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Eleanor Hulet (Winsor) (Adair) 1898 - 1981

1950, Eleanor
Eleanor Hulet was born to Sylvanus Hulet Jr and Mary Ida Dalley in 1898 in Summit Utah. She lived in Enterprise Utah. 

1916 November Logan Replublican

 1900 census


1917 Back row L to R: Nephi Hulet, Hope Hulet and Fannie Jordan
Front row L to R: Sadie Hulet, Amos Hunt and Eleanor Hulet

1920 census


1930 census

1935 October 31 Iron County Record Eleanor has a boy

1939 Iron County Record Eleanor Hulet Adair has a boy

 Eleanor's history:

1940 census

1950,  Eleanor


Eleanor is on the right

LeOra "Bobbie" Wadsworth with her longtime friend from Panaca and her brother Raymond's mother-in-law, Eleanor Hulet Winsor Adair.

Four Generations: Lindy Taylor on her blessing day, with Diane Farnsworth Taylor, Maurine Winsor Farnsworth and Eleanor Hulet Winsor Adair.

Hope Hulet letters:  Hope is Eleanor's sister)
1972 January 2, Aunt Eleanor
Did I tell you that Aunt Eleanor has been interviewed to be a receptionist in the new Provo temple?  I hope her health will be good so she can enjoy her work.  She would be very good I am sure in such a capacity.
Aunt Opal works in the Idaho Falls Temple helping with sealings.
Did I ever tell you that David Hulet died the latter part of September?  You likely saw the report in the Hulet quarterly.  While I think about it.  Are you getting the Hulet Quarterly?  or shall I subscribe for it for you?  Didn’t you think aunt Ella Lawrence’s history was interesting?  She was my teacher when I was in 2nd grade.  I always thought a lot of her.
1974 July 30, Uncle John
I think I told you that Frank took me to Uncle John’s services.  We had to make it in a hurry trip but I was glad we could even do that.  When we got to the Smithfield chapel, Aunt Eleanor, Maurine and Aunt Belva soon came and told us that Thane Park’s, 17-year-old son had passed away that morning.  He had leukemia.  He had been a very outstanding basketball player in high school even though he wasn’t well.  It is a sad thing.  He is Thane’s only son.  He, Thane, has a daughter who is married. 
1975 March 17, Eleanor and Verda

Aunt Eleanor has been having a bad time with arthritis in her left knee and since I was down there she has had a heart attack.  So she hasn’t been well at all.

Aunt Verda was in the hospital for a while in Portland.  She had flu and complications.  She is better now and is figuring on going back to her home in Morgan, but dreads the loneliness.

1980 July 11
I haven’t seen Aunt Eleanor or Aunt Thora since you took me to see them last.  They can’t write and it seems that it is hard to get any one to write for them so letters are out too.  I do not know if Aunt Eleanor is still in Cedar City or back in Provo.  Maurine wrote after she and Ray had been to see her mother for her birthday May 2nd.  She said her mother was improving so she could help herself more and that if she improved enough so they could manage to take care of her at home they would take her back to Provo.  That is the last word I have had.

Headstone: \

  Sylvanus Cyrus Hulet (1857 - 1942)
  Mary Ida Dalley Hulet (1864 - 1948)

  Murkins Terry Winsor (1893 - 1929)
  Josiah Hoyt Adair (1893 - 1964)*

  Maurine Winsor (Thompson) Farnsworth (1924 - 2012)*