Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stanley Gardiner 1897 -

Hi everyone,  Attached is a copy of Stanley Gardiner’s birth certificate.  Stanley was a son of Elisabeth and Arthur, brother of Robert, Alfred, Frederick and Ralph Gardiner.  I believe the handwriting is from Betty Harris.  There are several things of which to take note.  First is Stanley’s birthdate.  This confirms that both Elisabeth and Arthur were in Western Australia by April 27, 1897.  So sometime between 1895 (Ogden City directory) and April 27, 1897 Elisabeth left Ralph and went to Australia.  Second,  Arthur Gardiner is the informant.  Third, Arthur gives the marriage date for himself and Elisabeth as 3 July 1889.  Betty Harris claims Arthur was known for his veracity.  However, the 1889 marriage date is not possible since Elisabeth was still living with Ralph in 1895.  So why would Arthur give a marriage date in 1889?  I don’t know.  But it probably was to avoid answering some embarrassing questions since Arthur II was living with Arthur I and Elisabeth.  Fourth, under previous issue living Arthur only includes Arthur II.  Yet Elisabeth had six children previous to Stanley (five were still living including Arthur II).  So why would he only include Arthur II?  Again, it probably was to avoid answering some embarrassing questions.  Fifth, under previous issue deceased, Arthur mentions two male children deceased.  Only one of Elisabeth’s previous children was dead in 1897.  That was a girl who died in Terrace, Utah.  So why does Arthur include two deceased male children?  Again, it probably was to avoid answering some embarrassing questions; i.e. why was there a seven year difference between Arthur II and Stanley?  Sixth,  The birth place of Elisabeth is given as Crombie Point.  That is correct, but Crombie Point is not a town or parish as I understand it.  Rather it is a place or address within a larger area.  If my memory is correct, her birth certificate gives the place of birth as Torryburn.  Please share any other thoughts you might have or explanations.  Thanks,  N