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Comfort Margaret Bachman (Bock) 1900 - 1985

Comfort was born in Ogden, Utah, USA in 2 September 1900 to Joseph Bachman and Margaret Howard McBride. Comfort Margaret Bachman married Leonard Frank Bock who was a Lt. Col. in the service and they had 2 children. She passed away on 30 Sep 1985 in Ogden, Utah, USA.

Daughters: Margaret Ruth Bock  b 1934 d 2004 and Carol Ann

Husband Frank Leonard Bock b 1905 d 3 Aug 1975 m 10 February 1933.
Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii, m temple 1980.  Frank was five years younger than Comfort. 

Comfort sailed to Hawaii, via California, in August, 1926, and became a teacher there.  Velva Ann followed, sailed from San Francisco four years lated, August 18, 1930, on the same ship with President Castle Murphy of the Hawaiian Mission, to become a teacher ninety miles away from Comfort.  

In April, 1932, her sister Velva Ann dies in an auto accident.  Comfort accompanies her sister's body back to Ogden.  On Feb. 10, 1933, Comfort is married in Hawaii to Lieutenant Bock, bitter-sweet occasion I'm sure. 

In 1941 Comfort completed her masters with her thesis on, "The LDS Church in the Hawaiian Islands."  Her husband was highly decorated  in WWII. In 1945 her husband was sent to Japan as a military governor and she took charge of the local school.

They raised two girls.  After the war they moved to SLC and then Ogden where they took up residence.  After the death of her parents she took on the role of stewardship in the family deciding things like who got what items after the death of her parents.   Comfort and the army struggled with Frank's drinking. At times he found himself in the basement.

Comfort ended her life in a retirement home on Monroe Street in Ogden. 

Photos from 1967 Ogden High School Yearbook:  

1910 census: 

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1948 Feb 15 Stars and Stripes" The 3 Rs in Japan." 

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1634 E 22nd Street Ogden
  • Bedrooms:5 beds
  • Bathrooms:3.25 baths
  • Single Family:896 sq ft
  • Lot:11,326 sq ft
  • Year Built:1943

1941 Thesis:

See Margaret Comfort Bock, "The IDS Church in the Hawaiian Islands" (M.A. thesis, University of Hawaii, 1941); Richard C. Harvey, "The Development of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints in Hawaii" (M.A. thesis, Brigham Young University, 1974); Britsch, Unto the Islands of the Sea; R. Lanier Britsch, Moramona-. The Mormons in Hawaii (Laie, Hawaii: The Institute for Polynesian Studies, Brigham Young University-Hawaii, 1989); and Joseph Spurrier, Sandwich Island Saints (Laie, Hawaii: by the author, 1990).

1942 Hawaii War Record:

  • WAR RECORD #397
  • DESCRIPTION: Greek war relief. George N. Michopulos, left, and Charles Costas, right, present two $1,000 checks to Army Emergency Relief and Navy Relief Association. Chaplain T.C. Miller and Lt. Col. Frank L. Bock, center, receive money for their organizations.
    Mr. Michopulos, Mrs. Costas, the Merchants Grill, the Monte Carlo Cafe and Detor Jewelers contributed the funds.
  • HWRD DATE: 3-Sep-42 (printed)
  • NEWSPAPER CAPTION: PARTY MONEY GOES TO RELIEF: Originally slated to be spent on a party for army and navy personnel of Greek ancestry, two $1,000 checks found their way to the Army Emergency Relief and Navy Relief association funds Wednesday. George N. Michopulos, left, and Charles Costas, right, presented the checks to Chapllain T.C. Miller and Lt. Col. Frank L. Bock, center, who received the money for their organizations which will convert it into emergency relief assistance for army and navy dependents. Mr. Michopulos, Mr. Costas, the Merchants Grill, the Monte Carlo Cafe and Detor Jewelers contributed the funds.

Emma Bachman Scholl's journal: In June, 1926, Audrey, 
Elaine and I spent two months in Hermosa Beach in a rented house.
 It was a nice quiet beach then. Elaine could walk fast now and we
had to watch her all the time.  Comfort Bachman came to see us.
Elaine was playing in the sand and she screamed. We didn't know
why until the next day when we found she had swallowed a large flat rock.

June 12th, 1927 we took the train to Utah. It was very hot, no
air conditioning then. I had a bad case of inflammation of the
bladder and sat in the rest room in a wash basin of hot water
part of the time. The train was very crowded. We had a sleeper
and went to bed at night, all in one bed. We stayed in my
brother Joseph's beautiful brick house, 666 21st Street. He had
a half acre of garden, berries and fruit. He also owned a 90
acre farm in Eden and he and Maggie and Mark and Lyle were up
there all week, came down Saturday and went back Monday. We went
up and stayed on the farm a while. Velva lived in the house in
Ogden and Comfort came sometimes.


We held our family reunion at Rosella Larkins August 6th . I had
to conduct the meeting, no officers being present. W.H. Reeder
was elected President, J. R. Bachman and Annie Hill, Vice
Presidents, Rosella Larkin Secretary and Treasurer, Comfort Bach
historian, Fred Hill Chairman of Temple Committee and I was
retained as Genealogists. Roland had pictures of father's old
home and other places he had taken in Switzerland. While he was
in the army. I spent the night and next day at Mary Nielsen's
read her patriarchal blessings and looked at her pedigree charts.
Comfort brought me home I did only 8 endowments in S. L. Temple.

My brother William's boys were not active church members.
Comfort Bock and Anne came and brought me a lot of peaches,
prunes and grapes. They live at 1634 22nd st. Ogden. Anne
teaches Hillside High school in Salt Lake and her mother teaches
High School in Ogden. Margaret teaches in Long Beach,

I went to Salt Lake Temple 28 August, 1957 with Margaret Bock to
see her married to Norris Dean Adams. I was her only relative
present. Her husband's parents and brothers were there. I went
to Ogden to her mother's Comfort Bocks and attended her wedding
reception in the 35th Ward Chapel. Charlotte came and took me
back to Farmington. Anna Bock had been married to Ward Hedges the
previous December

Comfort Bock came to visit on her way to Hawaii shortly (a few
months). After mother moved into her new room. We did not go
anywhere for vacation in 1968 as Mother could not stay alone over