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Moroni Daniel Ferrin 1862 - 1922

Moroni was born to Josiah Marsh Ferrin 1834 - 1904 and Martha Ann Bronson 1834 - 1927 on July 6, 1863 in Utah.

Moroni married Rosilla Bachman on March 13, 1885. He was sent on a mission 9 months after their marriage.  Moroni served a mission in 1886 in North Carolina and ended up being the President of the mission.  Since he married Rosilla in 1885 and she died in 1889, for half of his marriage to Rosilla he was on a mission.  

Moroni married Rosilla Bachman 13 March 1885.   They had one child named Rosella Ferrin (Larkin).


His daughter Rosella Ferrin (Larkin) b 3 Feb 1889, married Elijah Allen "Lige" Larkin  born 1876 m 9 Dec 1914, d 9 Aug 1962. Moroni's wife's name is spelled with an "i" and his daughter's name is spelled with an "e."

Rosella Ferrin (Larkin) had five children: 
1.  George Ferrin Larkin 1916 - 1996 m Verna May Wiggins 1918 - 2009
2.  Elijah Ferrin Larkin 1917 -1986 m Louise Dixon 1920 - 2004
3.  Rosella Ann Larkin 1921 - 2004 m Orlo Steadwell Maw 1921 - 2004
4.  Elane Larkin 1924 - 1939
5.  Roland Alma Larkin b 1928 d 2011, single and loved old cars

After Rosilla's death Moroni married Nancy Victoria Murphy. He was sealed to Rosella in 1885 and Nancy in 1895.

Moroni and Nancy had the following children:

Clyde Moroni Ferrin 1896 - 1980 
Moroni Daniel Ferrin Jr 1898 - 1898 
John Josiah Ferrin 1899 - 1980 his son: Calvin Ferrin, his son: Garth Ferrin
Minnie Victoria Ferrin 1901 - 1966 
Nancy May Ferrin 1904 - 2002 
Floretta 1907 - 1907 
Ina Lottie Ferrin (Beckstrand) 1909 - 2007 
Joseph Murphy Ferrin 1911 - 1984 

Moroni taught for the Weber Stake Academy.   Between 1875 and 1910, the LDS Church sponsored thirty-three academies for secondary education in seven western states, Canada, and Mexico.

Weber Stake Academy, 1888, Ogden, Utah; Weber Academy, 1908; Weber Normal College, 1918; Weber College, 1922; a state junior college, 1922; a four-year college 1962; Weber State College, 1963; Weber State University, 1991.

Where did Moroni live?

1892 rear 469 23d Ogden Teacher Weber Academy
1895 600 12th Ogden Teacher Weber Academyi
1902 135 E 9 So SLC Motorman
1907 363 Alma Av SLC, Letter carrier
1909 363 Chicago St, SLC, Letter carrier letter carrier both Moroni and Nancy 
           lived here until death
Moroni was committed to the State Mental Hospital, Provo on April 17, 1922.  His height is 5 foot 8 inches, weight 158  with gray hair and brown eyes.  The words on his commitment papers are: uncontrollable, delusional, and said he wants to "organize a new church."  Hallucinations: yes.  Feeble: yes. Depressed: yes. He has "religious mania."

His State Mental Hospital reports says he has 7 children with the youngest being 11 years old. (the number is actually 9, one with Rosilla and 8 with Nancy)

According to Moroni's death certificate he was a mail carrier and died in the State Mental Hospital in Provo of exhaustion of mania and injuries received during maniacal attacks. He had acute mania.  In the 1920 census all seems fine with Moroni living in SLC with his family and delivering mail.  By April 1922 he is committed to the Provo mental institution where he dies after being there 49 days.

Interestingly, Jakob Bachman, Rosilla's brother, died a year before in the State Mental hospital.   So Rosilla had a brother and a husband die in the same mental hospital.

Here is Moroni D. Ferrin's mission acceptance letter (15 Nov 1885). Note the endorsement of his bishop (Josiah Marsh Ferrin). His testimony is powerful!

Pearl Leone Shaw Ferrin wrote this on the back of the photograph of Moroni above.

Missionary photograph of Moroni, abt 1886

Here is a family photograph of his second wife and her children:   Margaret Rosella was born in 1889 so she would have been 24 when this photograph was taken and  elsewhere. A year after this photograph, on December 9, 1914 Rosella Ferrin (age 25) marries into the family that owns the mortuary in Ogden.

1883 Ogd Stand June 4

Ogden Standard 1883-10-23

 1884 Ogd Stand Jan 23

1886, Union County, North Carolina, Saturday, May 29, 1886

     As we approached to within a few rods of this house, we saw no one, but a very strange feeling come upon me -- one which I had never experienced before. This feeling is hard to explain, but it was a sort of feeling that we were welcome, as if there were friends near who would be glad to see us, although it was the first time that we or any Latter-day Saint, according to the information we were able to get, had ever been in the community.
     When this feeling came upon me, and before we had seen a living soul near, I tried to explain it to my companion, Elder Wm. N. Anderson, by saying, "I feel just like I am at home here," and Elder Anderson said that he felt the same. Then we walked up to the house and knocked. Mrs. Bigham came and opened the door, and we asked if the gentleman of the house were home . . . She said he was out in the field working, and told us where to find him. We went out to Mr. Bigham in the field and told him we were ministers of the gospel, traveling without purse or scrip, and asked to know if he could accommodate us with a night's lodging. He immediately consented and told us to go back to the house and wait his coming. Mr. Bigham afterward told me why he so readily consented to keep us that night. He said that when we came to him in the field that the words of the Apostle Paul, recorded in Heb. 13:2, Wherein he says, "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares", came suddenly to his mind and he consented at once.
     Well we were not angels, but we were servants of the Lord bearing a message which angels have borne.
     The missionaries encountered ups and downs in the time spent there, baptizing some, and Moroni Daniel Ferrin ends 10 pages of narrative about his work in North Carolina with the following:
     How wonderful are the works of the Lord! How he arranges, directs and overrules conditions and agencies to answer the prayers of his people and bring about his purposes!

1887 Ogden Stand Feb 15

 1888 Deseret News April 18

 1889 Ogd Stand Nov 6

1890 May 28 SL Trib

 1890 Ogd Stand Feb 15

 1892 Ogd Stand oct 21

 1893 Ogd Stand Jan 15

 1893 Ogd Stand June 4

 1898 Jan 9 Ogd Stand

Bbirth announcement for Moroni Daniel Ferrin Jr, born Jan 7th 1898 - 15 lbs. By the time the newspaper announcement was published on the 9th, the baby had already passed away on Jan 8th. This must have been a difficult trial for this family.

 1901 Ogd Stand Dec 18

1901 SL Trib Sep 5

Ogden Standard 1901-12-18

1906 June 4 SL Herald:

1907 Nancy and Moroni are living at 363 Alma, Ave, SLC

1909 SLC Directory Moroni and Nancy are living at 363 Chicago St. SLC and he is a letter carrier:

1909 Songs:

1910 Dec 7 SL Herald, deliq taxes, Moroni owes $1.41

 1911 Eastern Utah Advocate


I think this was taken the same day as the photo above. This one is without Clyde. Counter Clockwise around Moroni are John, May, Ina, Joe and Minnie. The others are more relatives...Great Aunt Lottie could be one of them.
I believe this is 363 Chicago Street, one hundred years later. 2014

 1914 Dec 13 SL Trib

 1916 Ogd Stand April 19

 1917 Ogd Stand July 5


Joseph was born in 1911 so this photo must be about 1920.

  1921 :

The family looks a little formal to deliver the mail. Best I can tell this photo was taken about 1921. Edith Florance Papworth (Weenig/Tanner) lived on Chicago St and was a friend of the family. Edith was married in Sept 1921 and the photo may have some connection with this event.


