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Althea Jane Hubbard (Gardiner) 1887 - 1968

Before Althea got married she was an elementary school teacher and an accomplished soprano. Her father was a farmer and bishop in Willard, UT. Her father was Joseph Hubbard and mother Sally Ann Marsh.  Althea's grandparents were Charles Wesley Hubbard and Mary Edwards, both pioneers.

Althea married Charles Gardiner 19 June 1918. They had two children Harold Hubbard Gardiner and Marjorie Jane Hubbard Coulan. They lived at 520 12th East, Salt Lake City. 
Hope Hulet letter:

1963 May 25, Aunt Althea

Aunt Althea’s children send her presents but they don’t spend much time with her and that is what she needs.  She has been alone too much with her worries and sorrow until she can’t talk of anything else.  She has really been a neglected person since Uncle Charlie went.  She doesn’t have any interests to keep her mind out of the old tracks.

I have spent most of two weeks trying to help her but couldn’t begin to do all that should have been done.  She seemed to have just given up trying to keep herself presentable or the house.  Her house is a very nice one and convenient but she has the attitude, “O what is the use, Dad’s gone and the children and I am here alone.  Nothing matters.”  Her mind is pretty confused.  She keeps thinking Uncle Charlie will come in like he used to.  She talks to herself and to him a lot of the time.  She wanted me to stay nights but I felt I had all I could take in the day time and it was good to get to the apartment with the girls.  She was always nice with me and seemed to appreciate my help but pleads poverty all the time.  Her children keep telling her to use the money she has as the State will get it when she goes, but no she hates to buy what little she eats and frets about the price of everything.  I surely feel sorry to see her spending her time like she does.

1964 December 29, Althea and Clarence

Aunt Althea still goes over her troubles.  She is too much alone.  Marjorie is till back in New Jersey but from what Aunt Althea says there must be some trouble between her and her husband.  He took her for a trip out here last summer but he has never gone home since.  She says he is still in Chicago.  So I couldn’t even try to figure them out.  They got a baby boy last December.  I wanted to get the birth date for him but Aunt Althea says she doesn’t know the date.  She coaxes me all the time to go and stay with her but I can’t stay there steady.  She keeps telling the same thing over so many times, every time I talk to her.  I couldn’t take it regular every day although I do feel very sorry for her. 

1965 January 4, Althea

We had Aunt Althea here for New Years dinner.  She gets so lonely living alone.  She doesn’t talk about anything but her troubles and loneliness.  Doesn’t read or write letters or do genealogy work or any of the many interesting and useful things she might do.  I feel very sorry for her and will have to visit her when I can n help in whatever way possible

1969 April 24, Eva and Althea die

I didn’t know until that day that Aunt Althea, Uncle Charles’s wife had died.  Couldn’t find out any particulars.  I feel badly that none of us knew so we could at least have shown some concern and sympathy for Harold and Marjory.

1969 May 8, Aunt Althea’s death

I think I told you about Aunt Althea’s death.  She died November 9, 1968.  I felt so sorry we hadn’t known about it so we could at least have sent a card of sympathy.  So I wrote to Harold.  He answered right back with a long letter.  Will have to let you read his letter the first chance I get.

He tried to call me on the phone but it was while I was in Salt Lake the last time.


1880 census on Hubbard family: 

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Charles and Althea lived at 520 south 1200 east:


Vital statistics

Death:11/9/1968SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH


Burial Information

Burial:11/13/1968Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Grave Location:WEST_11_136_2E

Althea Jane Hubbard

27 November 1887 Willard, Box Elder, Utah, United States

9 November 1968Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

13 November 1968Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States