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Christina Scholl 1854 - 1936

Christina, 1876
Christina was the fourth child of Philipp Scholl and Elisabeth Kelsch. She was born 2 December 1854 in New York City, NY. She married Charles H. Frederick 27 May 1873 in Arago, Richardson, Nebraska. In the 1900 US Census someone said that Christina had eight (8) children. In the 1910 US Census someone said that Christina had seven (7). We have seven (7) listed here. Not sure what is correct.

Charles H. Frederick was 17 when the Civil War began in 1861. He was a volunteer in the Nebraska 1st and Lieutenant from July 21 1861 to August 24, 1864 or 3 years 1 month 3 days. Charles may have been in the Calvary unit which was organized from 1st Nebraska Infantry October 11, 1863. It was attached to District of Southeast Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to November, 1864. He suffered an injury became an invalid. He received an Army pension and after his death in 1918 Christina received an Army pension too. He was born in St. Louis and spend 60 years in St Joseph's where he was a conductor on the Street Railroad. Charles H. Frederick died at 81 of arteriosclerosis on  5 December 1918 in St. Joseph MO. He lived 74 years 10 mo 18 days. His death certificate says Charles was married to Jesse C. Sampson. There is no female Jesse C. Sampson found in MO records. Probably a mistake.

Christina's mother-in-law, Catherine Samstag, has an interesting story. Catherine had 6 children. Her husband ran a boarding house in St Joseph.  In the 1880 census she is divorced.   St. Joseph was an important place to Christina. All 7 of her children were born and 5 died in St. Joseph, MO.  The other 2 it is not known where they died.  Also the picture of Christina was taken in St. Joseph. In their last years the Frederick's lived at 1916 3rd Street in St. Joseph and that is where Christina died and is buried.

What happened to her children?
Charles Philip Frederick 11 June 1874 - 9 Dec 1948, never married, did little
Josephine Laura Frederick 10 Sep 1875-17 Feb 1902, m Christian Busch 1 Jan 1895 and Lycurgus P. Perkins about 1898
Gustav Adolph Frederick Oct 1877 - abt 1914, married Nellie Marie Bauer 20 Oct 1900, 3 children
Catherine Emma Frederick 14 Nov 1879 - 14 Oct 1950, m Edward Ayers Parker 22 Sep 1897, 1 child
Christina Elizabeth Frederick 12 Apr 1887-22 Jul 1890
Gertrude Cora Frederick 4 Dec 1888-4 Jun 1948, m Francis Frank Howard Conner 16 June 1910, 3 children
Louis Walter Frederick 8 Mar 1895, deceased

Christina's Death
Christina died 18 years later at 81 on  21 September 1936 St Joseph, Buchanan, MO, USA. The cause of death was  chronic myocardial insufficiency which  means that form of heart disease in which myocardial insufficiency with or without myocarditis has developed in the absence of lesions of heart valves or pericardium. Another term for the condition is chronic non-valvular heart disease. Christina is buried in St Joseph, Missouri. According to Vince Becker, "All the family did was sit." This may have to do with Charles being an invalid. Uncle Albert told this story: Aunt Christina was on a streetcar and one child was coughing, "Do you need cough medicine?"  a man asked, and he gave her some money and she discovered later the man was Jessie James.

Documents related to Christina Scholl:

New York State Census, 1855 New York New
York City, Ward 7, E.D. 7

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United States Veterans Administration Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933

United States Census, 1900 Missouri Buchanan ED 45 Washington Township St. Joseph city Ward 1 

United States Veterans Administration Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933

Charles H. Frederick death certificate

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1916 No. 3rd Street, St Joseph, MO
1916 No. 3rd Street, St Joseph, MO

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1936, Christina Frederick death 

1936 Christina Frederick death, supplementary certificate.

What causes chronic myocarditis?
Bacterial infections, viruses, autoimmune diseases and other factors are able to induce myocarditis, with viruses being the most common cause. Structural and functional damage of the myocardium, caused by these factors, activates the innate and adaptive immune response, which can lead to severe inflammation.