Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bernard Harlan Moncrief 1922 - 1994

19 January 1922 – 30 August 1994

 Bernard was born in Iowa to Mae A. Stenger and William F. Moncrief.  He was an army air corp reserve flight officer who was shot down in World Ward II over Formosa and held in a prisoner of war came.  He was mistreated and underwent extensive rehabilitation before being discharged from the army.

Bernard Moncrief married Daphne M Fromm. They had three children Pamy, Steve, and Gilbert.  She died at the age of 31 during childbirth and four years later he married Gwendoly C. Carlson.  (May 22, 1954)  She was 24 and he was 32.

1930 census

 Army enlistment:

 1940 census

This WW2 POW or prisoner of war record for Bernard H Moncrief is just one of over 143,000 found in our historical archive for U.S. servicemen.

From the National Archives: 

Air Commando: Inside The Air Force Special Operations Command, By Philip D. Chinnery

Release date:

1946 marriage:

Second marriage: 22 May 1954, Gwendoly C Carlson, she was 24 at the time. Bernard was 32.

 Where Bernard and Gwendoly lived in Tulsa: