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Charles Samuel Waker 1840 - 1868

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Jane's first husband was Charles Samuel Walker. Jane and Charles had three children, Charles F. born 1863, William E. born 1865, Daniel D. born 1869. Charles was sent to prison in 1868 for stealing horses. Jane married George Alstott January 7th, 1872 in Lincoln Nebraska. Jane Allstot signed a land transaction document October 9th of 1872, and we cannot find any records of Jane after that. It is believed that Jane died later in 1872, and the three children were then separated to live with relatives. William was sent to live with his Uncle William Morgan in Benton Missouri, Charles F. Walker joined the tbd family, and Daniel Walker was raised by his Aunt Maria (Morgan)Rogers and her father.



We have a mystery in our family, and it involves a ‘black sheep’ of sorts.  The man you see pictured above is the source of the mystery.

Charles S. Walker was born in the late 1820s, married in the early 1860s, and had 3 sons.  The significant piece of his story, the piece that leaves me with a mystery, begins around this time of October in 1868.

You see, it seems that this several greats-grandpa of mine was the leader of a gang of horse thieves.  I’m not certain if he was involved in the actual thefts or if he simply masterminded the thefts and fenced the goods.  Whatever be the case, in mid-October 1868, a member of his gang of ne’er-do-wells was arrested and spilled the beans on the operation.  According to newspaper articles from that time period, it was made known to the authorities that he would be at the home of a Mr. Jennings just outside of Nebraska City, NE on the morning that he was arrested.

Mr. Walker determined he would not be taken and brandished his Navy revolver a bit, before determining that it would be better to go with the authorities and live than to continue his resistance.
In subsequent weeks, a trial followed, and he spent some time in the county lockup before eventually being transported to the Nebraska State penitentiary.  After being at the penitentiary for a while, he was part of a group of escapees, but was recaptured within 2 weeks of his escape.

Herein lies the mystery… did he reform?  Approximately one year after the prison escape, he was released from prison.  This was an early release, as he still had four years left on his sentence.
I’ve not been able to find records of what happened to him after his release.  His youngest son never knew him, having been born a few short months after Mr. Walker was arrested.  This tells me that, as far as his children knew, he never came back to inquire after them once he was released from prison.  But, did he reform?  Did he go on to create a new life for himself elsewhere? Did he fall back into his thieving ways?

As a descendant, it intrigues me.  I know from family stories that all of the choices that Mr. Walker made affected his children and their children.  But I wonder, what happened to this man?  Where did he come from?  What was his background before he married and had children?  Where did he go?  What is the rest of his story?  And I keep hoping that when I am able to find answers to these questions that there is a story of redemption.  Perhaps that is being overly optimistic, but I just can’t help but wonder…

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Subject: [WALKER-L] Charles Samuel Walker
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 09:15:53 -0600
Still knocking on the brick Wall!! I am searching for My gGrandfather Chas
Samuel Walker and his parents and siblings if any. He married Jane Morgan
in Seward County, NE. Jane died in Child birth (my Grandfather). On the
1870 Census for Seward there is a Charles S. and Jasper Walker from New
York. I don't know is this is my Grandfather or not. My Grandfather Daniel
Dee Walker was born in 1869. His father Charles took a powder after the
death of his wife and left Daniel and his older brothers orphans. His
brothers were Charles and William. Family "stories" have Charles as an
Indian Scout, A horse thief, A trader of horses but this maybe all just
"stories". Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Jerry Walker

Birth: ?
New York

Birth 1840 or 1835

Jane Morgan and Charles married 13 Mar 1862 Otoe, Otoe Nebraska

Sons: (FamilySearch)
Charles Franklin Walker 1863 - 1951 Harriet Esther Orethel Parse 1892 1969 Deborah relation
William E  1865 - 1943 Mattie F. Miller 1870 1940
Daniel Dee1869 - 1957 Etta May Berrie

I don't have much information on William Walker, but the one I am looking for information on is the son of Charles Samuel Walker and Jane Morgan. I don't have a date of birth or date of death - but it appears that his parents were born in Iowa and went to Nebraska for a period of time. He has two brothers - Charles E. Walker and Daniel Dee Walker.

If you know if this is the same one, or if you have any information pertaining to the William Walker that I am looking for, I'd love to see the information and hear from you.

I am guessing that this William was born somewhere around the time you mentioned. His brother, Daniel, ended up in Oklahoma and many of his descendents are still in Oklahoma.

Well, please let me know...