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Dundee Trip 2016


Day 1. Arrive in Blair Atholl, and depending on time you could visit the famous Blair Castle, home of the Duke of Atholl, and the last remaining private army in Europe. The castle played an important part in the 1715 Jacobite Rising. You can also visit the village folk museum to see how life used to be in the old days for the local people. (Extra night in Blair Atholl is highly recommended, if you want to have more time to explore local walks in Glen Tilt. Pony-trekking and cycle hire also available in the village). 
 (Margaret Stewart's parents)
11 Jan 1834 Robert Stewart in Edradynate and Elizabeth Stewart in Clochfoldich, both in this Parish, gave up their names for proclamation of the Banns of Marriage (Logierait Parish Register, FHL102757, near end of film, after baptism records). 
27 Aug 1834 John, lawful son to Robert Stewart and Elizabeth Stewart in Little Clochfoldich, was born 27 of August, bap'd Sept'r 3, 1834 (Logierait Parish Register, FHL102757).
3 Sep 1836 William Stewart was born at Logierait Parish (place from 1851 census, date from the following Perth christening record).
16 Oct 1836      Stormont Street East Church, Parish Perth, the Third of September, One thousand eight hundred and Thirty six, was Born William Stewart, lawful son to Robert Stewart, Labourer in the said Parish, and Elizabeth Stewart, his spouse and Baptized the Sixteenth day of October said year by the Reverend John Ferguson, Min'r of St Stephens Church, Parish of Perth (P. Parish Register, p537, FHL1040162, item 2).
12 Feb 1840      Elizabeth [Eliza] Stewart, daughter of Robert Stewart, and Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart, was born at St. Martins, Perth (Place from census; year calculated from census ages, day and month from family records). 
Stanley Mills in Perth: is a well preserved relic of the Industrial Revolution where you can learn about the textiles that were produced here for 200 years.
The site of the mills allowed them to harness the massive waterpower at a hairpin bend of the river Tay.

Initially the mills were powered by water wheel but as time passed, this changed to water powered turbines that generated electricity.

At the visitor centre, you can find out about the lives of the people who worked here and how things changed during this time of new technology and innovation.

There are some great interactive displays that give you the chance to discover if your fingers are as nimble as a child labourer’s had to be or if you are tough enough to make a profit at the mill. There is also a model where you can change how the water flows and see the effects.
A really interesting place to visit with welcoming members of staff.

Perth Museum and Art Gallery lets you explore the culture and history of the area with more than half a million objects in their displays!
The Natural History section has a large insect collection, plus a number of fossils, plants collections and the Strathmore Meteorite, which entered the atmosphere east of Dunbar in 1917, leaving a bright trail across the sky.

There is a collection of fine art , another of over 150,000 photos, giving a record of life in Perthshire from the 1850s to present day.

The archaeology section has plenty of fascinating objects to check out such as a Bronze Age sword, a Neolithic stone ball and a medieval toilet!
There is an Egyptian collection, which includes a mummified body and a mummified hand, plus canonic jars and amulets.

A variety of events are held during the year, so check online before you visit to see what’s happening and also find out about the most recent temporary display.
7 Jun 1841        Census: Burnside, Cargill, Perth (ED1, p9, FHL101904, Adult ages rounded down).
                          Robert Stewart 30                         Ag labourer                           born in county
                          Elizabeth Stewart   25                                                                born in county
                          John Stewart           6                                                                 born in county
                          William Stewart      4                                                                born in county
 7 Jun 1841       Census of New Mill, Scone, Perth (FHL101911, adult ages are rounded down).
                          William Stewart      60                  Shoemaker                          born in county                            Margaret Stewart        20                                                          born in county
                          Elizabeth Stewart   1                                                                 born in county
12 Aug 1842     Amelia Stewart, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Stewart, was born at New Mill, Scone, Perth (Birth year from her mother's census reports, 1844 on Utah Death Record, #9905, p248, FHL026553; and emigration age 24, Jul 1869: European Emigration card Index, FHL298438 and Passenger Lists FHL025692).
Betty S. Stewart is the most reliable source for the ages of her children.  She said Elizabeth was 11 in 1851, 21 in 1861. She gave Amelia's census ages as 8 and 18 on those same years (Amelia  would be 9 and 19 on her August birthdays).  Elizabeth was born in 1840, Amelia in 1842.  Jean's age was correct on census records.
5 Feb 1846        Jane, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Stewart, in Hatton, Cargill, was born 25 Feb 1846 and Bap 19 Apr (Cargill Parish Register, FHL1040074, or 102700).

