Thursday, November 15, 2012

Charles E. Hulett

Hello M,,
You come from a very large and very important family of Osteopaths. I have been working on your request an I am sending you 2 attachments with this e-mail with what little we have on Charles E. Hulett. Sorry to say its not much
I tried to copy some info from the early Journals of Osteopathy but the pages did not come out very well. 1 is from 1859 where he is listed as a senior and that he was involved in a surprise party for S.S. Still.--sorry they are so hard to read.
the others are from 1896 where he is included in a Roster of Students along with M.P. Hulett, Adelaide S. Hulett and C.M.T. Hulett
and includes a noticed that he was practing in Canton ILL.
Here is what I have been able to piece together
According to our student ledgers he entered school here in Oct. 1894
graduated March 2 1896
In March 1896 was practing in Canton, ILL
May 1896 practing in Red Wing, Minn.
June 1896 practing in La Cross, Wis
Sept. 1896  Carthage, MO
June 1897 Unionville, MO
Nov. 1897 Chillicothe, MO
then in 1897 he was issued a new diploma
July 1898 Topeka, Kansas
He was Andrew Taylor Still nephew. We have a gather large file on the Hulett/Turner clan I can send that to you for a small charge or .75/page. It was written by Dr M.Ione Hulett 1956 and is 167 pages.
be sure to let me know if you have any problems opening these attachments or if you want me to do more research. 
Best Wishes
Barb Magers

Barb Magers
Assistant Curator
Museum of Osteopathic Medicine(SM)and International Center for Osteopathic History