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John Soren Peterson 1879 - 1957

1919 Clyde Elizabeth John Clarence Floyd Peterson

Elizabeth and Edna Hill married brothers, John and Jorgen Peterson.  Edna and Jorgen had 2 sons, Edward and Clarence (probably named after Edna's little brother, Clarence Roy, who had died at 14 months).  Edna died at age 25 of TB.  Jorgen, reported to be a rounder, went on to have more sons.  Elizabeth and John took and raised Edna's son, Clarence.  Edward stayed with Jorgen and had a leg amputated from a motorcycle accident.  I vaguely remember a one-legged relative who was probably Edward.  Edward stayed close with his mother's Hill family.

Five years after Edna died, Elizabeth died at age 37.  From her death certificate, it appears she died of chronic hepatitis, but had been ill for many years with endocarditis, an infection of the heart.  This left John with 3 young boys.

This is where a real heroine of our family comes in--  Irene Davis.  Irene was an immigrant from England living in Salt Lake City.  During the years she should have been dating and marrying, Irene was taking care of her mother and sister.  I don't know how John Peterson became acquainted with Irene.  She may have been his housekeeper. 

Irene Davis Peterson continued taking care of her own kin, Elizabeth's 2 boys, Edna's 1 boy, and 2 children born to her and John.  From time to time, she would also take care of Edna's other son, Edward.  John was an upright, ambitious fellow who earned a living in many ways.  He  had a lot of rentals, including the house that my grandparents, Harold and Bertha Hill, lived in.  Irene's two children, Elva and Herbert, are still alive. 

John had two wives:

Edna Hill 1884 - 1921
Bertha Irene Clara Davis 1886 - 1975

Floyd Arnet Peterson 1906 - 1993, 
Clyde Leland Peterson 1908 - 1979

Which Bachmans are attending the Ogden 16th ward together in 1924? 

We have the second wives of two brothers John Peterson (second wife: Bertha Irene Clara Davis)
and Jorgen Peterson (second wife: Ethel Claire Altman) 

We also have John Rudolph Bachman's second wife. (He divorced Nellie Jane Allsworth)  Her maiden name is Emma Sewell  because she married in 1881 to Edward Sewell and they had 11 children.  Her maiden name was Emma Florence Western (1860 - 1935). After her husband's death in 1922 she kept his last name, Sewell.   So John Bachman is her second marriage.  There you have it.  Three second marriages attending the 16th ward in 1924.  Kent

1924 Ogd Stand Aug 3