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Jean Stewart

Jean Stewart was born, daughter of William Stewart [and Elizabeth Erskine] at [Clochfoldich], Logierait Parish (1851 census; and death record. Margaret S. Gardiner said Jean was born about 1809; Salt Lake Temple record, FHL183462, p458, #15133).

11 Nov 1836
 Eodem Die       James Crighton and Jean Stewart, both in this parish, having been regularly and publickly proclaimed were married this day (Scone Parish Register, FHL102805).
 4 Jan 1839        James Crichton, Forester, Innernytie, Parish of Kinclaven, but late of this parish, and Jean Stewart, his wife, had a daughter born 4 Jan 1839 and baptized 13 Jan named Margaret (Scone Parish Register, FHL102805).
 2 Nov 1840      James, son to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, his spouse, Lochside, was born on the second & baptized on the fourteenth day of November Eighteen hundred & forty  (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).
 7 Jun 1841       Census of Inernytie Cottage, Kinclaven Perth (ED2, p10, FHL101907)
                          James Crichton             45        Wood Forester                                    born in county
                          Jean Crichton               30                                                                    born in county
                          Margaret Crichton        2                                                                     born in county
                          James Crichton             7 mos.                   born in county
28 Dec 1842      Jane, daughter to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, Lochside, was born on the twenty eighth day of Dec'r eighteen hundred & forty two & baptized the twelfth of January following (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).
31 Mar 1845     Elizabeth, daughter to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, Lochside, was born on the thirty first of March & baptised on the fourth day of April, Eighteen hundred & forty five (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).
27 May 1847    William, son to James Crichton & Jean stewart, his spouse, Lochside, was born on the twenty seventh day of May & baptized the ninth day of June Eighteen hundred and forty seven (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).
24 Jan 1850       Christina, daughter to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, his spouse, Lochside, was born on the twenty fourth day of January and baptized on the nineteenth day of February Eighteen hundred and fifty (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).
30 Mar 1851     Census of Lochside, Kinclaven, Perth (FHL103743)
                          James Crichton             Head    Mar  58     Wood Forester                  Perth, Dunbarney
                          Jean Crichton               Wife     Mar  43     Wood Forester's Wife       Perth, Logierait                    Margaret Crichton      Dau                 12            Wood Forester's Dau'r               Perth, Scone
                          James Crichton             Son                10     Wood Forester's Son        Perth, Kinclaven
                          Jean Crichton               Dau               8      Wood Forester's Dau'r      Perth, Kinclaven                  Elizabeth Crichton      Dau                 6            Wood Forester's Dau'r               Perth, Kinclaven
                          William Crichton          Son                3      Wood Forester's Son        Perth, Kinclaven
                          Christina Crichton        Dau               1      Wood Forester's Dau'r      Perth, Kinclaven
 9 Jul 1852        John, son to James Crichton & Jean Stewart, his spouse, Lochside, was born on the ninth day of July and baptized on the twenty ninth day of the same month Eighteen hundred & fifty two (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).
 3 Apr 1861      Census of Lochside, Kinclaven, Perth (FHL103893)
                          James Crichton             Head    Mar  68     Wood Forester                  Perth, Dunbarney
                          Jean Crichton               Wife     Mar  53     Forester's Wife                 Perth, Logierait
                          Elizabeth Crichton       Dau      Unm 16     Forester's Dau'r                Perth, Kinclaven
                          William Crichton          Son                13     Scholar                              Perth, Kinclaven
                          John Crichton               Son                8      Scholar                              Perth, Kinclaven
(The Crichtons are the only family listed at Lochside.  It probably one of the estates where Margaret visited her cousins, as mentioned by Beatrice Gardiner Low.)
