Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Research links

Websites: (bookmark organization) (website search) (voice to type) (old photos of places) (pin a map) (pics of old places on map) (backup data) (backup) (antique photos) (photos)  (proof)

FamilySearch friendly programs (makes charts) (adds sources from websites) (find lost relatives) (migration paterns)

 British research:  (timeline of British history) (maps) (history)
learningcenter/home.htm (classes) four of them. (workhouse) (probate) (parish records) (national index civil records)

3. Remember, three ways to search
Search all records
– start broad and filter down. Good for getting a feel for what’s
available on the site, and for tracking ancestors across continents.
Search by category
– useful for searching across many record sets of similar types, with
appropriate search fields (mother’s maiden name, army number or regiment, ship
A-Z of record sets
– a quick way to find a specific record set, with completely bespoke
advanced search forms. Also useful for finding e.g. all Devon records, all wills.
Other websites referred to:

Places to look:
Ancestry, card catalogue: type in California
State libraries
State archives
University archives/special collections
Local genealogical/historical societies (the red book)
Library of Congress
Hathitrust  for books
Patent search
Fraternal organization

"Henry*Thoreau" * is a word
use a question mark instead of a letter
browse all collections
*Married names between census: Tip 6 search, leave the given and last names blank. Search
using first and last name of the father and first name of the mother in the Parents fields. Entries  appear for each daughter.  Finding these daughters with their families in the census was straight forward with their married names.  Also when you find the death records of children, you frequently learn the maiden name of the mother. 
Use filters by place or date
*Search with a relationship on FamilySearch
*On occasion surnames are so severely miswritten or misindexed that searching by surname will never achieve the desired result. Use only the given names of members of the family, especially family members with less popular names — Gertrude instead of Mary.  Also enter a residence and year to narrow the desired search. Review the index and image result to verify locating the
intended family.
*When searches of the target person fail, you can search instead by using “Search with a relationship if the names of the parents are known. Forego any entry for first and last names.  In “Search with a life event,” select Deathand enterthe place of death.In “Search with a relationship,” select Parents and enter the first and last name of the father and first name of the mother
Finding people

Maps and Land:
Bureau of Land Management
David Rumsey map collection
Deeds, land patents, census

School records: (ask to speak to an archivist) (look for momentos, rings, yearbooks)
Genealogical societies
The school
State Archives
County Superintend of schools
George G. Morgan, A Primer in School Records  “Along Those Lines”
Judy G. Russell, A Different Kind of School Census

Advanced Genealogical Research Techniques George Morgan
Mastering Genealogical Proof     Jones
Got Proof  Michael Henderson
Evidence Explained  Elizabeth Mills
Genealogical Proof Standard Christine Rose
Genealogical Standards
Local histories

Why does a person change their name:
to assemilate
to hide
the person doesn't like their name