Friday, March 7, 2014

Walter William Weinert 1895 - 1949

Walter is the oldest son of August and Amelia Weinert's 3 children. His mother Amelia Ernst (Weinert) died on January 1900 when he was five years old. In the 1900 census, which was taken on June 1st, his aunt Minnie was acting mother with her three children: Fred, Edward and Catherine. Walter completes two years of high school. 

Walter had blue eyes, light brown hair and is of medium build. 

When he was 25 he worked on the "home farm" as a laborer.  At 35 he was a fruit farmer in Brooks, Marion, Oregon.  By 1940 he was living in Salem City, Marion, Oregon as a Federal State Inspector, presumably for fruit or the agriculture department. 

Walter never marries and dies on February 21 1949 at age 54 in Vancouver, Clark, Washington.

1900 census:

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 1910 census:

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1918 WWI draft registration card:

Brooks, Marion, Oregon:

1920 census

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1930 census, Fruit farmer in Marion Oregon


1942 Draft registration card:

1940 census:

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1949 death: