Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lanell Bachman

Lanell taught government and history in Corona California.  Then he taught delinquents in a continuation high school.  Then taught in the California rehabilitation center in Norco.  Lastly he taught in the penitentiary in Chino, CA. The number in protective custody went from 450 to 900 and Lanell decided to build houses in the 1980s.  He and a friend from the church build three tracts and some spec homes.  In 1989 he left for Albuquerque, NM.   There he worked for Wasatch service supply company that provided non food items to stores.

 A fellow in the ward ran a Budget rental car company and he then transferred cars throughout the Southwest.

His wife is an entertainer in both musical comedy and opera.  She has performed in the Circle star in the bay area, the Valley Music Center and the Berlin Opera company.  The two traveled for 20 years.  As of 2013 she has had a stroke which has effected her voice.

She Worked with Bob Hope Bing Crosby, Danny Thomas, Froster Brooks and Rudy Valley and Don Amachi.  She has been a soloists with the Tabernacle Choir.  Her maiden name is Sally Ann Werner.  She is a coloratura soprano which means she has the highest and lowest in the soprano range.

They have four children. One of their sons is a stand up comic and all served missions.  Another son has retired from the Air Force.

Blaine Lanell alber NM 1952
Kirk Werner 1957 nr big bear
Vaughn 1962 Farmingtion NM
Honey 1965 husband a dentist  dan children 5 total blended fam
Garth 1967 murietta ca

1940 census