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Charles Boylin 1855 - 1940

Charles Boylin married Zelpha Ackerman and had the following children: 

1.  Mary Ellen 1877 - 1958 m William Francis Gardiner (3) bap. sealed
2.  Rose Amy 1878 - 1961 m Percy Lee bap.
3.  Fannie Elizabeth 1881 - 1980 m John Castleton Burns (1) bap. sealed
4.  Charles Henry 1883 - 1965 m Elizabeth Ann Keddington (9) bap. sealed (Lived in Lancaster, CA)
5.  George Ernest 1885 - 1885
6.  Alice Boylin 1890 -  1964 m William Day (3) bap.
7.  Beatrice Lucy 1895- 1962 m Lester Wyman Payne (3) bap.
8.  Bertha Gladys 1898 - 1982 m Spencer Dewey Adams (2) bap. sealed

1905-ish LtoR back:  Boylin Family- Amy, Alice, Charles, Nellie (Mary Ellen), Fannie, Beatrice, front: Charles (father), Bertha, Zilpha Ackerman

LtoR back: Alice, Fannie, Mary Ellen aka Nellie, Amy front: Bertha Gladys, Charles Henry and Beatrice

On April 13 1906 her father was bitten by a monkey at Lagoon and was temporarily paralyzed.  On August 1 Charles, who took care of the electrical systems at Lagoon, went outside during a lighting storm and saw fire flew in strings through the window.  The lighting ripped a generator to pieces which brought Lagoon into darkness.

In 1911 her father Charles was chief gardener at Lagoon.

His wife Zilpah, died in 1911 of carcinoma.  They resided in Farmington, but her Zilpah was buried in the SLC Cemetery. 

Charles married Alice White Ackerman who immigrated on July 28, 1868 at the age of 13 from England


Charle's Parent's marriage certificate: Edward & Eleanor Roden Boylin - Marr June Q 1847: Dudley 18 431

1855 Birth cert: Dudley Staffordshire, Eng
FS says: 24 May 1855 Tipton, Stafford, England
These two places are the same place and the following is a good birth cert.

Places can be confusing in this family.
Zelpah Busby is born 1826 in Chipping Norton 

In 1841 George Ackerman is in Chipping Norton.
George and Zelpah are married 1845 in Chipping Norton. Charles was born in 1855 in Tipton or Dudley. 
In 1861 George Ackerman is in Lady Wood, Birmingham.
In 1871 George is in Lady Wood, Birmingham.
In 1871 Charles' family lived in Northfield, Selly Oak.
Nellie's paternal gfather dies in in 1873 in King's Norton.
Charles was married in 1877 in King's Norton.  
Nellie is born in 1877 in Northfield, Selly Oak.  
In the 1881 census Nellie and family are in Northfield, Selly Oak.   
In 1881 George Ackerman is in Lady Wood, Birmingham..
Zilpah Busby is from Leafield.
In 1888 Charles and family leave the UK. 

 1971 census

Selly Oak is classic Britain as I remember it in the 1960s.  Kent Gardiner

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 1877 marriage:

1877 Marriage certificate: 

Name: Zelpah Ackerman
Gender: Female
Marriage Date: 7 Oct 1877
Marriage Age: Minor
Marriage Place: Edgbaston, St Bartholomew, Warwickshire, England
Spouse: Charles Boylin
Spouse Gender: Male
Spouse Marriage Age: Full
Father: George Ackerman
Spouse's Father: Edward Boylin
Reference Number: DRO 53
Archive Roll: M150

1881 census:

 1900 Lagoon

Salt Lake Herald 1900-08-24 Charles Boylin Jr and Alice Boylin

Salt Lake Tribune, 1901-06-26 Charles fights a bear

Salt Lake Telegram, 1906-01-03

Davis County Clipper 1906-04-13 Charles bitten

Box Elder News, 1906-04-19 Charles bitten

Salt Lake Telegram, 1906-10-04 Charles arranges flowers

Ogden Standard 1906-03-30 Charles recovering from injuries 2 column

Davis County Clipper 1906-08-03 Charles and lightning strikes

Salt Lake Tribune, 1906-08-01 Charles escapes

Info on Lagoon:  Simon Bamberger, who was building his Salt Lake & Ogden Railroad line from Salt Lake City to Ogden, Utah, was vice president of Lake Park and a 25% owner. To increase passenger traffic on his line he bought most of the original Lake Park buildings from the D&RGW and moved them about 3 miles (5 km) east near Farmington, Utah. This gave the residents of Salt Lake City (and later, Ogden) a reason to travel over the "Bamberger." The resort was named Lagoon for the small body of water located on the original forty acres (162,000 m²). The original lagoon was used to harvest ice in winter; Bamberger had it enlarged to 9 acres (36,000 m2) by clearing some swampland.
Davis County Clipper

