Sunday, March 30, 2014

Clarence Wiltse


The following officers of the new district : Jerome Wiltsc, director ; Fritz W'acluer 
moderator, and William Heater, treasurer. A special meeting was called, 
a school tax voted and the [)resent site of the school house selected. Wil- 
liam Heater donated Ijy deed one acre of land. Paul Augustine built the 
school and ecjuipped it with furniture for six hundred and fifty dollars. 
The measurements -were twenty-six by twenty b\- twelve feet. George 
Shock was the first teacher, followed by Mr. Noise. Some of the earlier 
teachers were Messrs Plumb, each, Choot, P)rown, Stratton, Daughters. 
Lason, Reed, Newcomer, I"rank Revelle, Albert and Clarence Wiltse, and 
Misses Maria Montgomery, Emma Martin, Lambert, Spoonamore, Raleigh, 
Jessie Cameron, Emma Lawrence, Long and Carney. The school house 
was burned in 1884. After much contention another was built in 1886. 
The school today has a splendid enrollment and is a prosperous school.

Birth: May 6, 1872
Richardson County
Nebraska, USA
Death: Jul. 3, 1960
Traverse City
Grand Traverse County
Michigan, USA