Monday, June 16, 2014

Kent Photo Album, Adult Years

1965 Mission, my first greenie

1965 Mission Southhampton

1965 Mission, waiting for the bus

1965, Mission, Elder Keime, funniest missionary in the mission.

BYU, friends

1967 BYU, post mission

1973 Home teaching in Glendora

1973 Home teaching in the MG TD

1974 UES School photo

1974 Reception photo, marriage to Suzanne

1974 Kent and Suzanne outside LA Temple

1974 Marriage announcement photo

1975 Kent and Suzanne at the Browns

1976 Kent, Suzanne and Chad, Santa Monica, CA

1977 Kent Suzanne and Chad, Santa Monica

1977 Gardiners at 1366 Cleveland Road, Glendale, CA LtoR Suzanne, James, Hope, Carol, Chad, Kent

1978 Rachel and Chad.

1979 Now we each have one to hold, Chad, Rachel, Kent and Suzanne

UES Field Trip to the Fire Dept, Wilmington, LA, CA

1980 Eric is added

1980 Eric as an infant

1984 Gardiner Family

1985 Ryan is Two

1984 Gardiner Family

1985 Gardiner Family

1986 Kent and Ashley

1987 Kent and Suzanne, professional photo

1987 Gardiner Family

1987 Ryan and Kent


1988 Kent working on a 1966 Mustang engine in garage

1988 Ashley and Kent

1988 Ryan, Eric and Kent

1989 Kent and Rachel

1989 Ashley and Kent

1989 Brett and Kent at Brett's birth

1989 Goodmans and Kent on the American River

1989 Suzanne and Kent

1990 Kent teaches Rocketry

1990 Kent and Santa

1990 Gardiners in front of Stevenson Ranch home

1995 Deborah and Kent

1995 Kent at wedding

1994 Kent and Deborah wedding photograph

1995 Deborah and Kent

1995 Ashley and Kent

1997 Brett's baptism

1998 Gardiner Family

1998 Ryan gets his Star scout award

1998 Kent camping in the custom van

1998 Kent and Deborah celebrate their anniversary

1999 Eric goes to the temple

2000 Brett gets a scout award troup 496

2000 Asley and Kent shoot off a CO2 rocket at UES Rocketry class

2001 baptism

UES math unit

2003 Eric gets hitched. 

2003 Ashley at Hart

LtoR Kent, Clark. Phil, Greg Packer, ..., Paul Jones, cycling from Santa Clarita to Ventura

2004 Ashley graduates from Hart

2012 Kent's UES photo

Lighthouse Century

Kent and Ava

Kent and Ava

2005 Cycling on PCH

2005 Cool Breeze Century

2006 Gery Garns photo of Kent and Deborah

Deborah and Kent relax

2009 Frank, Kent, Lil

2009 Kent takes his class to the Brain Institute, UCLA, yes that is a real brain.

2008 Arizona visit

Kent and Ava

Kent and Ava

Chad moves out of his Wilshire Apt.

Kent and Paul do the Wildflower Centruy

Kent paints

Kent, Julie and Scott cycle from near Glendora to the beach

2008 Gayle and Kent

Kent and Deborah in front of Payne's home

Ashley graduates from BYU

Brett goes on a mission

Kent on a field trip

Rocketry UES
2014 Winter Hike

2014 Luke's Blessing

2013 Zions

2013 Frank and Kent, Riggins ID,

2013 Called to High Council, Pres Richards

2013 Mary's Funeral, Golden and Kent


2013 Irma and Kent, UES

2014 City Council member Rich
Stinekauf, Pony Express Parade

2014 Big Baldy with Bryan Flake,

2014 Conference Apri

2014 Mesa Verde vacation