Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hi Hayley,

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but here is a memory.  It is very
eric-esque.  A memory that really stands out for me is E's High School
Graduation.  It was the first year at Hart High School for a brand new LDS
principal, Gary Fuller, who was also in our ward.  The graduating seniors
had to walk up on stage to receive their diplomas, shake hands with the
school board members and then walk down a small flight of stairs in the
front of the stage.  When your child received their diploma, friends and
family would rise from their bleacher seats and start clapping and
whistling.  When it was E turn, I stood up and started to cheer.  I
think I was the only family member to be standing in the stadium in all
directions making quite a noise of clapping and yelling.  It was pretty
clear my son was on that stage and I was showing my support!  After E
received his diploma he started walking down the stairs and fell.  The crowd
gasped, I gasped, and then people started to realize it was a prank.  I
remember feeling so stunned at what just happened and sat right back down
trying to process it all.  E new principal did not think it was funny
and decided to make an example of him, kind of awkward because he was in our
ward!  E was not allowed to attend the Senior Graduation Party and I
don't remember what he ended up doing that night but I am sure he can tell
you! E was always finding ways to express his humor and has turned out to
be one of the funniest members of our family.  I appreciate his quick wit
and he always makes me laugh.   

Love, D