1907 Lagoon

1907-02-22 Charles grows lemons

Salt Lake Herald 1908-09-08 Charles and hothouses bottom

Davis County Clipper 1908-05-08 Charles and flowers

Davis County Clipper 1912-10-11 Charles Boylin wins a prize

Salt Lake Herald 1912-10-03 Fruit

Davis County Clipper 1913-10-31 Charles changes jobs, Nellie Primary, second column

Davis County Clipper 1913-11-14



Davis County Clipper 1913-05-02 Charles marries Alice

Davis County Clipper 1913-10-31 Charles visiting 1st column

Davis County Clipper 1914-03-27 Charles and Alice both columns

Davis County Clipper 1914-04-24 Charles Boylin visiting

Davis County Clipper 1914-05-29 Charles Boylin on flowers, column 1

Davis County Clipper 1914-10-16 Charles first prize at state fair, column 1

Davis County Clipper 1915-02-19 Charles and Nellie entertain 1st column

Davis County Clipper 1915-09-10 Charles Boylin to California

Davis County Clipper 1915-09-17 Alice and Charles Boylin 2 entries 2st column

Salt Lake Telegram 1915-02-03 Charles Boylin director

Salt Lake Tribune 1915-09-15

Davis County Clipper 1916-02-04 Alice Boylin and Charles Jr

Davis County Clipper 1916-04-21 Nellie falls and breaks small bone in leg 2nd column half way down

Davis County Clipper 1916-08-11 Charles Boylin Jr Daughter wins a rifle

Davis County Clipper 1916-08-25 Nellie appendix bottom 2nd column

Davis County Clipper 1916-09-01 Nellie appendicitis

Salt Lake Tribune 1917-10-07 Charles gets a visitor left of pic

Salt Lake Telegram 1916-03-16 Charles Boylin buys land

Davis County Clipper 1916-09-01 Charles gets a visitor bottom 1st column

Salt Lake Tribune 1917-03-25 Dorothy visits Charles 4th column

Davis County Clipper 1917-06-01 Nellie attends graduation 1st column

Davis County Clipper 1917-10-05 Payne visits Charles Boylin

Davis County Clipper 1917-12-07 Charles moves to SLC

Davis County Clipper 1919-06-13 Nellie gives up her position in Lagoon

Salt Lake Tribune 1917-09-09 Nellie visiting last column

Salt Lake Herald 1920-02-15 Mrs. Charles Boylin Jr visiting

Salt Lake Tribune 1918-01-27 Charles visiting 3rd column

Salt Lake Telegram 1923-10-30 Charles Boylin $525 2 column

Davis County Clipper 1922-03-17 Charles Boylin Jr diptheria

Davis County Clipper 1922-03-17 Charles Boylin 83 birthday anniversary 2 column

 1928 Lagoon:

Davis County Clipper 1941-06-20 Charles and Dorothy 3rd column

Davis County Clipper, 1932-07-22 Charles Boylin reunion

Davis County Clipper, 1933-04-28 Charles and Alice celebrate wedding anniv.

Davis County Clipper, 1934-11-23 Charles Boylin's child

Davis County Clipper, 1935-01-18 Nellie heart ailments, 1st column

Davis County Clipper, 1935-03-01 Nellie with pneumonia

Davis County Clipper, 1936-04-17 Nellie 2 column

Davis County Clipper, 1937-01-01 Visiting the Boylins 2 column

Davis County Clipper 1938-06-10 Nellie a guest 1st col

Davis County Clipper, 1935-02-08 Alice Boylin ill

Davis County Clipper 1938-12- 02  Alice Boylin dies

Salt Lake Telegram 1938-11-28 Alice W. A Boylin dies

Davis County Clipper 1939-08-04 Charles to Oakland 3rd column

Davis County Clipper 1940-04-19 Nellie visits Idaho children, 3rd column

Davis County Clipper 1940-06-21 Entertaining guests including Nellie

Davis County Clipper 1940-08-02s  Charles leaves for Oakland with Mrs Percy Lee

Davis County Clipper 1940-08-30  Charles dies

Salt Lake Telegram 1940-08-30



Davis County Clipper 1940-09-06  Charles funeral

Salt Lake City Cemetery
Salt Lake City
Salt Lake County
Utah, USA
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