Ogden Standard-Examiner, 1922-06-06

According to the following news clipping Moroni Daniel Ferrin died  "at his home"  "from apoplexy." Apoplexy is unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke. 

This does not square with his death certificate from the State Mental Hospital in Provo which states the cause of death, "exhaustion of mania and injuries received during maniacal attack" over a period of 40 days. 

For all the problems he had toward the end of his life he had some really good kids.  Ina married in the temple and sang with the Tab Choir. Nancy May was active in the church and married in the temple.   His boys, Clyde, John and Joseph all went on missions in the early 1900s.  He also had 20 grandchildren.  


1920 census, all is well.  (two years later all is not well)

Note: These are all his children from his second wife.  He had Rosella by Rosilla Bachman.

Patent by Moroni D Ferrin:

"I have always been told that Moroni Daniel Ferrin built an airplane in his barn. I have even been told that he got it off the ground. I was surprised at this Patent Application that he submitted back in 1912 for a "Flying Machine." Garth Ferrin

Second patent:

I believe the following has an error.  Joseph Ferrin is from the Moroni's second wife:


Grave marker: 

, Eden, Utah, United States


CarolNan Beckstrand Hess Ina was my mother. Moroni Daniel Ferrin developed a extremely high fever during his service to those who were ill during the fever epidemic. He was mistreated for the fever and developed brain injuries from this and they put him into the mental hospital. There was never anything wrong with him other than what the fever did to him and the wrong treatment he received which caused him seizures and finally death. He was an intelligent and dedicated servant to the Lord and people everywhere.

CarolNan Beckstrand Hess Some people thought he had a mental problem because he died in the Mental Hospital. This is not true...he was in the mental hospital because there was no where else they wanted to send him. Just read his own history and his book "Guides to Life and Happiness" and you will understand his great intelligence and his faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Moroni Daniel Ferrin married Rosilla Bachman, (seventh child of Jacob Bachman and Elizabeth Sutter). Moroni and Rosilla had one child named Rosella (Ferrin).  After Rosilla's death Moroni married Nancy Victoria Murphy.  He was sealed to Rosella in 1885 and Nancy in 1895.  Rosilla died 31 days after giving birth to Rosella.  Does anyone know how Rosilla died or have a death certificate? Watch your i's and e's when dealing with this family. 

Moroni and Rosilla had two children: Margaret Rosella and Joseph according to FamilySearch. This may be an error.  Joseph is probably from the second marriage and seen in the photograph below.  

Moroni had six children with his second wife Nancy.  Here is their photograph.  Margaret Rosella was born in 1889 so she would have been 24 when this photograph was taken and had probably left home.

According to Moroni's death certificate he was a mail carrier and he died in the State Mental Hospital in Provo of exhaustion of mania and injuries received during maniacal attacks.  He had acute mania. 
Nancy May Ferrin Adams, age 97, of Salt Lake City, Utah passed away Jan. 17, 2002.
She was born March 7, 1904 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Moroni Daniel Ferrin and Nancy Victoria Murphy Ferrin.
She married LaVerre V. Adams Sept. 24, 1928 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. May was active in LDS Church organ-izations on both ward and stake levels. She enjoyed music and sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at age 16. She was an avid genealogist and was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother.
Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Brent (Nancy) Wanner, Salt Lake City; Mrs. Francisco (LaNore) Guzman, West Covina, CA; six grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; and sister Ina F. Beckstrand.
Funeral services will be Mon., Jan. 21, 2002 at 12 noon in the Monument Park 9th Ward, 1565 So. Foothill Dr. Family and friends may call Sun. from 6-8 p.m. at Larkin Sunset Lawn Mortuary, 2350 E. 1300 So., and Mon. one hour prior to services at the ward. Interment Larkin Sunset Lawn.