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Jeanette Hiatt (Eccles) (Ingles) 1863 - 1940

This is Jeanette Hiatt,  She is found in Payson, Utah when she was 16.  She married Samuel Eccles and they had five children together.  He died in 1900 and the next year she remarried.  The marriage did not go well because he was lazy and wouldn't help her.  She divorced him and didn't marry again for 25 years. 

She married William Ingles on  20 August 1928 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they are found in the 1940 census living with her daughter Sarah along with Sarah's husband and children.  Sarah's married a doctor and lives in a very nice home.

William dies shortly after the 1940 census on April 15, 1940 and Jeanette dies two and a half months later on 27 June 1940.  It is interesting that they both show up in the 1940 census and then both die in the same year.

Her obituary says she was active LDS. She was sealed to Samuel 22 June 1882 in the Endowment House, SLC.

Jeanette Hiatt:


1880 federal census:

1880 census extract: 





Ogden Standard 1890-12-31

1890 Sep 30 Ogden Standard

1891 SL Herald:

1896 April 6


1896 April 12 SL Herald:

Ogden Standard 1899-09-07

Jeanette Eccles makes and gives pillow shams to the tabernacle fair.

1903 Ogden city directory:

Ogden Standard 1903-12-23



Ogden Standard 1904-08-30

Ogden Standard 1904-02-27

1906 Ogden city directory:

1910 census extract:


1922 Marriage of her daughter Sarah Eccles to Charles Frederick Wilcox (see 1940 census)

1932 Ogden city directory:

 1934 Ogden city directory:

Familysearch: In 1938 the couple lived at 3373 Hope St Los Angeles, CA ) (need to be verified) The following photograph is the same address only in Huntington Beach:

1940 census:

The reason Jeanette and William were able to live in such a nice home is that her son in law was a doctor. 

Find A Grave info:

Salt Lake Telegram 1940-06-29

 The toombstone has a misspelling. Engles should be Ingles.

Sarah Sadie Shari Eccles, Jeanette's child:


Birth 10 Dec 1897 in Chenowith, Skamania, Washington, United States
Death 25 May 1982 in Los Angeles, California

Samuel Hutchinson Eccles:

Question did he divorce Jeanette and marry a second wife named: Amy Frances (Hendryx) Locke

The Eccles family of Utah:

William Eccles (1825-1903) married Sarah Hutchinson, and they became Mormon converts. In 1863 the family emigrated from Scotland to Ogden, Utah. Descendants and relatives of each of their children are listed in turn: (1) John Hutchinson Eccles (1846-1914); (2) David Eccles, (1849-1912); (3) Stewart Eccles (1852-1914); (4) Sarah Hutchinson Eccles (1853-1938) married Robert Marshall Baird; (5) Margaret Eccles (b.1855/1857) married John Hiatt and later Charles Swinger; (6) William Hutchinson Eccles (1860-1918); and (7) Samuel Hutchinson Eccles (1863-1900). Includes several generations of Eccles and Hutchinson ancestry in Scotland. The Utah family became major bankers in Utah. Descendants and relatives lived in Utah, Idaho, California, Oregon and elsewhere.

According to Ancestry Samuel Eccles had a second wife:  (this information is highly unlikely and needs verification to be accepted as true)

Death of one of her children at an early age:


Kent, Jeanette is my grandmother sister.  When grandmother live here in California she talk a lot about her brothers and sister that was around her age.  Jeanette was a lot older then her.  I do know that she lived in Payson in 1880, Stevenson Washington in 1900, 1903 in Ogden, 1910 Ogden was  widowed, 1920 Ogden widowed married William some time in 1932 lived in Ogden also 1934 lived at 1018 26th then move to 3373 Hope St Los Angeles and was there 1934, 1936, 1938. Died in 1940.  She lived with her Daughter Sarah Eccles that married Charles Frederick Wilcox. They had a son that was a doctor in Stockton, California and g-ma went and stay with them when she  first came to California. Jeanette was around 69 years old went she married William. I am also LDS and been working on the family tree but so many people is working on the Hiatt line that I let them do it.  The Hiatt line is a large one.  If I can help you let me know.
D. K from CA