Sunday, November 9, 2014

John William Zinser 1873 - 1944

John Zinser was born in Kansas April 19, 1873.  He made his way to Tulare, CA in 1910 where he was a farmer on a grain farm. 
John Zinser marries Laura Scholl in May 1918.  The family says he was a chicken farmer. She died during the birth of her third child in 1928 when she was 47. They have a son Laurance.

In 1918 he 45 years old and is a soap cutter at Hucket, Kuig and Cake L Co in Portland, OR   On his draft registration he lists his 

In 1930 he is living in Portland where he is a scrap sorter on the Railroad. 

John dies in 1944 as a farmer and is buried in Rose City Cemetery, Portland, OR 

Zinser family members, 1876

1910 census: Tulare, CA

1914 - 1916 Tulare, CA voter registration

1917 draft registration:

1920 census:

Augustus, Emma Scholl , Laura and John Zinser, 1930

 1930 census:

1940 census: