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Dawn Research on Robert Stewart and Amelia Robertson Family

                                                      A CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY
                                                        compiled by Dawn Gardiner James

2 Oct 1798       Robert Stewart and Amelia Robertson, both of this parish, were booked for proclamation of marriage (Logierait Parish Register, FHL102757).

25 Sep 1799     Elizabeth, Lawful Da. to Robert Stewart, farmer, & Amelia Robertson in Mains of Edradynate, was born 25 & bap'd 27th Sep 1799 (Logierait Parish Register, p4,  FHL102756).

 4 Mar 1801     Margaret, Lawful Da. to Robert Stewart & Amelia Robertson in Mains of Edradynate, was born 4 Mar and Bap'd 5th 1801 (Logierait Parish Register, p11, FHL102756).

 9 Feb 1803      Amelia, Lawful Da. to Robert Stewart, farmer, & Amelia Robertson in Mains of Edradynate, was born February 9th & Bap 11th 1803 (Logierait Parish Register, p19, FHL102756).

13 Feb 1805     John, Lawful Son to Robert Stewart, Farmer, & Amelia Robertson in Mains of Edradynate, was born 13th and bap'd 18th Feb 1805 (Logierait Parish Register, p29, FHL102756).

19 Feb 1807     Robert, Lawful Son to Robert Stewart, Farmer, & Amelia Robertson in Mains of Edradynate, was born February 19th & baptized 25th 1807 (Logierait Parish Register, p40, FHL102756).

 9 Feb 1809      Isobel, Lawful daughter to Robert Stewart, farmer, and Amelia Robertson in Edradynate, was born February ___ and baptized 9th 1809 (Logierait Parish Register, p60, FHL102756).

 1 Sep 1812      James, Lawful son to Robert Stewart, farmer, and Amelia Robertson in Edradynate was, born September 1 & baptized 7th 1812 (Logierait Parish Register, p89, FHL102756).

31 May 1816   Mary, Lawful daughter of Robert Stewart, farmer, and Amelia Robertson in Drumshanachan, was born March 31st & baptized 9 Apr 1816 (Logierait Parish Register, p123, (FHL102756).

                                   ALEXANDER SMALL/MARGARET STEWART FAMILY

14 Nov 1823    Perth, the 25th day of October 1823, contracted Alexander Small, baker, in Saint Pauls Church, Parish of Perth, and Margaret Stewart in the said parish, daughter to Robert Stewart, farmer in the parish of Logierait.  The persons named were regularly proclaimed and married on the 14th day of Nov. said year, by the Rev. Forrest Frew, minister of the First Relief Congregation in Perth.  (Perth Parish Register, pg 82, FHL1040164)

13 May 1825   Robert Small was born at Dunkeld, Perth.
14 Feb 1828     James Small was born at Dunkeld, Perth.

14 Feb 1831     Thomas Small was born at Dunkeld, Perth.

 3 Sep 1838      Alexander Small was born at Dunkeld, Perth (Dunkeld Parish Register, FHL102723).

7 Jun 1841        Census of High Street, Dunkeld Parish, Perth, (p8, FHL101906)

             Alexander Small                                 40   Baker                               born in county
                         Margaret Small                                  39                                           born in county
                         James Small                                       13                                           born in county
                         Thomas Small                                    10                                           born in county
                         Alexander Small                                 2                                            born in county

31 Mar 1851    Census of Stobwell Road, Dundee, Forfarshire (Book 63, FHL103639)

                         Margaret Small            Head  Wid    48   Vintner                            Perth, Logierait                                    Thomas Small Son      Unm    20             Sailor                                        Perth, Dunkeld
                         Alexander Small           Son                12   Scholar                            Perth, Dunkeld   

12 May 1853   Margaret Small, widow of Andrew Small*, sailor, died 12 May 1853, age 49 [52].  Born Logierait. Cause of death: Water in chest.  Last residence: Butterburn. Buried at 1312/2A (FHL102619.  *Should be Alexander Small.)

                                JOHN STEWART/HELEN SCOTT/ANN WILSON FAMILY

13 Dec 1830     John Stewart, cooper, married Helen Scott, both of Dundee Parish.  Helen, daughter of James Scott, weaver (Dundee Parish Register, p28, FHL102615).

 9 Aug 1834      Agnes Stewart died age 9/12, daughter of John Stewart, Merchant, and Helen Scott, his wife (Monument Inscription at 1312/2, The Howff, Cemetery, Dundee, FHL104163).

11 Aug 1834     Agnes Stewart was buried. Cause of death: nervous complaint, Number of stone and letter: 725 West B.  (FHL102617.  The "West" number indicates that Agnes was buried in an unmarked grave immediately west of the one marked 725.  The monument at her grave was added in 1837.  A, B, C indicate the south to north positions in the plot, A being on the south side.)

             1836     Amelia Stewart was born to John Stewart and Helen Scott (see 1841 census FHL101800).

             1837     The monument was erected at 1312/2, The Howff, Cemetery, Barrack Street, Dundee. Inscribed as follows:

Agnes Stewart died 9 Aug 1834 aged 9/12, daughter of John Stewart, merchant, Dundee, and Helen Scott his wife.  The above Helen Scott died 17 Nov 1847, age 45.  Isabella Stewart, wife of George Fairley, mason died 8 Feb 1848, age 36, and James, their infant son, died in infancy (Copied by Sydney Cramer, Dundee Branch, British Mission, FHL104163.  It is strange that daughter, Margaret, and sister, Margaret, are not listed on the monument, both were buried at this site.)

             1839     Mary Stewart was born to John and Helen Stewart (see 1841 census FHL101800).

24 Jan 1841      Margaret Stewart was born to John Stewart, grocer, and Helen Scott at Dundee (Dundee Parish Register, FHL102615).

 5 Feb 1841      Margaret Stewart christened at Dundee, named after her paternal aunt (FHL102615

 5 Feb 1841      Margaret Stewart, daughter of John Stewart, grocer, died, 12 days old.  Cause of death: croup (FHL102618).

 7 Feb 1841      Margaret Stewart was buried at 1312/2C, the Howff, Dundee (FHL102618).

 7 Jun 1841       Census of Princes Street, south-side, Dundee, (ED7, p25, FHL101800)

             John Stewart                                     35   Grocer                  not born in county
             Hellen Stewart                                   36                                born in county
                         Amelia Stewart                                  5                                 born in county
                         Mary Stewart                                    2                                 born in county

 1842/1845       Robert Stewart was born to John Stewart and Helen Scott at Dundee (see 1851 Census, ED 6, p16, FHL103637, and 1861 Census, ED8, p1, FHL103788  Robert is 9 in 1851, 16 in 1861, an error in writing or memory.)

17 Nov 1847    Helen Scott died, age 45, wife of John Stewart, grocer.  Born at Coupar Angus.  Cause of death: fever.  Last place of residence: Princes Street, Wallace Feus.  Died at the infirmary.  Place of interment: 1312 A, The Howff, Dundee  (Death/Burial Records, FHL102619; Monument Inscriptions at The Howff, Dundee, FHL104163).

 3 Jul 1848        John Stewart, grocer, married Ann Wilson, both of this parish (FHL993404).

31 Mar 1851    Census of Princes St., Neibertsons Land, Dundee, (ED6, p16 FHL103637)
                         John Stewart                Head  Mar    42   Victuallar              Perth C'y, Logierait
                         Ann Wilson "               Wife   Mar    24                                Forfar C'y, Dundee
                         Amelia Stewart            Dau               16   Scholar                 Forfar C'y, Dundee
                         Mary Stewart              Dau               12   Scholar                 Forfar C'y, Dundee
                         Robert Stewart            Son                9    Scholar                 Forfar C'y, Dundee
                         Ann Stewart                Dau               1                                 Forfar C'y, Dundee
                         Christina Cameron       Serv               17   House servant      Perth C'y, Inchture

15 Jun 1851      A stillborn daughter of John Stewart, grocer, Princes Street, Wallace Feus, was buried at 1312/2 A, The Howff, (Dundee Register of Burials, FHL102619).

 3 Dec 1860      Amelia Stewart, 24, Shopwoman in a baby linen warehouse, (spinster), Victoria Street, Daughter of John Stewart, coffeehouse keeper, and Helen Scott (dec),
married Alexander Stool, 24, Able Seaman, (bachelor), Victoria Street, Son of David Stool, accountant, London, and Margaret Gall (dec).

8 Apr 1861       Census of 21 Meadowside Road, Dundee, (ED8, p1, FHL103788)

                         John Stewart                Head  Mar    52   Victualling Shopkeeper   Perthshire, Logierait
                         Robert Stewart            Son     Unm   16   Baker (jour)                     Forfarshire, Dundee                             Ann Barclay   Serv     Mar    30             Domestic Servant                     Forfarshire, Dundee

 1 Feb 1866      John Stewart, Baker, Pauper, Married to Ann Wilson, died at 2:30 p.m. at the Poor House, Dundee. Age 57 years.  Father: Robert Stewart, farmer; (deceased).  Mother: Amelia Stewart MS Robertson (deceased).  Cause of death: Bronchitis, as certified by P.M. Baxter, surgeon.  Informant: W. Dempster, assistant in Poor House, present (#118, 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL350894).

(John, born 13 Feb 1805, had trouble with remembering ages; he was 60 years old at his death, just a few days from his 61st birthday.  He claimed to be 35 in 1841, 42 in 1851, 52 in 1861.  That sudden drop in age shows up after he married the much younger Ann Wilson.  He was quite consistent after that and the death ages of his sisters, Isabel and Margaret, are 3 years too young on their death records, making the years between them accurate, Margaret 4 years older than John; Isabel 4 years younger.  His brother, Robert's death age is 2 years off, 67 rather than 69 in 1876.
The following temple ordinances were done by the Margaret S. Gardiner family:

 3 Mar 1896     John Stewart, liv abt 1802 [1805], [Logierait], Perth, Scotland, died 1865 [1866], baptized by proxy Wm. F. Gardiner, gd nephew (Salt Lake Temple Record, p70, FHL183416).

5 May 1898     Mrs. John Stewart, liv abt 1805, died at Dundee, Forfar, Scotland abt 1850. Baptized by proxy, Margaret S. Gardiner, niece-in-law (SL Temple Record, p265, FHL183416).

29 Sep 1898     Mrs. John Stewart, liv abt 1805, of Dundee, Forfar, Scotland, died abt 1850 [1847].  Endowed by proxy, Margaret S. Gardiner, niece-in-law (Salt Lake Temple Record, p230, FHL184090).

7 Dec 1923       John Stewart, born 1802 [1805], Perth Co., Scotland, died 1865 [1866].  bp. 3 Mar 1896.  Endowed by proxy, Harry W. Cushing, inst Clarence L. Gardiner, nep (should be gd Nep, as on baptism record,
Salt Lake Temple Record, p554, FHL184147).

(It is interesting that Margaret used "about" dates in almost every temple record, but Clarence omitted the "abouts".)

                         (For Robert Stewart/Elizabeth Stewart Family see William Stewart History) 

                                         GEORGE FAIRLEY/ISABEL STEWART FAMILY

19 Mar 1837    Isabell Stewart married George Fairley, mason, at Dundee; both of this parish (FHL102615).

11 Sep 1839     Mary Fairley was born to George Fairley and Isabell Stewart. Christened 22 Sep 1839 (Dundee Parish Register, Vol 18, p1194, FHL102614 or FHL993403).

 7 Jun 1841       Census of Arthur Street, Dundee (ED72, FHL101801)

                         George Fairley                                   30   Mason, Jour                    born in county
                         Isobel Fairley                                    30                                           not born in county
                         Mary Fairley                                     1                                            born in county

16 Jul 1841       Amelia Fairley was born to George Fairley and Isabell Stewart, Named after maternal grandmother.  Christened 27 Jul 1841  (Dundee Parish Register, Vol 19, p35, FHL102615 or FHL993403).

             1845     John Fairley was born to George Fairley and Isabell Stewart (see 1851 Census, FHL103638).

24 Apr 1847     James Fairley was born to George Fairley and Isabell Stewart (FHL102615 or FHL993403).

 4 Dec 1847      James Fairley died at Dundee, age 5 mos, born at Dundee, son of George Fairley, mason.  Cause of death: teething.  Last place of residence: Arthur Street.  Buried at 1312/2-A (FHL102619, FHL104163).

 8 Feb 1848      Isabella Stewart, wife of George Fairley, mason, died, age 36, born at Logierait Parish; Cause of death: typhus fever.  Last place of residence: Arthur Street.  Buried at 1312/2B The Howff, (Dundee Burial Record, FHL102619; Monument Inscriptions FHL104163).  Isabella died one day before her 39th birthday.

31 Mar 1851    Census of 72 Arthur Street, Dundee (ED39, FHL103638)

George Fairley             Head  Wid    44   Mason                  Forfarshire, Dunnichen
                         Mary Fairley               Dau               11   Scholar                 Forfarshire, Dundee
                         Amelia Fairley             Dau               9    Scholar                 Forfarshire, Dundee
                         John Fairley                 Son                6    Scholar                 Forfarshire, Dundee
                         Agnes Grant                Serv    Unm   24   Housekeeper        Forfarshire, Lundie
                         William Gordon           Visitor           30   Bootmaker           Perthshire, Findo Gask

10 May 1861   South Union Street, Dundee.  After banns according to the forms of the Church of Scotland, George Fairley, mason, jour, widower, age 51, Castle Lane, Dundee, Son of John Fairley, farmer (dec), and Mary Langlands (dec), married Ann Ferguson, age 46, domestic servant, South Union Street, daughter of James Ferguson, labourer (dec), and Janet Keillor (dec).  Witnesses: Alfred Wright, Christian Allison.  Minister: Robert Smith, Minister of St Clements (#97, 2nd Dist, Dundee, (FHL224166).

12 Sep 1886     George Fairley, mason, died at 4 Craig Street, Dundee, age 80.  Married to (1) Isabella Stewart, (2) Ann Ferguson. Cause of death: Broncho pneumonia.  Informant: George Turner, son-in-law, 30 High Street  (#477, 2nd Dist, Dundee; Research by James Thompson, Edinburgh.  Death Index FHL103426).

                                                HENRY LAING/MARY FAIRLEY FAMILY

 2 Jun 1865       At Paradise Road, Dundee, after banns according to the forms of the United Presbyterian Church, Henry Laing, 32, Blacksmith (journeyman), Widower of Mary Carrol, Vault, Dundee, Son of James Laing, labourer (deceased), and Agnes Laing MS Tempest, married Mary Fairley, 27, Domestic Servant, Spinster, Cowgate, Dundee, Daughter of George Fairley, mason, and Isabella Fairley MS Stewart (deceased).  Witnesses: Amelia Fairley and John Fairley.  George Gilfillan, Minister         (#212, 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL330175).

 9 Jul 1865        Christina Laing was born to Henry Laing and Mary Fairley.

27 Dec 1866     Mary Fairley Laing died, age 28, cause of death: disease of liver and jaundice 6 mos. Married to Henry Laing, blacksmith, 17 Vault, Dundee.  Daughter of George Fairley, mason, and Isabella Stewart (dec) (#1394, 2nd Dist, Dundee, FHL350894).

 3 Apr 1871      Census of 15 Vault, Dundee (ED3, Sch189, FHL103942)

                         Henry Laing                 Head  Mar    39   Blacksmith                      Fife, Cameron
                         Margaret Laing            Wife   Mar    38   Blacksmiths Wife Perth, Perth
                         Henry Laing                 Son                15   Blacksmith Apprent.      Forfar, Dundee
                         William Laing               Son                13   Blacksmith Apprent.      Forfar, Dundee
                         Christina Laing            Daur              5    Scholar                            Forfar, Dundee

4 Apr 1881       Census of 15 Vault, Dundee, (ED2, p25, FHL203483)

                         Henry Laing                 Head  Mar    48   General Blacksmith         Fife, Cupar
                         Margaret Laing            Wife   Mar    47                                           Perth, Perth
                         Henry Laing                 Son                24   General Blacksmith         Forfar, Dundee
                         Christina Laing            Daur              16   Millworker                      Forfar, Dundee

                                           GEORGE TURNER/AMELIA FAIRLEY FAMILY

3 Jul 1876         George Turner, 29, Bachelor, Grocer's Assistant, 15 Exchange Street, son of William Turner, Cloth Lapper and Jane Turner MS Anderson, married Amelia Fairley , 33, Spinster, Confection Packer, 15 Castle Street.  Daughter of George Fairley, Mason, and Isabella Fairley MS Stewart (dec).  Witnesses: William Turner, Christina Fraser.  Married at 15 Castle Street.  Free Church (#160, 3rd Dist, Dundee, Research by James Thompson, Edinburgh).

28 Jan 1878      William Turner was born at 23 Castle Street, Dundee.  Son of George Turner, Grocer's Assistant, and Amelia Fairley, who married 1876 Jul 3rd, Dundee
Informant: George Turner, father, present (#85, 3rd Dist, Dundee, Research by James Thompson, Edinburgh).

