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Clara Lydia Scholl 1891 - 1907

1903 Clara Lydia Scholl
Clara Lydia Scholl was born August 16, 1891, in Falls City, Nebraska to Frederick and Fannie Scholl. Her father was a working farmer so Clara grew up doing chores. She milked cows, fed the chickens and gathered apples in the fall. She helped Fannie with the dishes, preserved food and made meals. When she was about 9 years old her father asked her and two of her older sisters to help clean out a rental home on his property. While doing so she became infected with tuburculosis. She died two years later. Clara lived 15 years, 6 months 24 days. She died 9 March 1907 in her parents home in Falls City, Richardson County, NE. Her funeral service was done in English and German She is buried in the Steel Cemetery, Falls City, NE. "The deceased was a promising young girl and is mourned not only by immediate relatives but by a large number of friends." (Falls City Tribune)

"By the dawn of the 19th century, tuberculosis—or consumption—had killed one in seven of all people that had ever lived. Throughout much of the 1800s, consumptive patients sought "the cure" in sanatoriums, where it was believed that rest and a healthful climate could change the course of the disease. In 1882, Robert Koch's discovery of the tubercule baccilum revealed that TB was not genetic, but rather highly contagious; it was also somewhat preventable through good hygiene. After some hesitation, the medical community embraced Koch's findings, and the U.S. launched massive public health campaigns  to educate the public on tuberculosis prevention and treatment." (Source: American Experience)

What happened during Clara's life?
1891 Birth of  Clara Lydia Scholl
1895 Birth of Twins Edgar Fred Scholl, Edna Fannie Scholl, Age 4
1897 Birth of Brother Fred Clarence Scholl Jr, Age 6
1902 Anna Scholl and Maurice Bingaman marry 12 March, Age 11
1902 Laura  Bingaman born 3 December to Anna Scholl, Age 11
1904 Leona Bingaman born 20 March to Anna Scholl, Age 13
1904 Three Scholl girls clean house and become infected with tuberculosis, 
          Age 13
1905 Anna Scholl dies 20 September in Falls City, Age 14
         Anna is buried in the Steel Cemetery, Falls City, NE
1907 Clara Lydia Scholl dies 9 March 1907. She is buried in the Steel 
         Cemetery, Falls City, NE Age 16 

Documents related to Clara Scholl:

1900 US Census, Arago Township, NE

1895 LtR  Augustus, Clara and George.
1885, The Scholl girls: Emma,  Laura, Anna, Elizabeth

1897 Weinert Grandchildren, Arago, NE

1897 Weinert Grandchildren, Arago, NE

1903 Falls City, NE, LtR back, Augustus, Anna, Elizabeth, Emma, Laura, George,
front, Edna, Frederick, Clara Lydia, Fannie, Fred Scholl.

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1907 The Falls City tribune, March 15

Steel Cemetery register, Paul Weinert is looking for Clara's marker.

Clara marker location is found!

Steel Cemetery, Falls City, NE

Steel Cemetery, Falls City, NE

1907 Clara's grave marker, Steel Cemetery, Falls City, NE

The Falls City tribune., August 24, 1906,

The Falls City tribune., June 28, 1907

The Falls City tribune., July 05, 1907