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Nancy Victoria Murphy (Ferrin) 1872 - 1937

Nancy Victoria Murphy was born November 19, 1872 in Ogden, Weber, Utah to John Joseph Pledger Murphy (1843 - 1899) and Nancy Victoria Murphy (1848 - 1916). Her mother's maiden name was the same as her fathers last name. She was baptized 21 March 1881. In her youth she was a secretary in the L.M.I.A. and an active member of the LDS church. 

She was married and sealed to Moroni Daniel Ferrin on 19 June 1895 in the Salt Lake Temple. (Second marriage for Moroni)  (four years later her father Jeptha Martin Murphy dies on 3 September 1889 in Chuahuahue, Mexico.  He had 5 wives.)  Nancy gave birth to 8 children:
Clyde Moroni Ferrin 1896 - 1980 
Moroni Daniel Ferrin Jr 1898 - 1898 
John Josiah Ferrin 1899 - 1980 
Minnie Victoria Ferrin 1901 - 1966 
Nancy May Ferrin 1904 - 2002 
Floretta 1907 - 1907 
Ina Lottie Ferrin 1909 - 2007 
Joseph Murphy Ferrin 1911 - 1984 

In 1898 Jan 9 she gave birth to a 15 pound boy named Moroni Daniel Jr. who died the same year. (newspaper article) 

In 1911 she gave birth to "the latest white man's hope" a 16 pound boy. At the time she was the "biggest woman in Utah" weighing in at 330 pounds according to a newspaper article. 

Her death certificate states she was obese.

On June 23, 1916 her housekeeper mother, Nancy Victoria Murphy, whom she was named after, died of stomach cancer in Salt Lake City, UT. Nancy's mother's maiden name was Murphy.

On April 17, 1922 her postman husband Moroni Daniel Ferrin was admitted to the State Mental Hospital in Provo for uncontrollable, delusional behavior. He wanted to organize a new church. The officials called this "religious mania." 43 days later on June 5, 1922 her husband died from exhaustion of mania and injuries received during maniacal attacks. 

The family lived at 363 Chicago Avenue. Salt Lake City, UT

Nancy's five living children did very well. Ina married in the temple and sang with the Tab Choir. Nancy May was active in the church and married in the temple. Her boys, Clyde, John and Joseph all went on missions in the early 1900s. Clyde went to Samoa and was a mail carrier, like his father. John Josiah went on a misison and was a detective of police in SLC. Joseph went on a mission to Samoa and was a patrolman in SLC. Nancy had 20 grandchildren. 

Nancy died October 14, 1937 from cerebral hemmorage with diabetes and obesity as contributing factors. She was buried 17 October 1937 in the Meadow View Cemetery, 2150 N. 5300, Eden, Weber, Utah, United States along with many Bachman family members.

1892, January 21 Ogden Standard:


1898 Jan 9 Ogd Stand

Salt Lake Tribune, 1911-04-15



Eastern Utah Advocate 1911-04-20




Nancy Victoria Murphy (Ferrin) on left, her husband Moroni Daniel Ferrin on right

Nancy Victoria Murphy (Ferrin) center, Moroni Daniel Ferrin on right.


Could this be Nancy and her father?


Salt Lake Telegram 1919-11-29



Ogden Standard-Examiner, 1922-06-06

  Apoplexy unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke.


Nancy's death cert.

Birth: Nov. 19, 1872
Death: Oct. 14, 1937
Utah, USA

2nd wife of Moroni Daniel Ferrin

Family links:
  Moroni Daniel Ferrin (1862 - 1922)


1916, Nancy's mother:

Nancy's mother's death certificate: 

Nancy's brother was shot by an unknown gunman after he was found hiding in Uinta behind some shoe boxes next to the train track:

Appropriate for Veteran's Day. The man is John Joseph Murphy brother of Nancy Victoria Murphy, wife of Moroni Ferrin. From an article in the Deseret News on Nov 3, 2014. Thank you to all our servicemen, we have many in this family. See: