Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bachman Mysteries

This is the story as reported in the newspaper:  Fall in mill causes death of watchman.  Henry A. Hill, 63, Ogden Succumbs as Result of Accident.  Henry A. Hill died Monday evening in a local hospital as a result of injuries sustained early Sunday morning in a fall at the Sperry Mills, where he was employed as a night watchman.  Mr. Hill was on duty early Sunday morning, and had made his six a.m. rounds when he was injured.  Marks indicated he fell into a grain opening on the seventh floor of the mill, breaking his right leg, and had apparently crawled down two flight of stairs to the fifth floor, where he was found about eight a.m. when employees arrived for work.

Isn't this interesting!  Death Certificate says he had his accident on a Saturday (I checked the day of the week) and spent 2 days in the hospital where he died Monday, 6pm.  Doctor last saw him alive on Monday.

Looking closer at newspaper article, they had him falling from the 7th floor and then crawling down 2 sets of stairs.  To do that, he would have had to fall TO the 7th floor from somewhere higher.

Being a night watchman, he probably had a gun with him.  The death certificate says "accident," so the guy accidentally falls, breaks his leg, accidentally gets shot, spends 2 days in the hospital before he dies?

I'm having a hard time even guessing what really happened.  Maybe he was in such pain, that he shot himself Saturday?  But he must also have been found Saturday.

A mystery.  Steve

Jacob was a mystery.  I know from Jay that he was not respected in Eden because he didn't speak english.  He also had trouble with his water rights which made life difficult.  But he did sell his property when older and moved to a more comfortable life in Ogden.  I think Emma viewed him as old and out of touch. Anna also resented him because she wanted to go out and socialize and he was old and wanted to stay home.  Emma says he didn't attend church but toward the end of his life he was sealed to the rest of his family so it appears he had a re-interest in the church.  It will be interesting to see Joseph's 100 page history and see what he thinks of Jacob.

Jacob had a hard life.  He lost his wife and had to go through the drama of blending families and being very poor. Jacob lives with his deaf and dumb son for 43 years before sending him off to Provo. Emma, Anna H and Anna S could not depend on their men so as one of my sons observed, "In the Bachman Family the woman were really tight."  After everything is said and done most Bachman's choose to be buried next to him except Alma who is 24.  Yes it appears Alma and Jacob was not close.  I know with my own father closeness did not come easily, not because he didn't love his family and each of us but because he grew up in a harsh environment where men were supposed to man up and not express feelings.  Jacob may have some of that too.