27 Jul 1849       Margaret, daughter to Robert Stewart and Elizabeth Stewart, his spouse, Kirkton of Kinclaven, was born on the twenty seventh day of July and baptized the ...of Aug Eighteen hundred & forty nine (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).
30 Mar 1851     Census, Kirkton, Kinclaven, Perth (ED 1, p3, Sch 8, FHL103743)
                          Robert Stewart         Head  Mar   44    Farm Servant                  Perthshire, Logierait
                          Betty Stewart           Wife  Mar   40    Farm Servant's Wife       Perthshire, Logierait
                          Elizabeth Stewart     Dau              11    Scholar                           Perthshire, St Martins                             Amelia Stewart           D  8 Scholar                                          Perthshire, Scone
                          Jean Stewart             Dau              5     Farm Servants Dau'r       Perthshire, Cargill
                          Margaret Stewart      Dau              1     Farm Servants Dau'r    Perthshire,Kinclaven 

1857  Jane Scott was born 20 May 1857 at 12:15 p.m. at No. 5 Hawkhill, Dundee, Daughter of Charles Scott, lapper, and Margaret Scott MS Rattray, Informant: Charles Scott, father, not present (#655 , 2nd Dist, Dundee, FHL280429).

19 Nov 1857     Robert Stewart was born 19 Nov 1857, at 2:00 p.m., son of Robert Stewart, labourer, and Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart, at Princes Street, Dundee. Home at 11 Crescent Street.  Informant: Robert Stewart, father, not present. (#1592 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL280428). 

                          (Robert Stewart's brother, John, lived on Princes Street). 
 8 Apr 1861      Census, 11 Crescent Street, 1st Dist, Dundee (ED27, p29, FHL103789
                          Elizabeth Stewart     Head  Marr  50              Perthshire, Logierait
                          William Stewart        Son    Unm  24    Sawmiller Perthshire, Logierait            Elizabeth Stewart        Dau     Unm            21          Jute Weaver     Perthshire, St Martins
                          Amelia Stewart         Dau   Unm  18    Jute Weaver,Perthshire, Scone
                          Jean Stewart             Dau            15       Perthshire, Cargill
                          Margaret Stewart      Dau            11  ScholarPerthshire, Kinclaven 
                          Robert Stewart   Son                  3    Forfarshire, Dundee
Verdant Works (See a place similar to where Margaret, Elizabeth, and Amelia worked)
At Verdant Works the rattle and the roar of the orgininal restored machinery transport you back over
100 years to an era when jute was king and Dundee was its realm.

All weather 5-star award-winning attraction; Verdant Works is a hands-on experience for everyone.
Multimedia technology lets you touch the lives of the Mill workers. Interactive displays demonstrate
how jute fibre was grown and how it is woven. It's a unique journey that brings the past alive!

30 Sep 1861      Elizabeth Stewart, age 48*, wife of Robert Stewart, sawmill labourer, died  September thirtieth, at 11 Crescent Street, Dundee, at 4:05 p.m.  Wife of Robert Stewart, sawmill labourer.  Daughter of William Stewart, shoemaker, (dec) and _____ Stewart MS Robertson* (dec).  Informant: Robert Stewart, widower, not present.  Cause of death: Laryngitis 7 days (#905, 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL224409).
(*See age given by Betty on 1861 census above.  Robert obviously did not know Betty's mother's name.  His guess strengthened the false belief that Amelia Robertson was her mother.)
Visit the Family History center to find info on the Dundee Branch: Phone: +44 (0)1382 451247 
Ask if there are saints who would guide us around?  ask about the early branch location? 

3 Mar 1863       Elizabeth [Eliza] Stewart was baptized, Dundee Branch, LDS Church (Margaret S. Gardiner, sister, Salt Lake Temple Record, FHL184101).
13 Apr 1863     Jane Stewart, daughter of Robert and Betty, was baptized, Dundee Branch, LDS Church (Date from Janet S. U. Griggs, a friend, proxy for endowment, Salt Lake Temple Record, p447, FHL184085.  Margaret S. Gardiner, her sister, also acted later as proxy for Jane, but she did not give a baptism date, just "In Church."
(Janet Griggs must have been very close to Jean Stewart.  She remembered Jean's baptism and confirmation dates, the birth date she had been told, and the correct date of Jean's death.  The two may have been baptized on the same date)
25 Jan 1865       Margaret Stewart (later Gardiner), daughter of Robert and Betty, was baptized, Dundee Branch, LDS Church (TIB, Book G, p105, #3152).
                          1866 brought five deaths to the Stewart family:
1 Feb 1866        John Stewart, [Margaret S. Gardiner's paternal uncle], age 57, died at 2:00 p.m. at the Poorhouse at Dundee.  Baker, Pauper, Married to Ann Wilson [formerly to Helen Scott].  Son of Robert Stewart, farmer, (dec) and Amelia Robertson (dec).  Cause of death: Bronchitis. Informant: W. Dempster, assistant in poorhouse (#118, 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL350894; See Robert Stewart/Amelia Robertson History).
 6 Jun 1866       Jean Stewart, age 20 years, died at 12:30 a.m. at 11 Crescent Street, Dundee.  Power loom weaver, single, daughter of Robert Stewart, farm labourer, and Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart (dec).  Cause of death: Phthisis pulmonalis about 8 months.  Informant: Robert Stewart, father, present  (#597, 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL350894).

1860 Millenial Star:

Tay Valley Family History Society: Research Facilities

     Their research centre is located at 179-181 Princes Street, Dundee, Scotland. Their centre is filled with a wonderful collection of reference materials as well as genealogical and local history records to aid anyone researching their roots in the Tay Valley. There are also computers to access the records that are available online.

     The Tay Valley encompasses the former counties of Dundee, Angus, Fife, Kinross and Perthshire. They are a membership society and research is free to members of the society. The society has very knowledgeable volunteer staff who provide excellent research guidance and assistance to all who come doing family historical research.
 9 Dec 1866       John Stewart, tailor, journeyman, single, died at 5:30 a.m. at the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow.  Usual residence: 53 Cowcaddens Street.  Age 32 years.  Son of Robert Stewart, farm servant, and Elizabeth Stewart (dec).  Cause of death: Phthisis,
4 years.  Informant: James Crichton, cousin, 382 St. Vincent Street  (#2075,
                          High Church, Glasgow, FHL350918).           
30 Dec 1866      Mary Fairley Laing, daughter of Isabel Stewart Fairley, and cousin to Margaret S. Gardiner, died at Dundee (See Robert Stewart/Amelia Robertson History).
 8 Mar 1867      Amelia Stewart, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth, was baptized, Dundee Branch, LDS Church, (Living Endowment Record, Book G, p235, FHL183406).
27 Dec 1867      Eliza Stewart married William Rae (see page 14).
20 Jun 1868      Margaret Stewart married Robert Gardiner at Liverpool Harbor (See "A Chronological History of the James Gardiner/Mary Butchart Family" p22).
Aft Jun 1868     A Robert Stewart age 10 appears on the list of members of the Dundee Branch on a Bef Oct 1869 page with comments about their intentions to "Gather." (FHL104150)
                          (After sister, Margaret left, before nephew, George Cochrane Rae, was born.)
28 Jul 1869       Amelia Stewart, age 24, sailed on the Ship "Colorado."  (European Emigration Card Index, 1849 - 1925, FHL298438; Passenger Lists, p61, FHL025692).

3 Apr 1871       Census at 47 Union Street, Dundee (FHL103943)
William Rae         Head          Mar   31   Railway Engine Driver         [Perth], CulrossElizabeth Rae         Wife    Mar     31                                                Perthshire  George Rae                               Son             1                        Forfar, Dundee
                          Robert Stewart  Fa-in-law  Wid   64   Labourer          Perthshire, Logie
                          Robert Stewart  Bro-in-law          13   Millworker       Forfar, Dundee     
 6 Dec 1874       A Robert Stewart, deacon, appears in minutes of a council meeting of the Dundee Branch as a Deacon (our Robert would be 17 years old).  The Reports in the meeting were positive and it was decided to have a Soiree on New Years Night. "President Matheson moved that David Brown, John Birrill, Thomas Leslie be appointed a committee for the Soirree.  Seconded by Robert Stewart, carried unanimous."
 6 Mar 1876      Robert Stewart [father of Margaret S. Gardiner], pauper, formerly labourer, widower of Elizabeth Stewart, died at 3:00 a.m., at the Poorhouse, Dundee, age 67 years.  Son of Robert Stewart, Tanner* (dec), and Emily Robertson, (dec).  Informant: W. Dempster, Inmate, present (#175, 4th Dist, Dundee. Have copy.)
*(With a line through the T on Tanner it would say Farmer.  Mr Dempster, who signed the death certificate, probably gave the information to the registrar. Mr.  Dempster's r m would look like nn.  In his signature, the first hump of the m is not connected to the last two humps.  Emily was a common nickname for Amelia.  Margaret S. Gardiner said her father died "Abt 1877.")  
   Dec 1876        William Stewart, died on this date according to information given on the record of his temple work done by William F. Gardiner, son of Margaret S. Gardiner. The last record we have of William Stewart is on the 1861 census of Dundee, where he is  single, age 24, a sawmiller, at home with his mother and siblings.
 1 Apr 1878      At St Pauls Church, Dundee.  After Banns according to the forms of the Scottish Episcopal Church, Robert Stewart, Valet, Bachelor, 20, 186 Blackness Road, Son of Robert Stewart, Wood Carter (deceased), and Margaret Stewart MS Stewart, married Jane Scott, Power Loom Weaver, Spinster, 20, 186 Blackness Road.  Daughter of Charles Scott, Cloth Inspector, and Margaret Scott MS Rattray.  Witnesses: E. Skinner, Euphemia Sutherland (#73, 3rd Dist, Dundee).
Jane Scott was born 20 May 1857 at 12:15 p.m. at No. 5 Hawkhill, Dundee, Daughter of Charles Scott, lapper, and Margaret Scott MS Rattray, Informant: Charles Scott, father, not present (#655 , 2nd Dist, Dundee, FHL280429).
I sent for the above certificate, sure that the groom was my grandmother's brother, Robert Stewart. Then I saw the mother's name and decided it could not be.  But after seeing some of the errors on death certificates where sons gave the wrong name for a mother they had known all their lives, I realized that Robert, who was three when his mother died, may not have known her first name.  The above Jane Scott Stewart has the same birth date as the the Jean Scott Stewart who was baptized in the Dundee Branch just two weeks after the baptism of Robert Stewart, son of Robert and Betty.  He is the only Robert Stewart born in Dundee 1857 whose father was Robert Stewart and mother's maiden name was Stewart.  Robert's father may have carted wood at one time.  His occupation apparently varied when he was not employed in farm work.  This Robert may be the son of Robert and Elizabeth.    
 25 Jul 1879      Robert Stewart, born 17 Nov 1857, Dundee, was baptized at Dundee Branch, LDS Church, by A. Watson, confirmed 6 Jul 1879 by Elder A. Watson (Dundee Branch Record, FHL104150.  This would be a re-baptism if he is the Robert Stewart, deacon, in the earlier council minutes.) 

