Thursday, October 4, 2012

Richard Watson

I keep forgetting we were having a lot of trouble with our email service so we changed it tried to send the change to every one but somehow missed you and Michael Berg.
Here is my new address   

How are things going with you these days?  I just recently became a one year cancer survivor with a clean bill of health so far, I will be going in for a cat scan soon for my yearly check up. I have been going in every 3 months and those reports all say I'm good.  My sister,yes I discovered I have a full blood sister,  is a 5 year breast cancer survivor so hopefully I will follow in her path.

New entry: I remember the Magnette and the trip to Arizona, one other thing the engine vibrations for some reason were channeled to the passenger side floorboards my feet were numb when we got to phoenix.  I also remember your MG TD that you so lovingly rebuilt that was a cool car even though it was probably not real fast.  I also remember your 55 chevy that you came to BYU with I was riding with you on the first time you had ever driven in snow or on ice you were shall we say tense.  There really wasn't much snow or ice on the street but then you grew up in Southern Cal and I grew up in northern Montana so our reactions were quite different as was our perception of how bad the roads were.  I once read a short story written by a folk singer who had made it so to speak he wrote a life history about the cars he had owned describing the good and bad about each car it was pretty amusing.  I'm now driving what is I think the coolest car I've ever owned it’s a Mini Cooper S Clubman shades of Jolly Olde England but what a fun car to drive.

Cancer has had a large impact in my life especially the day I was diagnosed.
I have lost many friends and relatives to that dread disease some of the
finest people I have known Suzanne being one of the most prominent.  By all
means give me a call when ever you make it over here my phone number is
602-284-9984. I would love to see you and have a chat.  One other thing
please include in your prayers my son Nathaniel who is currently serving in


We are going to a car club party on Saturday afternoon but will be home
Sunday, address is 10231 E Keats Ave, Mesa, AZ 85209 phone 602-284-9984 I'm
trying to pin my busy wife down to fix and resend those pictures but it's
hard and I'm too big of a dummie to do it myself. She is off today taking
family portraits at a shelter for homeless families with kids.