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Paul Lauten

Paul Lauten, Toll Jr. High, 1961.

Navy 1968 - 1972  Lots of ocean: 47 countries, in 36 months.

 June 5, 2010 by Mitch Lawrence, Daily News:

"I just had to come over to pay my respects," said Paul Lauten, 62, of nearby Sherman Oaks, who went to UCLA in the Lew Alcindor Era, and whose father attended the school when the big athlete on campus was Jackie Robinson.

Lauten was dressed in a powder blue UCLA T-shirt and had on a blue UCLA baseball hat. He carried a camera to take pictures.

"He was the greatest guy," Lauten said, choking back tears. "It's hard to talk about ... He was just so real. Everybody else has got a motive or an angle. But he's such a good person. He wasn't trying to impress anybody. Yet, he impressed everybody. He was the perfect guy."

Lauten attended Wooden's basketball camps and later would purposely go to the UCLA track at 5 a.m. because he knew Wooden would be walking at the time of day.

"I once gave him a picture of John Wayne," he said. "Later, I went to one of his camps over at Pepperdine in 1984, where they honored his 1964 team. They put on their shorts and put on the press and beat every team they played that day."

A track and field coach at Chatsworth High, Lauten walked away to sit down and take in the scene. Earlier, a group of students from Buford Elementary School in the Lennox School District stood on the base to have their picture taken. Then a man walked by with a toddler, who tried to grab one of the flower arrangements.

"Don't do that," the man told his son. "Those are for coach Wooden."

Chatsworth High Course Description

This competency-based course contains entry-level and intermediate training to enable a graduate to qualify as catering assistant, institutional and restaurant apprentice cook, and any position that requires first-hand knowledge and experience in food service. Students are exposed to "prep" cooking, presentation, and storage in all food categories, with hands-on procedures and classroom theory. The competencies in this course outline are aligned with the California High School Academic Content Standards and the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards.

SIDE NOTE: We, the staff and employees of Chatsworth High School, are very proud of the many success stories that have come out of this program. Many of Chef Lauten's students have been accepted and awarded many scholarships to some of the top culinary programs in the nation. We wish him continued success.
Students in the Medical Academy are especially focused on the intense studies on healthy eating and healthy mind assignments. Students in the Humanitas Academy benefit from the catering lessons serving the Hospitality Pathway some Chancellors may be enrolled in.

Chatsworth : Students Demonstrate Skills for Open House

March 30, 1996|DAVID E. BRADY

Offering a peek at the diversity of educational pursuits at Chatsworth High School, faculty members welcomed parents to campus for its annual open house.
Billed as Showcase '96, the two-hour Thursday night event offered parents the opportunity to meet their children's teachers and to see for themselves what goes on in the classroom.

"We hope that it's a discovery for parents and a chance for kids to show off," Principal Fran Ramirez said.

In Ed Burke's advanced-placement government class, students debated the merits of the Bill of Rights, arguing before a panel of faculty judges whether it should have been added to the Constitution.

"I was proud of her," Chuck Hardaker said after watching his 17-year-old daughter, Laura, speak. "She's always sharp as a tack."
For Laura, although she doesn't enjoy public speaking, she said she was eager to show her parents what she's learning.

"The curriculum is very good," she said. "We have some really excellent teachers."
Across campus in Paul Lauten's home-economics lab, students such as 16-year-old Robert Morgen were busy supplying freshly baked cookies and pizza for hungry visitors.
"You feel like you really did something," Robert said, explaining his pride in watching people devour his creations.

In Wendy Wooten's physics classroom, Fernando Cazares, 18, and Ari Soto, 17, demonstrated the principle of projectile motion using foam-tipped darts. Nearby, posters explained the mathematical formulas at work in gravity and velocity.

As parents and students mingled throughout the room, Cazares said his own family was unable to attend but that he welcomed the chance to relay an important message to other parents.


In 2009, the track and field coaches Paul Lauten and Jose Lerio decided to create a new award named after an athlete "Nolan Blake" who brought incredible inspirational and motivation to the program that will live on forever. It used to be called the "Most Inspirational Award", but starting in 2009 it is called "The Nolan Blake Award" to honor his accomplishments and it is still being given out today. This would also go down as being the first ever award named after someone who attended Chatsworth High School.

Fleshman Considers Grueling Triple


Coach Paul Lauten of Chatsworth said junior Kenan Jackson set a school record of 40.2 in the 330-yard intermediate hurdles in a Northwest Valley Conference meet against Granada Hills last week.

It's a stretch to call Jackson's time a school record, however, because Bryan Addison ran 37.80 in the 300-meter intermediates as a Chatsworth senior in 1988.

That mark converts to a time of 38.02 for 330 yards.