 7 Sep 1879       Robert Stewart was ordained a deacon by Andrew Watson (FHL104150).
22 Sep 1879      Jean Scott Stewart, born 20 May 1857, Dundee, was baptized, Dundee Branch, LDS Church, by Elder A. Watson, confirmed the same day by Elder A. Laird (FHL104150).
12 Nov 1879     Robert Stewart was ordained a teacher, at Dundee, by Elder D. Matheson.
 7 Nov 1880      In minutes of a Council Meeting, Nov 7, 1880, Teacher, Robert Stewart is present. 
 5 Dec 1880       In the meeting of Dec 5th, 1880 "Bro Robt Stewart felt to corrobate (sic) Bro R Matheson statement."  After a discussion about one John Leslie, a motion was made to cut him off from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for" aposticy."  Seconded by Robt Stewart (FHL104150). 
28 Dec 1880      Amelia Stewart, born 12 Aug 1844 [1842], Perthshire, Scotland, died 28 Dec 1880 at Salt Lake City.  Daughter of Robert Stewart and ______ Stewart.  Cause of Death: Pneumonia (FHL026553, p248, #9905).  Amelia lived in the 20th Ward, Salt Lake City.  Clarence said she lived with a Clark family.  If a family member had reported the death, the given name of her mother would not have been left blank.  Amelia was buried in the Robert and Margaret S. Gardiner family plot in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Plot H Block 5, Lot 4, No 1/2.
 4 Apr 1881      Census of Annfield House, Dundee, Scotland, E.D. 26, (FHL103480)
                          Robert Stewart    Head          Md    23   Calender Worker     Forfar, Dundee
                          Jane Stewart        Wife           Md    23   Jute Weaver             Forfar, Dundee
On one page of the Dundee Branch record Robert's name is crossed out and in the "Remarks" column it says "Emigrated."  Jean Scott Stewart's name is not crossed out and there is nothing in the "Remarks" column after her name.  If Robert came to Utah it is strange that it was not noted in Clarence's "Gardiner Family History." Some have interpreted the "Robert Stewart, youngest brother of William" to be Margaret's brother.  If so, that was a strange way to identify him.
1881 census. Margaret Scott's family is living at St. Peter parish, 186 Blackness Rd., Dundee

Charles 48
Margaret 48
Arthur H Scott 20
Agnes Scott 12
David Scott 10
James Scott 7
1 Nov 1894       Janet S. U. Griggs, a friend of Jane Stewart (sister of Margaret S. Gardiner), acting as proxy for her, was endowed at the Salt Lake Temple.  Janet gave the following information: Jane Stewart was born 25 Feb 1847 [1846], at Hatton, Perth, Scotland.  Died 6 Jun 1866, Baptized 13 Apr 1863, Confirmed 13 Apr 1863 (p447, FHL184085). 
1896 Margaret Scott, widow of Charles Scott, jute warehouseman dies March 7 at 6 h 10m pm at 11 North Ellen Street, Dundee.  She is 63 years old.  Her father was John Murray Rattray, army pensioner deceased and Jane Trttray, Ms Henderson, deceased.  The cause of death is cancer of the breast 2 years, Dr. Steele Moon.  Jeanie Stewart, daughter is present.  This is recorded march 9th in Dundee.

29 Jun 1898 Margaret S. Gardiner acted as proxy for endowment of her sister Jane, born Feb 1847, died Jun 1866, Baptized: "In Church." (#6396, p181, FHL184090)
(Because both Janet Griggs and Margaret S. Gardiner gave the wrong birth date for Jane, her temple work was done the third time when the Cargill Parish records were extracted.)


2 Feb 1838     James Gardiner, son of James Gardiner and Mary Butchart, married Ann Gall at Aberdeen (see p10).

24 Oct 1845    Robert Gardiner, son of James and Ann, was born at Liff, Forfarshire (Day: family records; Aberdeen Branch Record says 22 Oct 1845 (FHL104149).  Place: from 1861 Census of Old Machar, Aberdeen (FHL103778).  Liff was a village near Dundee which eventually became a part of that city).

