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George Fromm Jr 1898 - 1982

George's family joined the LDS church in 1906 in Damestadt, Germany.  George Jr was born, a year later, in 1898 and the family immigrated to the USA on June 27, 1907. They landed in the Boston Harbor.  Besides his father Georg and his mother Margaretha he came with his older sister, Elisabetha Maria Barbara Margaretha Fromm and his younger sister Dorothea Alexandra Fromm. 

Eleven years later  in 1918 he met and married Rachel Gedge Fromm who was Robert and Margaret Gardiner's granddaughter.

Geoge's mother died in 1951 in Raymond, Alberta, Canada.  His father died in 1955 in the same town. 

In his early years George Jr. was a fireman in Milford, UT.  In 1919 George was putting out a fire at Woolworth's when he stepped on a nail injuring himself.

By 1940 George Fromm was an engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad Co. On day while driving a locomotive he saw his own son's plane crash 50 feet from the cab and ran to rescue him saying "It's my boy, it's my boy!"

George and Rachel bought their home on 1235 Indiana Avenue from Harold B. Lee. George dug a basement to the home by hand with pick and shovel. It was the best place to sleep in the summer! 

Grandpa George told me that William planted 5 acres of corn by hand the year before he died. Or was it 50 acres? I need to review that story, which I have in his voice on tape. C

31 Mar 1906 Deleware naturalization document: 

1910 census:


Salt Lake Herald 1916-10-08




Salt Lake Tribune 1918-09-11


Age: 20
Spouse's Name: Rachel Gardiner Gedge
Spouse's Birth Date: 1894
Spouse's Birthplace:
Spouse's Age: 24
Event Date: 11 Sep 1918
Event Place: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Ut.
Father's Name:

Salt Lake Telegram 1918-08-10

Salt Lake Tribune 1918-11-09

1918 draft registration:


Salt Lake Herald 1919-05-12



William Reams Gedge with his dog on a horse at the farm. George Fromm Jr, Rachel's husband is next to him, holding their daughter, Daphne, when she was a baby probably 1920:

 1920 census:


George's home from 1920 on:

1235 Indiana Street, SLC,

  • Beds 2 Bed
  • House Size 984 Sq Ft
  • Year Built 1907
  • Property Type Single Family Home

  • \

    Salt Lake Telegram 1926-02-22





    Salt Lake Telegram 1927-06-17 (see bottom of first column)



     1930 census:


    Milford News 1933-01-26



    Milford News 1933-11-02


    If this is true he traveled 200 miles south of SLC.


    Salt Lake Telegram 1934-05-05


    Milford News 1935-10-17

    Milford News 1937-02-25

    1940 census:


    Rachel Gedge (Fromm) and George Fromm

    LtoR George Fromm, Rachel Gedge, Margaret Amelia, William R Gedge, Daphne and Monty/Bernard. Daphne is holding Baby Pamy aka Patricia Ann Moncrief

    Milford News 1942-06-25



    Salt Lake Telegram 1942-0


    Salt Lake Telegram 1948-03-27

    Second page

    Salt Lake Telegram 1948-03-29



    Salt Lake Telegram 1950-01-13

    George and Rachel Fromm, later years, probably outside their home at 1235 Indians Street, SLC, UT