Saturday, August 10, 2013

John Stewart 1834 - 1866

John Steward was the first born son of Robert and Elizabeth Stewart.  He was born in north Perthshire where there were thousands of Stewart family members.

He may have died from military phthisis or:

Miliary tuberculosis is a form of tuberculous infection in the lung that is the result of erosion of the infection into a pulmonary vein. Once the bacteria reach the left side of the heart and enter the systemic circulation, the result may be to seed organs such as the liver and spleen with said infection. Alternatively, the bacteria may enter the lymph node(s), drain into a systemic vein and eventually reach the right side of the heart From the right side of the heart, the bacteria may seed—or re-seed as the case may be—the lungs, causing the eponymous "miliary" appearance.

Signs and Symptoms

A patient with miliary tuberculosis will tend to present with non-specific signs, such as low grade fever, cough, and enlarged lymph nodes. Miliary tuberculosis can also present with enlarged liver (40% of cases), enlarged spleen (15%), inflammation of the pancreas (<5%), and multiple organ dysfunction with adrenal insufficiency (adrenal glands do not produce enough steroid hormones to regulate organ function)] Miliary tuberculosis may also present with unilateral or bilateral pneumothorax rarely] Stool may also be diarrheal in nature and appearance. The risk factors for contracting miliary tuberculosis are being in direct contact with a person who has it, living in unsanitary conditions, and having an unhealthy diet.