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Alma Bachman 1866 - 1890



BACHMAN, ALMA          EDEN, UT.     12/25/1890     F-5-11-5E

Birth: unknown
Weber County
Utah, USA
Death: Dec. 25, 1890
Weber County
Utah, USA

Family links:
  Jacob Bachman (1830 - 1907)
  Elizabeth Sutter Bachman (1831 - 1866)
Ogden City Cemetery
Weber County

Utah, USA
Plot: F-5-11-5E
See last entry: Early Church Record of Eden Ward, Eden, Weber, Utah, USA
(the document is not dated), from [1877]-1950, USA & Canada Film 25921

1870 Census, Alma is 4

Alma is buried just east of the cemetery’s 11th street.  

Turn off Ogden City’s 20th St. into the Ogden City Cemetery’s 11th St.   You will be heading north.   On the right side, about 100 yards in, you’ll see the view depicted in the first attached picture.    The key is the large “Reeder” headstone.

The second photo shows this headstone and a smaller brown headstone to the left rear.   Further to the left is a small grey headstone partially buried in the grass.   This is Alma’s headstone.   The third photo shows it more clearly.

The fourth photo shows her older sister, Elizabeth Bachman, buried to the right of the large “Reeder” headstone.   She and her sister are buried here because Elizabeth was married to William H. Reeder (10/26/1857-1/14/1933).   All of the surrounding headstones are for her, her husband, and their children.   Elizabeth is listed in the Ogden City Cemetery directory as Elizabeth Reeder, not as Elizabeth Bachman.   I had to go to the cemetery office and have them pull Alma’s burial records to figure this out, but it all made sense once we knew who Elizabeth was and why they were buried with the Reeders.

The fifth photo is Elizabeth’s actual headstone.

The last photo is just another picture from the road, showing the large Reeder headstone and Elizabeth’s headstone to the right.   It also shows her husband’s headstone in front (close to the road).