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Marie Mathilda Fosberg (Weinert) 1875 - 1953

August Weinert marries Marie Mathilda Fosberg on December 25, Christmas Day, 1908. Marie immigrated to the United States in 1880 from Sweden with her parents.  She was naturalized in 1908. 

Marie loses two children in infancy.  One in 1909 and the other in 1911.  One family member says she had a horse accident when she was a teen and had a broken pelvis that made having children difficult. They keep trying and Eleanor is born in 1913 in Sweet Home, OR.  Eleanor shows up in the 1920 census as a 7 year old girl and in the 1930 census as a boarder in San Francisco without an occupation listed and in the 1940 census with a husband and two children. 

Marie Weinert married a Wilson L. Grove November 19, 1944 in Multnomah County, Oregon

Marie dies of dehydration and shingles in 1953.

1920 Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.), July 23, 1920, Page Page 2, Image 2

 Marie lived in Brooks, Oregon when married to Mr Grove:

Wilson L Grove in the 1940 census, a lodger:

Hi--I checked the marriage index today at the Archives.  Marie Weinert married a Wilson L. Grove November 19, 1944 in Multnomah County, Oregon.  Marie Weinert Grove died Jan 1, 1953.  She is buried at Lebanon under the Grove name findagrave  28389329   It would be interesting to know how close her headstone is to August Weinert headstone.  I am attaching her DC.  The typing was in an orange color--or maybe it started out as red and had faded!  Hard to read, but you at least have a last name for her now.  I did make a copy on the copy machine--I will scan it later and send it.
I didn't find any obits for any of them!  How did people know when people died back then?? I even had the Albany paper for 1953 and didn't find an obit for Marie either! D....

Marie dies at 77: 


Definition of INANITION

: the exhausted condition that results from lack of food and water
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Birth: 1875
Death: 1953
IOOF Cemetery
Linn County
Oregon, USA


Marie Mathilda Fosberg
Birth Date:6 Jan 1875
Birth Place:Tolfta, Soken, Sweden
Father: Carl August Fosberg
Mother: Mathilda Bergstrom