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Alexander Jones 1850 - 1936

“The Alexander Jones Family”
by Joe Cain

Alex Jones was born January 22, 1850. 

His father was Johnny Jones and his mother was Cindy Upton before she married Johnny.  Lucinda (or Cindy as she was called) was born in Overton County, Tennessee on January 17, 1816 and died November 21, 1855.  Her father was Stephen Upton born November 18, 1788, and died June 9, 1866.  Her mother Catherine (Taylor) Upton was born January 28, 1788 and died January 28, 1846.  Johnny and Cindy had seven children they were:

Nancy Jane – married Wilson West.

Issac – married Becky Mahan

Alexander Jones -

John Decatur - married Margaret Bohannon

James K. Polk – married Martha Bohannon

Jackson – killed in Civil War.

            Alexander tried to enlist in the Confederate forces as a drummer boy when he was 12 years old.  They would not allow him to do so.

Marion – died of typhoid fever during the Civil War.

            After Cindy died in 1855, Johnny Jones married Abby Livesay.

They had 10 children, they were:

Andrew – married Adaline Whiteaker – then Mary Jane Neal.

Wilson – married Emma Hunter


Alford – married Janie Herman

Bluford – married Polly Stamps

Samantha – married Will Barnes

Mary – married Calvin Barnes

Julia – married Richard Copeland

Syrilda – married Jim Stamps

Margaret – Josiah Bowman

Johnny died July 12, 1876.
Alexander first married Lucy Ann Glasgow in Tennessee on January 7, 1875.  She was born July 20, 1856.  Their first child was Mary Lucinda (our Aunt Cindy) born December 25, 1875.  Their second child was Johnny born July 23, 1877 and died when he was four years old in 1881.  Alex’s wife Lucy Ann, died December 9, 1877.  On July 13, 1879 Alex married Lucy Ann’s younger sister Margaret Emily Glasgow who was born August 7, 1861.  Alex and Margaret had 10 children:

Bertha – born July 19, 1880

Beulah – born November 28, 1881, when Beulah was a baby Alex and Margaret moved from Obion County, to Wise County, Texas near Chico.  Alex’s younger brother Wilson also moved to Chico.  They made the trip by covered wagon crossing the Mississippi on a ferry boat.

All of their other children were born near Chico, Texas.

Rosa – born January 25, 1883 and died October 7, 1885

Grover Cleveland Jones – born April 18, 1886

Lizzie Jones – born October 15, 1887

Alford Jones – born March 22, 1889

Zona Jones – born November 10, 1890, died March 19, 1894.

Chares Wilson (Buddy) Jones – born August 16, 1892

Delia Jones – born February 28, 1895

Berta Jones – born February 2, 1897

They were not able to buy and land in the Chico, Texas area.  They were having to rent, and land was poor, so they were having a hard time getting by.

The story of free land in Western Oklahoma reached them and early in 1898 Alex, his son-in-law Lafayette Street, and some other men came to the Beckham County area scouting for land.  They were successful in locating homesteads near what later became the town of Carter.  They went back to Texas, the trip taking about 6 weeks by wagon.  In November 1898, Alex, Lafayette and some of the their neighbors loaded their families in covered wagons and started for Oklahoma.  The weather was very cold and the children sleeping on pallets under the wagons would wake up with frost all over their beds.  They reached their destinations about December 28, 1898.

Alex built a half dugout (just one large room dug into the ground with dirt floor).  Here they lived for several years until he could build a house.

My father A.O. Cain married Beulah Jones (Alex’s daughter) in 1901.  My other grandfather Wesley Can helped Alex build his house.  While they were building the house, Bertha (only 4 or 5 years old) swallowed a nail.  After that grandpa Cain always called her his nail eater.

Going back to 1895 in Texas all executions were by public hanging.  In that year a black man was hung at Decatur, Texas for killing a deputy sheriff.  Alex took his entire family to see this event.  The condemned man asked that a few “church songs” be sang before he was hung.  Volunteers were called for and Alex being a good singer got some other men he knew and they sang several songs for the man.  Then the trap was sprung.  This sight man an awful impression on my mother, Beulah who was 14 years old at this time. 

Life in the dugout was rough but they did stay warm.  The worst problem they had was fleas.  Fleas were particularly in the dirt floor of the half dugout.  Margaret would keep kerosene soaked rags tied around the table legs to keep fleas off of the table.  At night there would be a race among all the small children to make their pallets on the table so they could sleep undisturbed by the fleas.  Elizabeth (Aunt Lizzie) rolled off the table one night.

John Decatur Jones came to Oklahoma shortly after Alex and Margaret did.  John had been busy making moonshine whiskey in Tennessee and the revenuers caught up with him.  He had to leave Tennessee pretty fast to get away from them.  Alfred Barnes, Samantha and Mary’s brother-in-law also left Tennessee with a posse shooting at him.  Someone asked him in later years how he managed to escape.  He replied, “I ran on the Bias” meaning zig-zagging.  Alex’s first daughter Lucinda (who died June 5, 1974) married Lafayette Street in Chico Texas on October 25, 1895.  Their first daughter Lucy was born in Texas January 21, 1897.  The other children were all married in Oklahoma.  Lucinda and Lafayette had another daughter Clara (Porter) and three sons Claud (deceased), Averill and Earl after they moved to the Carter, Oklahoma area.  All of the children lived in the Carter area except Alford.  He and his wife Mittie moved back to Electra, Texas where he worked in the oil fields after farming a few years.

Bertha (died in 1948)  married Sam Simpson.  They farmed south east of Carter.  Sam’s brother Oscar Simpson started the first school in the area.  Bertha and Sam had three daughters and three sons.  Two of the girls Lucille and Ruby are deceased.  Sammy Lee, the other daughter and Cecil, Melvin and Billy are all living.

Beulah (died in 1968) married A.O. Cain in 1901.  Their first children were twins Clarence and Clinton both deceased.   They had a daughter Leona Fowler of Irving, Texas and two sons Joe and Alton who both live in the Carter area.

Grover Cleveland (Cleve) (died 1950) married Effie Gaswick (died 1979).  They had one son G.C. Jr. who died in 1985.  Lizzie Jones married J.D. Carter who died in 1972.  Aunt Lizzie celebrates her 99th birthday October 15, 1986.  She is still keeping house and enjoying life to the fullest.  She had three children, Elmer (deceased), Betty Joe and Milton. 

Alford married Mittie Cornelius, their children were Keetah, Buve, Donchin and Joy all deceased and living are Oleta, Jack, Bill and another daughter Bobby. 

Charles Wilson (Buddy) (died 1979) married to Cordelia Rogers (deceased) had a son C.W. Jr. who died when he was three years old.  They have two daughters Cuba Lee and Charlene.  Delia Jones (died 1984) married to Bill Carter (died 1955) had a son Oren that died while a baby and a son in Wichita Falls, Texas, Alvie known as Tutor.  Berta Jones the youngest married Ralph Van Buren, a marine in World War I.  Their oldest son is Jodie Lee of Harrah, Oklahoma.  One son Harley died when about 6 or 7 years old.  Their daughter Joyce (Wayne) lives in Elk City, Oklahoma.  Berta makes her home in Carter.

After Alex and Margaret moved into the half dugout on their homestead, they had to live there several years before they were able to build a house.  During this time the whole family had smallpox.  A neighbor, Homer Bunton found out they were all sick.  He would come by the cellar getting close enough to make himself heard.  He would ask what they needed (groceries, etc) and then go to the store over at Poarch (which was five miles east and one mile south of the present town of Carter) and get what they needed and take it to them.  Luckily they all recovered with no bad after effects.

In 1912 Alex and Margaret, their daughter Berta and son Alford and Alford’s wife Mittie moved to near Camp Verde, Arizona where Alex bought the “Bullpen”.  The Bullpen was an 18 acre fruit orchard.  They raised apricots, peaches, pears, plums and apples which they sold commercially.  Alex had bought the orchard from his brother Issac’s two sons Elmer and Arthur.  After operating the orchard for three years he sold it back to the same two men and moved back to Oklahoma.  After Margaret died on February 21, 1921, Alex made his home with Elizabeth (Aunt Lizzie) and J.D. Carter.  He made frequent trips back down into Texas to visit relatives and to buy honey.  He bought honey down in South Texas and shipped it back to Oklahoma.  He would then peddle it all over the country.  I can still remember him coming to our house when I was a small boy with the back of his buggy filled with gallons of honey.  He died March 9, 1936

After Margaret died, Buddy and Cleve both had houses where they lived on Alex’s land which they farmed for several years until the farm was sold to Lee White.

The descendants of Alex’s father Johnny still have a Johnny Jones family reunion the second Sunday of August in the Community Center in Allgood, Tennessee.

Alexander and Margaret, his brother John, their daughter Lucinda, Bertha, Beulah and Delia together with their husbands and Cleve and his wife and Lizzie’s husband J.D. Carter are all buried in Poarch Cemetery 14 miles south of Elk City, Oklahoma.  Buddy and his wife are buried in Carter Cemetery.

 Marriage certificate:

Four generations pictured here: Alexander Jones sits with his daughter Cindy behind him; next to Cindy is her daughter Lucy Elderine; in front of Lucy and next to Alexander is Lucy's daughter, Mary Jo. Mary Jo was born in 1924, so my estimate is that the photo was taken in 1925 or 1926.