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William Henry Reeder 1857 - 1933

 William Henry was a carpenter and house builder.  He married Elisabetha aks Elizabeth Bachman. They had the following children:

        1.  Elizabeth Maria Reeder 1880 - m Calvin Bonaparte Fagg 1876 - 1963
        2.  William Henry Reeder Jr 1884 - 1961 m Verdie Farr Wotherspoon  in 1909
              m Bertha Julia Stone in 1934 1892 - 1982 judge on Ogden
        3. Francis Hubbard Hemming Reeder 1886 - 1937 m. Mary Madeline Chatelain 1887 -
        4.  Herbert Thaddeus Reeder 1889 - 1909 no spouse
        5.  Annetta Grace Reeder 1892 -  m Raymond Grand Blakeley 1892 - 1975
        6.  Earl Arthur Reeder 1895 - 1953 no spouse
        7.  Rowena Reeder 1897 - 1973

For information on William's father Francis Reeder

Born in Utah, USA on 1857 to Francis Hubbard Reeder and Elizabeth Maria Hemming. William Henry married Elizabeth Maria Bachmann and had 7 children. William Henry married Melvina Hanson Whitely. He passed away on 14 Jan 1933 in San Francisco.


William Henry Reeder and Elizabeth Bachman:

0. In 1857 26 October William Henry Reeder is born
1.  In 1860 Elizabeth is born 14 March in Bottenwil, Aargu Switzerland
2.  In 1863 Elizabeth comes to Utah from Switzerland  
3.  In 1860 William Henry Reeder is 2 in Brigham City, UT
4   In 1866 November Elizabeth's mother dies in Eden, UT
5.  On 1868 5 December Elizabeth is baptized, she is 8 years old
6.  On 1879 Nov 15 Elizabeth marries William Henry Reeder 
7.   On 1880 15 January William and Elizabeth are sealed in the Endowment House
8.  In 1880 he is 22 married to Elizabeth and a laborer in Ogden no children yet
9.  On 1890 25 December Elizabeth's brother Alma dies at 24 and is buried in the Reeder section Ogden Cemetery
10. In 1900 he works for the government as a carpenter at Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Bingham ID with five children
11.  In 1910 he is a carpenter in Ogden with five children and Elizabeth
12.  In 1916 or thereabouts W.H. and Elizabeth and daughter Elizabeth visit Emma and George in San Diego
13.  In 1917 WH Reeder begins building a house on Twenty sixth street between Eccles and Van Buren Avenues at a cost of $3,500
14.  In 1920 April they go to Berkeley CA where Elizabeth undergoes an operation because she has a "disease of the liver" and dies on April 21
15.  From Monday evening April 26 to Tuesday April 27 at 1:00 at 824 22nd Street Ogden, Elizabeth's body was viewed
16.  On Tuesday April 27 at 2:00 pm her funeral was held in Ogden, where "glowing tributes to the life of the deceased, especially in her home and with the Relief society" were given by James Wotherspoon, Patriarch George W. Larkin, Mrs David O McKay and Patriarch E. A Olsen and Bishop Lund. 
17.  In 1930 WH has remarried and is living in at 1450 Roosevelt Avenue, SLC, carpenter, general work, with Melvina no children he is 72, she is 62. William owns his own home worth $4,000.  The day before the census he went to work. (still working daily)
18.  William Henry Reeder dies in San Francisco at the age of 75 on January 14, 1933.

1860 census:

 1880 census:

 1900 census:

 1910 census:

1930 census: 

Death in San Francisco, CA,  January 14, 1933 (Last entry, I assume this is the right WM Reeder, we need to see the actual death certificate to make sure)

Grave marker location help:
Alma is buried just east of the cemetery’s 11th street.  

Turn off Ogden City’s 20th St. into the Ogden City Cemetery’s 11th St.   You will be heading north.   On the right side, about 100 yards in, you’ll see the view depicted in the first attached picture.    The key is the large “Reeder” headstone.

The second photo shows this headstone and a smaller brown headstone to the left rear.   Further to the left is a small grey headstone partially buried in the grass.   This is Alma’s headstone.   The third photo shows it more clearly.

The fourth photo shows her older sister, Elizabeth Bachman, buried to the right of the large “Reeder” headstone.   She and her sister are buried here because Elizabeth was married to William H. Reeder (10/26/1857-1/14/1933).   All of the surrounding headstones are for her, her husband, and their children.   Elizabeth is listed in the Ogden City Cemetery directory as Elizabeth Reeder, not as Elizabeth Bachman.   I had to go to the cemetery office and have them pull Alma’s burial records to figure this out, but it all made sense once we knew who Elizabeth was and why they were buried with the Reeders.

The fifth photo is Elizabeth’s actual headstone.

The last photo is just another picture from the road, showing the large Reeder headstone and Elizabeth’s headstone to the right.   It also shows her husband’s headstone in front (close to the road).

William Henry Reeder's son article, which does give some information on him: