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William Archibald Stone 1890 - 1973

Amy Ellen Gray Stone is my great aunt.  Amy's half sister Ella Farrar married William Archibald's brother Frank.  
Amy and Arch did not have children of their own and neither did Ella and Frank.  Ella had a son by a previous marriage and he went by the last name Stone (not sure if Frank legally adopted him or not) but Bud is now deceased.  As you know Arch had a daughter by his 1st marriage but I think you had her listed as deceased.  Amy and Arch adopted 2 children; one a little boy who died in 1925 who was actually Amy's nephew and the other one was a daughter they adoped when she was about 5 or 6 years old.  If I remember the story correctly, both her parents died and Arch had known them. Melinda
Yes Bonnie (born in 1932) is the little girl they adopted and Kenneth is the one who was hit by a street car.  Bonnie is still living but does not have email to my knowledge.  Kenneth was Amy's brother Bert's son by a woman whom he did not marry.  After trying to care for Kenneth on her own for about a year, his mom gave Kenneth to Bert.  Bert's wife (bless her heart) took Kenneth into their home and cared for him along with the 2 children she and Bert had but it was short lived.  Dora became very ill and died, thus leaving these children in need of a home.  It was at this point that Amy and Arch took Kenneth.  Bert and Dora's daughter was adopted by a family and their son I think ended up in an orphanage or foster care.  Very sad turn of events for the family.  Bert later ended up in prison and died there the same year Kenneth died. m

Four generations: Anna Hegetchweiler, William Stone, William Archibald Stone and Dorothy Stone. 

William married Mary Louise Robinson.  b 1892  d 1916
Child Dorothy Louise Stone b 1916 d 2006. 
Mary Louise appears to have died during childbirth.
Second wife:  Amy Ellen Gray b 1888 d 1968
child: Kenneth Howard Gray Stone

1 February 1919 to second wife Amy Ellen Gray
in Farmington, Davis, UT

He had child named Bonnie Ellen b 1932 in the 1940 census

1940 federal census, Utah:

17 January 1973, Lancaster, Los Angeles, CA

22 Jan 1973Ogden, Weber, UT

Son: Kenneth Howard Gray Stone 1919 - 1925 with his second wife Amy Ellen:

Birth: Jun. 13, 1919
Utah, USA
Death: Sep. 18, 1925
Utah, USA

  William Archibald Stone (1890 - 1973)
  Amy Ellen Gray Stone (1888 - 1968)

Ogden City Cemetery
Weber County
Utah, USA