23 Apr 1879     Isabella Stewart Turner was born at 101 Victoria Road, Dundee.  Daughter of George Turner, Grocer's Assistant, and Amelia Fairley, who married 1876 Jul 3rd, Dundee (#718  4th Dist, Dundee; Research by  James Thompson, Edinburgh). 

 5 Apr 1891      Census of 125 Nethergate, Dundee (ED3 p3, FHL108704)

                         George Turner             Head  Mar    39   Grocer's Assistant              Perth, Perth
                         Amelia Fairley Turner Mar    40       Grocer's Wife                             Forfar, Dundee
                         William Turner            Son                13   Scholar                                Forfar, Dundee
                         Isabella Turner             Daur              11   Scholar                                Forfar, Dundee
                         William McDonald      Bord   Unm   23   Woolen Warehouseman  Aberdeen, Foregan
                         Ronald Stewart Lickner  "      Unm   18   Photographer/Silver Printer England                                            Elizabeth Ewan           Bord    Unm             50         Dressmaker                                       England                       
                         Margaret Soutar           Bord   Wid    49   Dressmaker                         Forfar, Dundee
                         Amelia Cierans            Bord   Unm   39   Dressmaker                         England
                         Ellen Gibson                Bord   Unm   27   Dressmaker                     Midlothian,Edinburgh
                         Clara Coults                 Bord   Unm   21   Photographer's Assist.    Aberdeen, Aberdeen
                         Mary Ross                  Serv    Unm   37   Domestic Servant, Gen.   Forfarshire,                                                                                                                BroughtyFerry
                         (Apparently Amelia kept a boarding house.)
17 Sep 1912     Amelia Fairley Turner died, aged 70 years, at Parochial Hospital, Dundee, usual residence: 9 Bell Street.  Married to George Turner, grocer's assistant. Daughter of George Fairley, mason (jour), (dec) and Isabella Fairley MS Stewart (dec).  Cause of death: cerebral softening, broncho pneumonia. Informant: William Turner, son,
9 Bell Street (#769 4th Dist, Dundee, Research by James Thompson).

                                   JOHN FAIRLEY/CHRISTINA MACPHERSON FAMILY

23 Apr 1867     After banns according to the Free Church of Scotland, John Fairly, age 24, compositor, bachelor, 14 Dallfield Terrace, son of George Fairly, stone mason, and Isabell Stewart (dec), married Christina MacPherson, age 24, PLW, spinster, 14 Dallfield Terrace, daughter of Alexander McPherson and Isabella Hardie.
Witnesses: William Law, Eliza Ness.  Andrew Creighton, Minister of Chapelshade (#3164, 1st Dist, Dundee, FHL348998).