 3 Apr 1871      Census of Lochside, Kinclaven, Perth (ED2, p5, FHL104075)
                          James Crighton             Head    Mar  78     Forester                            Perth, Dunbarney   
                          Jane       "                      Wife     Mar  63                                               Perth, Logierait
                          Elizabeth  "                   Daur    Unm 26                                               Perth, Kinclaven
                          James      "  Son, Visitor           Unm 30     Wholesale Tea Merchant    "       "
                          Elsie MacIntosh           Serv.    Unm 13     General Servant                  "   Auchterhouse    
  3 Apr 1871     Census of 382 St Vincent Street, Anderston, Glasgow, Ed 12, (FHL104029)
                          William Crichton          Head    Unm 23     Tea Dealer,                       Perth, Kinclaven                                                                              Employing 1 man                      
                          Margaret Crichton        Sis        Unm 32                                               Perth, Scone
                          John Crichton               Bro      Unm 18     Hat Salesman                    Perth, Kinclaven     
(The address above was that of James Crichton in 1866 when he was the informant of the death of his cousin, John Stewart, who died at Glasgow.)
15 Jan 1873       At Kings Muir Cottage, Kinclaven, Perth.  After banns according to the Church of Scotland, Robert Carmichael, farmer, bachelor, 39, Drumphuim, Fowlis Wester, Son of Robert Carmichael, farmer, and Margaret Stirling (dec),  Married Elizabeth Crichton, spinster, 27, Lochside, Kinclaven, Daughter of James Crichton, forester, and Jean Stewart.  Witnesses: William Carmichael, Margaret Crichton (#365, Kinclaven, FHL300265).
 4 Apr 1881      Census of Lochside, Kinclaven (FHL203507)
                          James Crichton             Head    Mar  89     Forester                            Perth, Dunbarney
                          Jean Crichton               Wife     Mar  74                                               Perth, Logierait
                          Jane Crichton               Dau      Unm 38                                               Perth, Kinclaven
 4 Apr 1881      Census of St Johns Road, Govan, Lanark, (644-14, ED40, p19, FHL0203682)
                          James Crichton             Head    Mar  40     Wholesale Tea Dealer       Perth, Kinclaven
                          Eliza Milne                   Wife     Mar  27                                               Lanark, Govan        
                          James    Crichton          Son                5                                                Renfrew, Eastwood
                          Marguerita M    "         Dau               3                                                RFW, Pollockshire
                          Jeanette Stuart "           Dau               2                                                RFW, Pollockshire
                          Mabel Elizabeth "        Dau      Under 3 mos                                      RFW, Pollockshire 
 4 Apr 1881      Census of 125 St Georges, Barony, Lanark (644-9, ED56, p2, FHL0203662)
                          Margaret Crichton        Head    Unm 41     Formerly Housekeeper     Perth, Scone                                    William Crichton         Bro      Unm            33          Tea Merchant               Perth, Kinclaven
 1 Dec 1890       James Crichton, Forester, died, age 98 years, at Cowdens Cottage, Maderty, Perth.  Married to Jane Stewart.  Son of James Crichton,* profession unknown (dec) and Christen Crichton MS Peddie (dec).  Informant: Robert Carmichael, son-in-law, Drumphin (#378/Maderty, Perth, Research by James Thompson, Edinburgh).
*His father is probably William Crichton. "1792, William Crighton in Horsemiln had a son baptized 2 Apr named James."  (Dunbarney Parish Register, FHL1040065, item 1).
 3 Apr 1891      Census of Cowden's Cottage, Madderty Perth (ED3, p1, FHL208738)
                          Jane Crichton   Head of Family    Widow       86                                   Perth, Logierait
                          Margaret Crichton  Daughter        unmarried   52 Mother's help           Perth, Scone
                          Jane Crichton          Daughter        unmarried   48 Mother's help           Perth, Kinclaven
                          William Crichton    Son                unmarried  44 Retired Tea Merchant  "    Kinclaven     
23 Nov 1891     Jane Stewart or Crichton, widow of James Crichton, died 23 Nov 1891 at 6 p.m. at Cowden's Cottage, Maderty, Perth.  Age 86 years.  Father: William Stewart, Shoemaker, (dec).  Mother's name unknown (dec). Cause of death: Old age, Bronchitis, 4 days as certified by James Gairdner, M.D., Crieff.  Informant: Robert Carmichael, son-in-law (#8, Madderty, Perth, FHL265356)