Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bachman Research

From the website: A cannon ball fired into the fort killed two women and seriously wounded a teenage girl. as the army assaulted the fort and breached the gates, two militiamen were killed. in the ensuing confusion, Morris, his second in command, John Banks and two more women were killed. in all, eleven people died.

Question: Where did they bury the 11 people? Seems like a reasonable question to ask. I believe there is a park near the Kingston Fort monument and I'm wondering if they could be buried in that park?

The main questions I have:
1.  Are there any Bachman pictures in any Utah libraries?
2.  What happened to the 11 killed in the Morrisite War?
3.  Maria death certificate or anything on her
4.  Jacob Jr - anything on him in the Utah Arhives/Library/Provo Mental Institution records held by the state?
5.  Death certificate for Elisabetha Bachman Reeder d 1920
6.  Rosilla Bachman Ferrin death certificate d 1889
7.  Alma Bachman death certificate d 1890
8  Annie Bachman death certificate Ingles d 1926
9. Who else is interested in the Bachman family history?
10. Who has more history?
11. Who has more photographs?
12. Who has Comfort Bachman's records? Can we get an adult picture of Comfort and family?
13. Who has the original Juilius Billiter records? How accurate was Juilius Billiter?
14. How can we remake contact with the Swiss Bachman line?
15.  Who with the name of Hegetschweiler lived in Ottenbach in 1847 and could be her father?  There were only about 1,000 people at the time in Ottenbach.  How many Hegetschweilers?
16. Are there any references in Robert T Burton's journals to Anna Hegetschweiler?
17. How can we get a copy of Joseph Bachman's 100 page typed history?
18. How far back did they record obituaries in Weber County? 
19. Is the man who wrote the following autobiography the same man who married Anna Sidler?
Baer, Johann Lebrecht, Autobiography [ca. 1908], 17-18.