31 Mar 1851   Census of 17 Heans Lane, Dundee (ED77, p22, FHL103639)

                        James Gardiner      Head   Mar    42  Tinsmith   Midlothian, Edinburgh
                        Ann Gall                Wife   Mar    33                    Kincardineshire, Stonehaven                          Jane Gardiner  Daur                12                    Aberdeenshire          
                        James Gardiner   Son                  10                    Aberdeenshire
                        Robert Gardiner     Son                5                     Forfarshire, Dundee
                        Matilda Gardiner   Daur              1                     Forfarshire, Dundee

Heans Lane may also be known as Smalls Wynd

List of names as writtenVarious modes of spellingAuthorities for spellingSituationDescription remarksNote
Hean's Lane Hean's Lane
Street Sign Dundee Directory
A short narrow lane or street branching NE of Small's Wynd The houses are of an inferior class 

21 Apr 1855   Ralph Gardiner was born at 5:15 a.m. at Smalls Wynd, Dundee; son of James Gardiner, tinsmith, age 48 yrs, born Edinburgh; and Ann Gardiner, maiden name, Gall; 9th birth, age 38 yrs, born Stonehaven, married 1838, Aberdeen. 3 Boys and 2 Girls living; 2 Boys, 1 Girl dead (#395, 2nd Dist, Dundee; FHL833323, item 2).

3 Apr 1871    Census of 29 Rosebank Road, Dundee (ED21, p28, Sch155; FHL103942



The Black Watch Castle and Museum has a large collection of different items, which bring to life the proud military history of this regiment.

The castle itself is several hundred years old and is set in beautiful gardens and grounds, which you can wander around and enjoy.
There is a temporary exhibition gallery that gives you the chance to learn about different aspects of regimental history, a semi permanent exhibition that highlights the lives of the men in the Watch through personal collections and a number of galleries that lead you through the story of the Black Watch through six historical periods, including French Wars and both World Wars.

You can find out about key icons of the Watch such as the Tartan and the Badge, plus there are significant items that have been collected by the Regiment throughout history, including the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You allow at least two hours, if not more, to explore this place and see the uniforms, medals, photographs, weapons, diaries and many more items in the collections and exhibitions.

Angus Folk Museum

Where will you find cruisie lamps, pirn winders, cloutie rugs, bannock spades and a thrawcrook? At the Angus Folk Museum!

The domestic section is housed in six charming 18th century cottages in Kirk Wynd, whereas the agricultural collection in the farm steading opposite illustrates changes in the Angus countryside in the last 200 years.

The museum features a reconstructed farm steading with the farmer's bothy forming part of the exhibition.

Huntingtower Castle gives you a great sense of what castle life was like as it is really well preserved and has two complete tower houses.

There is a rare fine painted ceiling in the eastern tower that is one of the best preserved and oldest of its kind in Scotland. Look out for the Green Man in the painting.

If you have a head for heights and don’t mind a bit of a climb, you can venture out on to the battlements and enjoy some fabulous views. There are plenty of winding corridors and hidden nooks and crannies to investigate, plus information boards in each room, providing historical facts and stories of royal intrigue and romantic escapes.

The castle is steeped in history, some of it bloody, and has hosted famous visitors such as Mary Queen of Scots and her son James VI, although he was held here against his will during a famous episode known as ‘Ruthven Raid’.

Barry Water Mil

Now a haven of tranquillity, in the 19th century Barry Mill was alive with the splash of the water-wheel, the rumble of the machinery and the smell of grinding corn.
The mill was at the heart of this small rural community, providing work and social opportunities for local people. Until as late as 1982 the mill was still at work (the last of its kind in Angus) producing oatmeal and finally animal feed.

Barry Mill is a magnificent example of Scotland's industrial heritage. It is set in a secluded area beside the Barry Burn, with a working mill, ladeside and burnside walks, and guided tours.
Milling demonstrations normally take place on Sundays. There is an exhibition on the historical role of the mill and a delightful walkway alongside the mill lade.

Abbot House

Set in its own gorgeous gardens a stones' throw from a royal palace, monastery and abbey where Scotland's great hero king, Robert Bruce, is buried, Abbot House is the perfect place to explore Dunfermline's remarkable story at the heart of Scottish history.

This is definitely educational rather than traditional fun, but studious kids will enjoy it, the boisterous ones perhaps less so!

The Balmoral Castle Estate extends to just over 50,000 acres of heather clad hills, ancient Caledonian woodland, policies and of course the beautiful River Dee is nearby.
Over the past 150 years careful stewardship by the owners, The Royal Family, has preserved the wildlife, scenery and architecture which is available for all generations to enjoy.
In her journals Queen Victoria described Balmoral as "my dear paradise in the Highlands".
The guided tour lasts approximately one hour and afterwards you can visit the gift shop and enjoy tea or coffee with shortbread.

