish you had video taped.

What type of camera should you use?
Where can you store the video tapes?

Transferring VHS to computer, restoration, making slideshows with music, interviewing relatives, isolating video clips, video memory moments, free background music, online storage and retrieval, sharing on FB, websites or directly, video links, and backing up your collection.  In short make an online library of all of your family videos which is instantly accessible to your family and friends.

VHS Transfer

Making a

Slideshow with a PC

 Making a

Slideshow with a Mac