Sunday, October 14, 2012

Elaine Gardiner

Hello Mary Ann -
I had hoped to meet you at the Gardiner Reunion last month.  The photographs that Kent attached were identified by two Gardiner relatives, both Dorothy Gardiner's daughters. Oldest daughter was D. June Neve Owen who was very diligent in identifying most of her photographs. June was born on 1929 and died about 2 years ago.  The other person who identified those photos as being Elaine was Dorothy Gardiner's youngest daughter Averill Neve Hadley Conta who was born in 1932. They knew Elaine when she was younger. I included Averill on this e-mail and you can e-mail her your questions if you want regarding knowing Elaine.  I took the photos Kent attached to this message to the reunion in hopes of giving them to Melvin Gardiner's decendents.  If you believe they are of Elaine and want the photographs I can mail the originals to you. Let me know.  I hope this answers your question as to identifying the photographs.  Talk to you soon, Joy

August 20, 2011
Hello Averill and Kent,
Well my son and I finally found the book scanner we were seeking, and it took 2 trips there to accomplish scanning the book as they don't have regular hours and closed evenings for the summer. It is great that your cousin Mary Ann has this book on her web page but neither of you, me or my son Scott were able to find it on her web page.  Scott uploaded this scanned book and has the link below for you to access it. I am sure we are all thrilled to finally get this task completed. I returned the book to Averill last night, again I am sorry I had it for too long.  The good news is technology has caught up with us with scanning capability as the book cannot be taken apart and the margins are so tight it cannot be copied on a regular copy machine.

My son said this file is too large to download onto one cd/disk.  It is about 178 pages if I remember correctly.  I have not read it, but in looking at each page, on one page it shows each of Clarence Gardiner's children's spouses and it shows Lewis Morgan for Dorothy, as we know that was her second husband she did not have children with.  But about 3 pages later it talks about Dorothy's husband James (Jim) Neve and someone underlined it and put a question mark. We know Jim Neve was the 1st husband she had children with.
Averill - I suggest you e-mail this link to your 6 cousins you said want this information, rather than mail them your book.
Enjoy and talk to you both later. Kent - thanks for all your effort for the Gardiner reunion, I enjoyed it. Bye- Joy