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Mary Alice Doxey (Hill) 1881 - 1948

Henry Hill Jr, Mary Doxey, Henry Vernon Hill (bottom)

1898 July 30 Ogd Stand Alice Doxey

 1898 June 4 SL Herald Alice Doxey 

1899 Aug 19 Ogd Stand Ogden 3rd Ward Tabernacle Fair

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Note: Alice Reeves was Henry Hill Sr.'s sister; the Doxeys were Henry Jr.'s in-laws;  Mrs. W.S. Hill was Henry Sr.'s sister-in-law; Mrs. Ray Middleton was Fred Hill's in-law.

1902 Jan 7 Ogd Standard Henry Hill and Alice Doxey plan

1909 Aug 19 Ogd Stand Alice Doxey Henry Hill Party

1916 Mar 25 Ogd Stand Surprise Party Henry Hill Clair Boyle

1948 Mar 27 Alice Doxey 66 Ogden church worker died

Ogden City Cemetery
Weber County
Utah, USA
Plot: Q-0-89-5E

Mary Alice worked at the Utah Knitting Mills:

1917 Dec 12 SL Telegram:

1919 Payroll Builder magazine: 

  Delbert her second son acted as informant.

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