Sunday, April 26, 2015

Elizabeth Erskine 1792 - 1813

Parents: Alexander Erskine and Isabel Mcgregor
Married June 7, 1778

Alexander 1778
Janet 1779
Isabel 1783
Elizabeth 1792

All in Dull parish.  Or did they actually lived in Dull village?  Dull is a very small village,  Today it is one street.

On Elizabeth and William’s marriage cert it lists Elizabeth’s residence and Derculich.  That is the estate between Clochfoldich and Edridynate.  We drove over there just to have a look in the summer of 2015.  The owners of Clockfoldich rent their land out today to the owners of Derculich to graze sheep on the Clochfoldich estate.

The marriage cert says Derculich, is in the Dull parish.  Strange because they are next door to Clochfoldich which is in the Logierait Parish. As you can see every parish has it’s own amorphous shape.

Primary source documents:

13 Feb 1808      William Stewart, shoemaker, in Little Clochfoldich, and Elizabeth Erskine in Derculich, Dull Parish gave up their names for proclamation of Banns in order to
28 Feb 1808     marriage.  Granted marriage lines the 28th current (Logierait Parish Register,                                  FHL102757).
(My mother's paid researcher tried to fit Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart into the Robert Stewart/Amelia Robertson family as their daughter, Isabel saying that the two name were sometimes used interchangeably. I found that hard to believe, until I found Isabel/Elizabeth Erskine.)
    1808              Jean Stewart was born, daughter of William Stewart [and Elizabeth Erskine] at [Clochfoldich], Logierait Parish (1851 census; and death record.  Margaret S. Gardiner said Jean was born about 1809; Salt Lake Temple record, FHL183462, p458, #15133).
3 Jan 1811         Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart was born at [Clochfoldich], Logierait Parish, daughter of William Stewart, shoemaker, [and Elizabeth Erskine] (1851 census of Kirkton, Kinclaven, Perth, and family record.  Margaret S. Gardiner said Elizabeth was born "abt 1812,"  Salt Lake Temple record, p177, #6247, FHL184090).
     1813             Mary Stewart was born "abt 1814."  (Margaret S. Gardiner, Salt Lake Temple record, p458, #15134, FHL183462).
Margaret S. Gardiner [at age 66] did the temple work for her aunts, Jane and Mary. She was proxy for their baptisms 15 Jun 1915 (p458, #15133, FHL183462 Jane; and #15534, Mary), for Jane's endowment 12 Nov 1915 (FHL184114, #20155) and for Mary's endowment 19 Nov 1815 (FHL184114, p735, #20854).
     1813             "Mrs. William Stewart", grandmother of Margaret S. Gardiner, died "abt 1814" (Margaret S. Gardiner, Salt Lake Temple Record, FHL183416, p265, #9515).
(The following marriage entry convinced me that the "Abt" dates given by Margaret needed to be rolled back one year.  William's first wife, Elizabeth Erskine, obviously died before 1814.  Mary was born the same year her mother died and Jean and Betty gave their own census ages that indicate 1808 and 1811 birth years.)

Research: William Stewart's 1st marriage: I believe Elizabeth Erskine was born in 1792 circa to Alexander Erskine and Ispol McGregor in Bailntium. Need map to verify how close this is to Clochfoldich.

None of the Stewart/Erskine daughters are listed in the records unless they were Catholics. I did know about cousin Jean Crichton and Carmichaels from relatives in Australia. It did not surprise me that there were more from this marriage of William and Elizabeth. I could not find though if youngest sister Mary Stewart 1813 married or died before marriage. Do you know if she lived and married? Elizabeth Erskine died about 1813. S.R.

Elizabeth's parents marry:

I found two people using Dogpile instead of Google.  They both died in Balintuim, Dowally, Perthshire, Scotland, GBmap This is the closest spelling to where Elizabeth Erskine was born.  Just move the letter i and you have the exact spelling.