At the centre of Ballater is a beautiful wooden building that was formerly the royal railway station.
Recently restored, it now houses an exhibition, the Tourist Information Centre, a restaurant and shops.

The railway was vital to the development of Ballater. It was much used by royalty and visitors to Balmoral Castle. Therefore it brought Ballater to the attention of many people who had never even been to Scotland. Possibly more importantly - at least until about 1950 - the railway gave many 'ordinary' people the opportunity to visit Royal Deeside for long or short holidays. During World War II many soldiers used the station when travelling to Royal Deeside for training.

Stirling Castle
Without doubt one of the grandest of all Scottish castles, both in its situation on a commanding rock outcrop and in its architecture.
The Great Hall and the Gatehouse of James IV, the marvellous Palace of James V, the Chapel Royal of James VI and the artillery fortifications of the 16th to 18th centuries are all of outstanding interest. 

Quizzes and other kids' fun to print out from their website.
All apartments in the castle are accessible apart from the Museum of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Only the medieval kitchens and Elphinstone Tower are not suitable for visitors using push or wheelchairs. The ground floor of the shop and the book shop are accessible. The castle cafe has a ramp. Braille information boards are on display.


Walk: Walk two miles along the coast of Scotland.  Begin at Stonehaven where Ann Gall was born and walk to Dunniotar Castle where Scottish historyu was made and the Crown Jewels were saved from Cromwell's army in

Dunnottar Castle


2 Feb 1838     James Gardiner, tinsmith, [son of James Gardiner, Jr. and Mary Butchart] married Ann Gall [daughter of M. Gall and Jennie Sadler] at Aberdeen. (Date from Arthur's birth record.  Ann's parents' names are from her death record.) 

 8 Apr 1861    Census of 7 Cottage Lane, Dist. 168b, Old Machar, Aberdeen, ED 15, p38, Sch 270 (FHL103778, near end of film.  It does say 7 Cottage Lane, rather than 6, probably an enumerator's error.)

James Gardiner         Head   Mar   52   Tinsmith                Edinburgh               
 Ann Gardiner  Wife    Mar           43             Kincardineshire, Fetteresso
                        James Gardiner         Son     Unm  20   Brass Founder        Aberdeenshire, Old Machar      
               Robert Gardiner        Son               15   Pastry Cook (Ap)  Forfarshire, Liff
                   Matilda Gardiner      Daur             11   Scholar                   Forfarshire, Dundee
                Frederick Gardiner    Son               8    Scholar                   Forfarshire, Dundee
                        Ralph Gardiner         Son               5    Scholar                   Forfarshire, Dundee               Alfred Gardiner           Son               2         Aberdeenshire, Old Machar

 Cottage lane is now called: Queen Street


22 Dec 1808   Births, Edinburgh: James Gairdner, soldier, 11th Militia, and Mary Butchard, his spouse, Grayfriars Parish, a son.  Born 22'd Dec last, named James.  BC [Baptized in Church] 20 Jan 1809 (Parochial Register, County of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, B. 1807-1814, 168-1, p84, #41, FHL103040; 168-1 is the number of Greyfriars Parish).

2 Walks: 
Holyrood Park - looking down from Arthur's Seat
Holyrood Park Holyrood Park is a windswept, hilly public park, but a few minutes walk from Edinburgh Old Town. The park encompasses a five-mile radius of land and has probably been a Royal Park since the 12th..

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

"We have our own parliament now you know," Diarmid says a touch gleefully. It's one of the reasons he likes to climb this 251m extinct-volcanic plug in the centre of Edinburgh – so he can look down on it and wonder where history will take Scotland next. A road takes you to within 20 minutes of the summit, but walkers will want to hike up from the city, adding an extra hour to the climb. "Edinburgh was the seat of the Enlightenment, the home of [economist] Adam Smith, the start of all this trouble," he says, referring to today's credit crunch. "It's the start of the modern world. It's stunning to sit there and think about all the people from history," he says. "You mustn't drive it," he adds. "Some people run up it."

Edinburgh Archives: On 1 April 2011, the General Register Office for Scotland merged with the NAS to become the National Records of Scotland (NRS). From 1 October 2014 onwards the information in the National Archives of Scotland website will not be updated. For more up to date information on doing research, learning and record keeping, including Freedom of Information and the Public Records (Scotland) Act, please go to the National Records of Scotland website.

Edinburgh City Sightseeing from an open top bus including a Forth Bridges Bus and Boat tour, and tour that includes looking around the Royal Britannia Yacht.

The Majestic Tour links the Royal Yacht Britannia moored at Ocean Terminal with the city centre, and the Forth Bridges Bus and Boat Tour allows you to see the sights on land and on the water.
Edinburgh Bus Tours is located in the heart of the city centre, on Hanover Street midway along Princes Street.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence in Scotland of Her Majesty The Queen, stands against the spectacular backdrop of Arthur's Seat.
This fine baroque palace is closely associated with Scotland's rich history especially the reign of Mary Queen of Scots.
The Queen's Gallery at the Palace hosts a programme of changing exhibitions from the Royal Collection. A joint ticket is available.
The cafe at the Palace's offers a wide range of refreshments throughout the day.
A complimentary family audio tour is accompanied by a programme of family activities during school holidays and at weekends.