                                                                   RESEARCH NOTES

             Beatrice Gardiner Low, daughter of Robert Gardiner and Margaret Stewart, left us some excellent clues to help identify our Stewart ancestors.  She told of her mother's visits to cousins who lived on estates in Perthshire.  Cousins' names were Crighton and Gray.  Margaret Stewart's sister, Jane or Jean, married James Crighton (Crichton), and lived at Lochside in Kinclaven Parish.
They were the only family listed at Lochside, indicating that it is an estate, not a village.
             The estate of Edradynate in Logierait Parish is the birthplace of all the children of Robert Stewart and Amelia Robertson.  Drumshanachan, the birthplace of their youngest daughter, Mary, is also "in Edradynate."  Their son, Robert, was living in Edradynate at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Stewart.             
             These large estates were originally created by gifts or charters from the king.  He placed close friends and allies, often a family member, in various places throughout the kingdom in positions of power to give support to himself as ruler. Two famous kings of Scotland are King Duncan I, who was murdered by his cousin, Macbeth, in 1039, and Robert the Bruce who became King Robert I in 1306.  King Robert's daughter, Marjorie, married the son of the High Steward, and their son became King Robert II of Scotland.  The Erskines then became stewards to the Stewart kings.
             Queen Mary, who was educated in France where they do not use a "w" in their alphabet, changed the spelling of her family name to Stuart.  An interesting sidelight is the French spelling of James Chrichton's daughter's name, Jeannette Stuart Crichton, probably named after her grandmother, Jean Stewart Crichton (see William Stewart History).
             Burke's "The Landed Gentry," says "John [Stewart] of Fothergill had a Crown Charter of his lands 30 Oct 1455, and acquired the lands of Edradynate from John, 1st Earl of Athole, by charter dated 24 July, 1465."  John of Fothergill is the son of James Stewart, who is the son of Alexander Stewart, 4th son of King Robert II of Scotland. 
             In the 1700s the estate was owned by the Robertsons, probably because ownership came to a Stewart daughter married to a Robertson.  Later that problem faced Duncan Robertson and ownership passed to his son-in-law, who was a descendant of John Stewart of Fothergill.  "James Stewart of Derculich, b. 1730; m. 1778, Margaret, dau. of Duncan Robertson of Edradynate, a direct descendant of Alexander Robertson, 9th Laird of Struan."  Son of the above James Stewart of Derculich, was known as James Stewart Robertson, whose son, James Stewart-Robertson (owner of Edradynate in 1937) "assumed by direction the additional name of Robertson."
             The above James Stewart of Derculich, born 1730, was the son of Robert Stewart of Derculich, born 1704, the son of the Rev. Robert Stewart of Killichassie, Minister of Killin, 1679-1729.  "At his death in 1729 he left, with other sons, whose descendants are now all extinct in the male line, Robert Stewart of Derculich, b. 1704." 
             If the sons of Robert and Elizabeth Stewart of Logierait and Dundee left no descendants, their family would be extinct in the male line.  We have no record of any children born to them.
I have found no sons born to Robert, son of John Stewart, son of Robert and Amelia.  That leaves their son James as a possible progenitor of a male Stewart line, but I have not been able to identify him on any record other than birth.
             As farmer at Edradynate, our ancestor was probably a relative of the owner of the estate.  If he were a grandson of one of those "other sons" of the Rev. Robert Stewart, he would be a cousin to the James Stewart of Derculich, who became owner of Edradynate by marrying Margaret Robertson.

             (Robert Stewart and Amelia Robertson were very popular names in Perth.  Another Robert Stewart and Amelia Robertson married in 1785, lived at Craggun in Logierait Parish, then moved to Edinburgh.  Their daughter, Amelia, born in Edinburgh, married James McLaren and lived at Findynate in Logierait Parish near Edradynate.)

             If Robert Stewart, farmer in Edradynate (and married to Amelia Robertson), is a descendant of the Rev. Robert Stewart of Killichassie this would be his line of descent from Robert the Bruce down to the "other sons":

Robert the Bruce, or King Robert the I of Scotland
Marjorie Bruce, his daughter, married the High Steward; their son was
Robert Stuart, King Robert II; his 4th son was
Alexander Stewart
James Stewart
John Stewart of Fothergill, whose 2nd son was
Alexander Stewart
Robert Stewart, died 1546
James Stewart, md. Janet Stewart, dau. of James Stewart of Fincastle, died 16 Oct 1565
John Stewart, md. Margaret, dau. of Alexander Stewart of Carse, died 1606
Alexander Stewart, md. Margaret Robertson of Lude
James Stewart, md. Barbara, dau. of Duncan Menzies of Comrie; their second son was
Rev. Robert Stewart of Killichassie, minister of Killin, md. Jan 1683, Anna, dau of Duncan Campbell, and had son,
Robert Stewart of Derculich.........."and other sons now extinct in the male line."
James Stewart of Derculich, son of above Robert, had son
James Stewart of Derculich, md. Margaret, dau of Duncan Robertson of Edradynate.
James Stewart Robertson, their son, is father of
James Stewart-Robertson, owner of Edradynate in 1937
A possible entry for the birth of our ancestor, Robert Stewart, farmer at Edradynate, who married
Amelia Robertson in 1798 is:

Robert, lawful son to Robert and Katherine Stewart in ... of Killichassie was bap 5 Feb 1774. (Logierait Parish Register FHL102756).

The marriage of the above parents: Robert Stewart in Killichassie and Catherine Stewart in Aberfeldie entered their names... 4 July 1772 (Logierait Parish Register, FHL102757)

Someone had to research the Edradynate Stewarts to know that the other sons of the minister were extinct in the male lines, but did they record that research?  Of the Edradynate Stewarts, Burke's "The Landed Gentry" says, " The pedigree of this family is fully recorded in the Court of Lord Lyon King of Arms, Scotland."   We need to search for those other sons of the Rev. Robert Stewart of Killichassie, to see if we can make a connection with the above Stewarts.  That would give us one long line that reaches back to 1033.