Friday, January 16, 2015

Mary Burnett Scott (Goodfellow) 1891 - 1983

Mary Burnett Scott born in Dundee to Arthur Hardie Scott and Mary Smith Stephen (Scott) ; she married Michael William Goodfellow, lived in New Zealand, died in New Zealand in 1983.

Mary and Michael's wedding photograph:

Michael Goodfellow and Mary Burnett Scott, wedding photo, 1923

Mary Burnett Scott  (Arthur Hardie Scott, Margaret Rattray, John Murray, Thomas, David) was born in 1891 in St. Andrew, Dundee, Scotland.

Mary Burnett Scott, born 1891, St. Andrew, Dundee, daughter of Arthur Hardie Scott/Mary Smith Stephen
*immigrated to New Zealand abt 1921 after serving in the British Air Cor WW1
*married Michael William Goodfellow 1923, Wellington, New Zealand
*he was born 30 Aug 1889, Portsmouth, England
*he had been previously married, his wife and a daughter both having the first name Catherine,
the wife died in 1918

[Vicki Murray, 25 Mahinawa St., Takapuwhahia, Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand;; in 29-30 Apr 2003 emails to Charles Bird].