The Museum of Edinburgh is the City’s treasure box: a maze of historic rooms crammed full of iconic objects from the Capital’s past.
Find out about the history of Edinburgh from the earliest times to the present day.
Discover more about the city, its people, crafts and trades and the beautiful objects they created.

Edinburgh Dungeons is not for the small or faint hearted!
The ultimate thrill-filled journey through Scotland’s murky past! 11 live shows, and 80 minutes of laughter, screaming, theatre, history and special effects.
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Where did the Gardiner's live in Scotland?

1808             Edinburgh for Jame's Gardiner birth
1818             Stonehaven, Ann Gall born
1838 - 1840 Aberdeen Jane/James born
1848 - 1854 "7" Heans Lane, Dundee Richard/Matilda born
1855             Smalls Wynd, Dundee, Ralph born, 21 April
                     Aberdeen Robert Gardiner baptized 12 Sept      

1856             Dundee Branch
1858 - 1866  "6" College Lane, Old Machar, Aberdeen
1866 - 1873   Dundee 1871 "29" Rosebank Road, Dundee

 2 Feb 1838     James Gardiner, tinsmith, [son of James Gardiner, Jr. and Mary Butchart] married Ann Gall [daughter of M. Gall and Jennie Sadler] at Aberdeen. (Date from Arthur's birth record.  Ann's parents' names are from her death record.)
12 Nov 1838   Jane Gardiner, daughter of James and Ann, was born at Aberdeen (Alfred's Record).
16 Apr 1840   James Gardiner, son of James and Ann, was born at Aberdeen  (Alfred's Record, and the record of the Aberdeen Branch, LDS Church; FHL104149).
   Abt 1848     The Dundee Branch Record lists James Gardiner, married, office of teacher, born 25 Dec 1809 at Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.  Baptized and confirmed by W. Athol McMaster at Dunfirmline; no date given (DBR, p88, #46, FHL104150).
15 Aug 1848   Richard Gardiner, son of Ann Gardiner, was born at Dundee (DBR, p49, FHL104150). 
29 Nov 1848   Ann [Gall] Gardiner, married, born 31 Jan'ry 1818, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, Scotland, was baptized at Dundee  by Elder H. Findlay; confirmed 30 Nov 1848 by H.P. [High Priest] Wm. Gibson (DBR, p91, #145, FHL104150).
3 Dec 1848     Richard Gardiner, son of Ann Gardiner, was blessed at Dundee Branch by Wm. Gibson (DBR, FHL104150).
3 Apr 1850     Matilda Gardiner, daughter of James and Ann was born at Dundee (family records).
31 Mar 1851   Census of 17 Heans Lane, Dundee (ED77, p22, FHL103639)

