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Eliza Jane Fisher 1853 - 1926

 Timeline for Eliza Fisher:

1828 Charles Fisher
1831 Jean or Jane Kidney
1851 married 4 April

1852 Nov 11 Frederick Gardiner born
1856 Jan 11 Eliza Fisher born
1863 Charles Fisher, brother to Eliza dies

1871 census of Scotland
1871 Jane Fisher 45 b 1826
1853 Eliza Jane Fisher 18
1856 Margaret Fisher 15 
1858 Mary Ann Fisher
1857 Isabella Fisher
1864 Sarah Fisher
 living at 12 Rose Lane (see map below)


1878 Eliza is 23 gets married 12 Nov to Frederick Gardiner
         St Clement, Angus, Scotland

1881 census

Jane 50
Margaret Fisher 24
Mary Ann Fisher 22
Sarah Fisher 17
Frederick Gardiner 1
living at 12 Rose Lane 

1881 Frederick is an only mate, probably on a ship


1884 Frederick baker on Kingston Road, birth of Louisa Gardiner September 13

1891 census

Frederick 39 confectioner
Eliza 37
Fred 12
Jane 8
Louisa 6
Alfred 4
Vollett 1 and 1/2
Jane 60 widow and mother in law born in Ireland, lodger
Maggie 35 "slave ____"


1898 their adress is 768 Queen Street East, Riverside, Toronto, Canada
1898 - 1900 Frederick and Frederick Jr travel to Vancouver and Dawson and Frederick Jr is an artist and sketches the gold mining in the Yukon
 Jennie A Gardiner (Frederick Jr. sister) is an embosser for Hart and Riddle


1902 Frederick Jr is a lithographer in Toronto
1905 Probably move to Vancouver, BC


Marriage of daughter:
1912 Violet 22, marries J. S. Hitchmough who is 27
They later have three children: 

Gilbert Stanley Hitchmough b 1913 Toronto d 23 Nov 1975 Toronto
Kenneth Hitchmough b 1915 d 1970
Dorothy Hitchmough unknown dates

1871 Scottish census: 

In 1871 Eliza Jane Fisher (soon to be wife of Frederick Gardiner) is a power loom weaver in Dundee.  Sound familiar.  Margaret Gardiner worked in the linen mills as well. 

The Fisher family lived at 12 Rose Lane, Dundee.  This is a great example of propinquity or living near each other generates relationships. In 1871 James Gardiner was living at 29 Rosebank Road, Dundee, which is a car repair place today called DRC Autobody Repairs.   Kent

Hi, the 1871 census Jane Kidney, mother to Eliza Fisher (Gardiner) is taking care of her five children on wages as a sack sewer in Dundee.  Jane's husband Charles is mentioned in the 1861 census as a laborer but has gone missing and is not mentioned hereafter. A search of the 10 intervening years has been made for his death but it has not been located.  Their son Charles Jr dies in 1863 as well.  During the next 10 years Isabella will die and is not mentioned after this census.  In this census Eliza is listed as a power loom weaver. These were difficult times.  Kent

How far apart did James Gardiner's son Frederick and Eliza Fisher his intended live?  Frederick lived on Rosebank Road and Eliza on Rose Lane.  The same block.  A recipe for love. Kent

Hi, the 1881 Scotland census has Eliza Gardiner (wife to Frederick) living with her mother and son Frederick Jr. at 12 Rose Lane. Google thinks that is the same as Rosebank Road.  In 1871 Dundee James Gardiner is living at 29 Rosebank Road.  This is called propinquity or living near each other generates relationships.  Kent

Hi, the 1891 Canadian census has Frederick, 39 (brother to Robert) and Eliza Gardiner, 37 listed as a confectioner in Ontario.  He is living with his children, mother in law and  and his wife's sister. His mother in law is from Ireland and her religion is Methodist. His religion is hard to read.  Ancestry has it as seueler which actually may be secular. Some of his children's names sound like Robert's children: Frederick, Vollett and Alfred.  Kent

1891 Canadian census: 

1901 Canadian census: 

1901 Canadian census: