Sunday, October 14, 2012

Morrisite War

Family,  Some have asked:  

How many were killed in the Morrisite War?  

The Utah Historical Quarterly Spring 1976 volume 44 number 2 issue says:

"More than a dozen people died needlessly, and scores of others were uprooted and scarred as a result of their (the army) precipitous action." 

Who were the women that were  killed by the first cannon ball?

Eardley, Gems of Inspiration p 26-27 says:

Scarcely had they assembled than a cannon ball came bounding into the congregation, killing two women, one an elderly lady, the other with a nursing babe in her arms.  A young lady, sixteen years of age, was struck by the same shot carrying away her chin.  The shot was accompanied by the yells of the posse, in imitation of Indians.  The meeting was brought to a sudden close, and all were counseled to go to their respective homes.  

What happened to Joseph Morris?

After the surrender Joseph Morris and Banks his counselor were were shot by Burton.  Burton: "Every shot I fired was aimed at Mr. Morris." Two other women died at the time of Burton's shots.  Burton was tried and acquitted for the murder of one of the women.  From Whitney History of Utah

Where is Anna Sidler Baer buried?

This is unknown.  There is a South Weber Cemetery next to the site of the Morrisite Fort but Find-A-Grave does not show an Anna Sidler or Anna Sidler Baer on their list?  Also, the cemetery index does not list her or her daughter, however there are more graves than names in the cemetery. 

What does the current presiding Bishop of the church have to do with us? 

Robert T. Burton is the great-great-grandfather of the current presiding bishop of the LDS Church, H. David Burton. In other words H. David Burton's gg-grandfather ordered the cannon fired that killed our gg-grandmother and her infant daughter and then took our great-grandmother into his home.  

Robert T. Burton and Mary Christoffersen Anderson. Chin was shot off while a teen during the Morrisite War.

Dear Kent,

I wish I could respond with a specific answer to your question.  Richard Sadler and Richard Roberts in their History of Weber County  recount the event, and note that six were killed, but don't say where they were buried.  However they note that not all of the Morrisites left, but "A few Morrisites remained in South Weber and were later buried in the town cemetery." (170).  Perhaps the six killed were buried there as well. 

Are you familiar with a book published in the early 1980s by Utah State University Press---LeRoy C. Anderson, For Christ Will Come Tomorrow:  The Saga of the Morrisites.  It may have the answer. If not, Richard Sadler, who is still at Weber State University, might be a source.
Good luck!
Kent P