Sunday, December 15, 2013

Samuel Hutchinson Eccles 1863 -1900

Hi... Amey was not married to Samuel Hutchinson Eccles. He had a child with her, named Delbert Eccles in 1895. Samuel's religion believed in polygamy at the time (most people still did) but it was illegal. Samuel died in 1900 when Delbert was only 5 years old. My grandfather looked for him the rest of his life but wasn't successful in finding him. I have been in contact with Amey's great great granddaughter and I was able to hear the whole story about Amey's life and her son Delbert. She said Delbert didn't know his dad had died and thought he had been abandoned. (very sad) I hope this was helpful.

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 Eccles family of Utah:
William Eccles (1825-1903) married Sarah Hutchinson, and they became Mormon converts. In 1863 the family emigrated from Scotland to Ogden, Utah. Descendants and relatives of each of their children are listed in turn: (1) John Hutchinson Eccles (1846-1914); (2) David Eccles, (1849-1912); (3) Stewart Eccles (1852-1914); (4) Sarah Hutchinson Eccles (1853-1938) married Robert Marshall Baird; (5) Margaret Eccles (b.1855/1857) married John Hiatt and later Charles Swinger; (6) William Hutchinson Eccles (1860-1918); and (7) Samuel Hutchinson Eccles (1863-1900). Includes several generations of Eccles and Hutchinson ancestry in Scotland. The Utah family became major bankers in Utah. Descendants and relatives lived in Utah, Idaho, California, Oregon and elsewhere.

According to Ancestry Samuel Eccles had a second wife:  (this information is highly unlikely and needs verification to be accepted as true)