30 Dec 1861   Robert Gardiner, born 22 Oct 1845, Dundee, Forfar, Scotland, was baptized 30 Dec 1851, (clerks error, he meant 1861 as the confirmation date shows, Robert was only 6 years old in Dec 1851, and living in Dundee) confirmed 2 Jan 1862, by J. Mcbeath.  Removed to Edinburgh Conference (FHL104149).  In the foregoing entry in the Aberdeen Branch Record someone has crossed out the date, 30 Dec 1851, and written  2 Sep 1855 above it, then, "See p. 2." 
It is unfortunate that so many family members accepted the wrong baptism date of Robert.  Just a little simple math would have told us that he was not baptized in 1852 when he had not yet reached his seventh birthday, but that date was copied on many group sheets without question, thought or minimal research.
11 Nov 1852   Frederick Gardiner, son of James Gardiner and Ann Gall was born at Dundee Nov 1852 (Dundee Branch Record, p51, FHL104150. Day from family records.)
23 Nov 1853   James Gardiner, Jun'r, born Aberdeen, 16 Apr 1840, was baptized at Dundee by David Burnett; confirmed 30 Nov 1853  (DBR, p25, FHL104150).
21 Apr 1855   Ralph Gardiner was born at 5:15 a.m. at Smalls Wynd, Dundee; son of James Gardiner, tinsmith, age 48 yrs, born Edinburgh; and Ann Gardiner, maiden name, Gall; 9th birth, age 38 yrs, born Stonehaven, married 1838, Aberdeen. 3 Boys and 2 Girls living; 2 Boys, 1 Girl dead (#395, 2nd Dist, Dundee; FHL833323, item 2).
 2 Sep 1855     Robert Gardiner, born 22 Oct 1845, Dundee, Forfar, Scotland, was baptized at Aberdeen, 2 Sep 1855, confirmed 12 Sep 1855; by John McBeath.  Emigrated 1868  (Aberdeen Branch Record, p2, FHL104149).
30 Oct 1856    James Gardiner, Sen'r received from the Dundee Branch, Dundee Conference, 30 Oct 1856, cut off for rebellion, 30 Oct 1856  (ABR, p51, FHL104149).
 ... Gardiner and James Gardiner, Jun'r received from the Dundee Branch, Dundee Conference Dec 2nd 1855, cut off for rebellion 30th October 1856 (ABR, p25, FHL104149.  The unreadable name (...) in this entry, is on the bottom line, corner of the page.  It takes less space than the name James just above it, so it cannot be Robert; it could be Ann, or, a correction of the "received" date above for James, Sen'r, it could be "Jas. Gardiner and James Gardiner, Jun'r received ...")
19 Aug 1858   Alfred Gardiner was born at 2:00 p.m. at 6 College Lane, Old Machar, Aberdeen; son of James Gardiner, tinsmith (journeyman), and Ann Gardiner, Maiden Name, Gall; signed: Ann Gardiner, mother (#610 Old Machar, Aberdeen, p204, FHL280485). 
30 Aug 1858   Jane Gardiner married William Stewart.  (See page 16)
8 Apr 1861    Census of 7 Cottage Lane, Dist. 168b, Old Machar, Aberdeen, ED 15, p38, Sch 270 It was noted that the family had 3 children between the ages of 5 and 15 years attending school.  Also, they had 2 rooms with 1 or more windows
26 Jun 1861    Arthur Gardiner was born at 7 p.m. at 6 Cottage Lane, Aberdeen, the son of James Gardiner, tinsmith (journeyman), and Ann Gardiner MS Gall, who married 2nd February 1838.  Informant: Ann Gardiner, mother (#510, p170, Old Machar, Aberdeen; FHL224086. The index does not list Arthur.  #510 is recorded as John Gardiner, but the certificate #510 on page 170 gives his correct name, Arthur.)
16 Nov 1861   James Gardiner, born 23 Dec 1808, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, was baptized 16 Nov 1861; confirmed 17 Nov 1861, by W. S. Baxter. Removed to Dundee (ABR). 
17 Nov 1861   James Gardiner was ordained a Priest by William S. Baxter, Aberdeen Branch, Dundee Conference (ABR, FHL104149).
       1861  On page 10 of the Aberdeen Branch record it says that the Aberdeen Branch was reorganized in 1861 by William Baxter.  Three entries listing members are signed by Jas. Gardiner.
 8 Mar 1863    Ann Gardiner, born 20 Jan 1817, Fetteresso, Kincardine, Scotland, was baptized 8 Mar 1863 by Jno. McBeath, and confirmed 9 Mar 1863 by Jno. Mcbeath.  Removed to Dundee 1866  (Aberdeen Branch Record, FHL104149).
  1864-1865    The Aberdeen Branch Record shows several members who were baptized and confirmed by James Gardiner. 
       1866  James Gardiner, tinsmith, moved his family to Dundee (ABR, FHL104149).
22 Nov 1867   James Gardiner, brassfinisher, married Margaret Fraser. (see page 19)
 5 Apr 1868    A member of the Dundee Branch was confirmed by Elder James Gardner (DBR).
20 Jun 1868    Robert and Alfred Gardiner and Margaret Stewart sailed from Liverpool Harbor on the sailing vessel, "Emerald Isle," bound for America. Robert and Margaret were married on board ship by Aurelius Minor, before they sailed (family history).  An account of the journey can be found in the record kept by Hans Jensen, Hals, who was in charge of the group.  I copied the account of the journey from Liverpool to Utah, omitting the first part of the Journey from Denmark. (MSD 4718).
Soon after Robert left Scotland, the James Gardiner family was listed on the Dundee Branch Record in a section where the names, ages, occupations, birthplaces, "means" of families were recorded, and intentions to emigrate.  There were no comments on this page concerning emigration, but Means were listed; none for the Gardiner family.
       James Gardner              60        Tinsmith                        Scotland                 
       Ann Gardner                 52                                                       "
                        Matilda Gardner                                                                      "
                        Frederick Gardner         16                                                       "
                        Ralph Gardner              13                                                       "
                        Arthur Gardner             8                                                        "     
17 Aug 1869   Jane Gardiner Stewart, daughter of James and Ann, died (see page 17).
25 Apr 1870   Matilda Gardiner married John Gunn (see page 28).
 3 Apr 1871    Census of 29 Rosebank Road, Dundee (ED21, p28, Sch155; FHL103942)
                        James Gardiner             Head   Mar   62   Tinsmith       Edinburgh
                        Ann Gardiner                Wife    Mar   54                         Kincardineshire, Stonehaven
                        Arthur Gardiner            Son                9    Scholar          Aberdeenshire, Old Machar
30 Mar 1873   A member of the Dundee Branch was confirmed by Elder James Gardner (DBR).
   1874      St Catherines General and Business Directory:  James Gardiner, tinsmith
                        (Copied from Directory at St Catherines Public Library, Sep 1998, St Catherines,                          Ontario, Canada).