Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Charles Alexander Stewart 1862 - 1950

Charles Alexander was born  January 6, 1862.  Presbyterian minister. Charles Alexander Stewart 1862 - 1950 married Fanny Charlotte Hickson (1885 - 1936) 11 March 1891
Violet 1892 1979
Howell 1893 - 1956
William D 1895 - 1895
Herbert L 1896 - 1980

Annie Stewart, John & Jane’s daughter, is buried in Lutwyche Cemetery in the same grave as her brother Charles Alexander.  Charles’ wife, Fanny died in 1936 when they were living and working in New Zealand, and she is buried there.

Lutwyche Cemetery:  description:
With graving docks capable of accommodating destroyers and fuelling facilities, Brisbane became a naval base during the Second World War. Upon the entry of Japan into the war fixed defences were provided and manned, and American detachments arrived and established themselves there. Allied Air Forces headquarters, a general intelligence unit and the headquarters of the G.O.C. in Chief Australian Military Forces were in Brisbane; and in July 1942 the American Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, South-West Pacific Area moved his Headquarters from Melbourne to Brisbane to be nearer the scene of the operations in Papua and New Guinea.

This cemetery contains 389 Second World War burials, 1 being an unidentified Australian Airman. There are also 9 burials of the First World War and 3 burials of other nationalities.

The war graves plot also contains the QUEENSLAND CREMATION MEMORIAL which commemorates 36 members of the Australian Forces who died in Queensland during the Second World War and whose remains were cremated.

Grave marker:
Charles is buried with his sister.
Lutwyche Cemetery
Brisbane City
Queensland, Australia 

Annie unmarried (nurse) and Rev Charles Alex Stewart. His wife died in NZ.   He turned to British Israeli religion towards end of life.  Ellie remembers him visiting their family home.