Thursday, December 27, 2012

Frederick Gardiner 1852 - 1926

LtoR Frederick Gardiner, (son of James Gardiner and Ann Gall) his wife Elizabeth, Alfred Gardiner, (Frederick's brother)  his son Donald Gardiner, Alfred's wife Susannah and to the right is young Fred and his wife. Taken in Vancouver, BC.

Birth and death
Born 11 November 1852 in Dundee, Forfar, Scotland to James Gardiner and Ann Gall
Lived in Toronto where Frederick worked as a confectioner and baker
Died 6 February 1926 in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Burial 9 February 1926 Bumaby, BC, Canada

Frederick 1879
Jane Ann 1882
Louisa 1884
Arthur 1886 - 1887
Alfred 1888
Violet 1890 - 1946 (had a daughter named Beverly)
Ida 1893

Married 12 November 1878 in St Clement, Dundee, Angus, Scotland

Wife: Elizabeth Jane Fisher, power loom weaver

Frederick is probably at sea during the 1881 census.

1891 Canadian Census:

1901 Canadian Census: 

1901 Canadian Census: 

Frederick Gardiner’s Certificate of Competency as a sailor. Frederick was a brother of Robert and Alfred Gardiner and worked as a sailor for some time. I like these documents because they corroborate the information we have for Frederick’s birth date and place. N

Frederick Gardiner in Dawson

 Louise Chamberlain refers to the Gardiner brother’s wanderlust in her book and mentions China (Ralph), South America (likely Ralph since he worked on the Panama Canal although technically that is Central America), and the Klondike (Frederick).  Attached is an article from The Beaver magazine that mentions Robert’s, Alfred’s and Arthur’s brother, Frederick, going to the Klondike.  Frederick had a son also named Frederick who was an amateur artist.  Note that Frederick was working at this time as a baker/confectioner.  Apparently, it runs in the family.  N