Thursday, November 13, 2014

Carol Thomsen Pedigree

Carol Irene Thomson (Gardiner) was the oldest child of Clyde Roland Thomsen and Irene Clarkson.  She was born December 18, 1925.  Her favorite speakers are Neil Maxwell and Gordon B. Hinckley and anyone who tells stories.  When asked what are your favorite foods she said, “I like all of them.  I like trying new foods.”
Her favorite movies are any of them from 1930 – 1960.  The rest of them make me embarrassed.  At 25 she went on a 2 year mission, Texas, Spanish speaking.  Her areas were El Paso 6 months, Texas Houston 14 months, Sante Fe 4 months and her mission president was President Lorin Jones who previously worked for the Southwestern Indian Service. Carol went to San Jose State because it was affordable and got a BA in Occupational Therapy. Carol says Occupational Therapy is from the waist up and Physical therapy from the waist down. She lived there in the apartments.

At 36 she met and married James Gardiner.  Her advice for new stepparents: Keep your mouth shut.  Carol is known for her charm and sense of humor.  She has an amazing memory both current and long term.  Carol is a great cook who was known for her potato salad, wheat bread and fried chicken.  All of her grandchildren and great grandchildren love Carol and visit often.  After the death of her husband James in 2007, Brent and Holly moved in with her. 

She remembers birthdays and with detail can tell you how each of her children, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren are doing.  Carol is an amazing person.  She has been completely active in the LDS church her whole life and loves being with the saints.

Clyde Roland Thomsen b July 4, 1899 in SLC, he was an accountant in Tacoma, Eugene, OR, Los Angeles and enjoyed golf. 

In the 1940 census he was in Eugene, OR.

Peter Christian Kilian Thomsen Clyde’s father was.  He married Selma Oberg who was from Sweden and died after the birth of their last child, Glen.  Peter emigrated from Denmark where he had a “street meeting conversion.”  After joining the church he worked his way across the ocean two times on bread and coffee.  Peter was an engineer for the SLC streetcars.  He worked six days a week for 10 hours a day.  Of his girls only the oldest girl stayed active.  All the boys were active.  Peter insisted that all his boys attend priesthood. They had nine children:

1.     Margie
2.     Denton an assayer
3.     Leroy Alma, did real estate in LA
4.     Clyde, accountant
5.     Karna
6.     Edna
7.     Hazel
8.     Douglas (Pete)
9.     Glen

Irene Clarkson, Carol’s mother, was born April 23, 1902 in Trout Creek which is a small farming community, located along the Pony Express/Overland route in northern Snake Valley, north of Partoun, Utah and south of Callao, Utah in the west of Utah. It is known for having one of the most remote chapels in the church.  They later lived in Holiday, SLC.  Her father was Charles Robert Clarkson and mother was Alvira Stout.  Alvira is the daughter of Hosea Stout who came west in the first company with Brigham Young and is a famous early Mormon pioneer.

Hosea Stout (September 18, 1810 – March 2, 1889) was a leader in the Latter Day Saint movement, a Mormon pioneer, and a lawyer and politician in Utah Territory.  One of Stout's greatest contributions was as a diarist. The "Diary of Hosea Stout" has become an invaluable resource for historians of the Latter-day Saints in the nineteenth-century.

Here are Clyde’s four children:
A. Carol b. Dec 18, 1925
B. Blaine  b. May 13, 1927 married Dawne Edling and worked for a utility in Glendale, moved to Huntsville, UT and later to Alaska for a time.  They had five children:

1.     Edline
2.     Marren
3.     Maryanne
4.     Karl Christian
5.     John

C. Gayle  December 20, 1928 died 1996 of diabetic complications
married Don who died in 2001.  He worked on diesels and later dynamometers and later was a supervisor in the business.  They had 10 children:

1.     Jannie
2.     Clay, mission
3.     Benn, mission
4.     Darren, mission
5.     Nicole, mission
6.     Lisa
7.     Della
8.     John, died but got active before he did
9.     Andrea
10. ?

D. Jeanne b. March 6, 1931 d 2011 of a burst anuryism after lots of surgeries, husband is Dale Hanks, alive in 2012.  He worked for years for TRW and still teaches computer in 2012.  They had nine children of which 8 lived: 

1.     Donald
2.     Kenneth
3.     Ernie
4.     Anita
5.     Heidi
6.     Carmen
7.     Nancy
8.     Laura
9.     David