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Bertha Bachman (Stallings) 1865 - 1956

Bertha Stallings. Here we have the photo of Bertha Bachman Stallings.  I'm pretty sure this is Ogden.  Marge remembers something about Bertha losing her house and then having to move into Ogden to stay with relatives.  What a pleasant looking lady.  She was the longest-lived Bachman at 90.

Daughter of Jacob Bachman and Elizabeth Sutter

Married Arthur James Stallings, 3 Jul 1875, Logan, Cache, Utah

Children - James Crayton Stallings, David Stallings, Charlotte Jane Stallings, Clara Elizabeth Stallings, Arthur D. Stallings, Florence Ione Stallings, Parley Stallings

Journal entries about Bertha by her sister Emma Scholl: 

Bertha, born April 19th, 1865
6 March 1889. Bertha married Arthur Stallings, 3 July 1885.
My sister Bertha
died 12 February 1956. 

In a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains in the small town of Eden, I was born on a cold wintry day 5 December 1887. The house was a two-story frame of four rooms on the northeast corner of a five-acre plot of ground. The old log house where most of the children were born was still standing and we used it for a milk house, as father kept about twenty cows and mother made butter. I remember the numerous pans of milk from which mother
skimmed the cream and fed the milk to pigs. She had a large wooden churn. There was a cellar where we kept the butter, fruit and other food. The barns where the cattle and horses were kept stood on the south end of the lot. The school house, which was also used as a chapel and dance hall joined our place on the south. Later a chapel was built a block south of our place. Jacob Farrel's store was also south of our barns. My sister Bertha Stallings also lived in the south part of town, several blocks from our place.

Bertha had nice raspberries. Some people had apples. Bertha also had nice rhubarb, currants and a lovely garden. I loved to eat at her house. She was a wonderful cook and she often made me dresses.

Father stayed home most of the time and sat on the front porch in a big rocker. I
had lost my only pal, my sister annie and Bertha and her children, so I was most lonely. Mother didn't have so much work now, as father had sent poor Jakob to Provo to the hospital as he did not feel able to care for him in the small house and in a city. So that made us all sad. My happiest days after we moved to Ogden were when I went back to Eden to stay with Bertha in the summer.

I spent the summer of 1908 at home with mother and in Eden at my sister Bertha's were I loved to be more than anyplace.

In April, 1916, I decided to go to Utah and get mother's furniture out of storage, where we put it when we sold the house in Ogden a couple of years before. I took a boat to L.A. and was very sick for five hours. I took a train to Ogden and stayed at my brother Joseph's. Lyle and Mark were little boys. Mark was the baby and fat. I took the furniture out of storage. I spent about three months in Eden at my sister Bertha's.

In December, 1917, my sister Bertha and her husband, Arthur Stallings came to visit us. Audrey loved Arthur, called him "Oiho" and never cried when he was in the room. I left her with him when I had shopping or other things to do. They went to San Diego and liked it very much there. We were sad when they went home.

Then Audrey and I went to Eden and stayed at Bertha's until November. Audrey was glad to see Arthur again and Art made a great fuss over her. Charlotte made her a blue velvet coat.

Audrey and I went on the train to Utah. Elijah Larkin, my niece Rosella's husband, an undertaker on 24th Street in Ogden, met the train and took care of mother's body. We stayed in Charlotte's apartment above the mortuary. Bertha was living there with Charlotte, as Arthur had died May 30th, 1920. Charlotte was Domestic science teacher at Weber College. Inez Stallings boarded with them.

January 28, 1927 Will Inglis and my sister Bertha came to visit us. They stayed until May 17. One day while they were here and no one was watching Elaine, she ran down to Sunset Blvd., a very busy corner where several people have been killed. The corner druggist saw her in the street and brought her in the drug store. He kept her there until we went to find her.

My organs were prolapsed, so Will Inglis bought the Viave and I used it, four forms, all made of natural foods, no drugs. Bertha massaged me and I took abdominal exercises every day, also. I was greatly benefited by the treatments.

Will was very generous. He bought me a large vase (now on our piano) and a set of natural colored linens, with lace and embroidery, bedspread and pillow scarfs, table and dresser
scarfs. We had a small wood heater in the front room fire place and kept a fire in it, but Bertha and will said they were never so cold in their lives. Will wore heavy woolen garments. He gave me my sister Annie's diamond ear-rings and two enlarged pictures, one of George and me and one of Audrey. Later he gave me one of mother and father. He gave Bertha Annie's watch and a ring. We were very sad when they went home.

My sister Bertha lived with Charlotte. She had bad legs and she hit one on a sharp stick and broke a small blood-vessel She has varicose veins.

Bertha was staying at Dr. Conrad Janson's in Ogden while they were away. So Elaine went up and stayed there part of the time I was in Logan. I ordered carrot juice at the health store in Ogden to be delivered to her.

The two summers I spent in Utah, my sister, Bertha Stallings and I visited people
in Farmington. I held 16 cottage meetings in the two years, one in Farmington and one in my own home in May 1941, at which Charles Norberg spoke.

June and Elaine got their own endowments and I did an endowment for the dead. After the session closed, we went on the bus to Salt Lake. They had to get a blood test to secure a marriage license. They were married in Salt Lake Temple May 19, 1943 by Brother David Broadbent, counsellor to the temple president. Bertha went to the temple with us. 

August 19th, 1938 when Joseph and Margaret Bachman, William and Ida Stone, Rosella and Elijah Larkin, Lyle Bachman, Charlotte Nichols, Bertha and I, also Lorenzo Young and Wister Wallace of Farmington acted as proxies, Edward Clark officiating.

I wore Bertha's old robe. I did 25 endowments and some sealings. This was the happiest summer of my life to have Elaine to go to the temple with me. Bertha went with us.

May 23, 1946, Bertha and I visited Julius Billetger and his wife in Salt Lake. They had come from Switzerland now the war was over. He brought the Jenta record, only 65 names. It cost $6.  I gave him $50 deposit to secure another record.

June Buys House In Providence

June decided to buy a place in Providence. I asked him to sell this place to me. Audrey had given me $300 to buy a lot several years before. which I still had, also money I received for
cherries past two summers. Audrey gave me $400 more and I paid June the same as he paid for the place. They bought the Fuhriman home in Providence, a two - story stucco house. June helped pick the cherries, Bertha helped , also. We got a buggy from Virginia
Young for Kent, so we could take him out.

October 13, 1946 Bertha and I went to Ogden and stayed at Dr. Conrad Jenson's house for two weeks. It was quite a mansion, Janitrol gas furnace, electric dishwasher, garbage disposal, Bendix automatic washer. I tried the garbage disposal thing, but Bertha wouldn't let me try any of the others. The furnace had a blower. We each had a bed - room. We could charge at the grocery store where they trade. I walked to town and all around the neighborhood. I found plums and grapes on lots around there. Mary Nielsen, Hazel Hill and Arthur Stallings came to see us. Conrad Jr. came home from college at week ends.

The cherries soon got ripe. I got Otilda De Vore to help Bertha and me pick them Brother De Vore also helped After July 4th they all went back to Los Angeles. Elaine and Kent came and stayed a while. Elaine picked some cherries.

The pains got hard. I called the Doctor and got her to bed. Bertha was here.

Charlotte came up and made my fire. Bertha helped me. In April I planted six new trees. Harold Mayfield helped me. Earl Spencer planted a dozen grape vines for me. Brother Hedgepeth took me to Brother Earl's to buy them. Bertha helped me pick the cherries. She had helped me six summers. Brother Hedgepeth took them to Lee Jost's in Kaysville. I did
only five endowments in Salt Lake Temple.

The next winter was the loneliest winter I ever spent in my life.  I missed Sister Brazier's phone calls, my brother William's letters, and Charlotte and Bertha had so much trouble, they seldom wrote.

My dear sister Bertha went with us. I rode back to L.A. with Clarence Wallace, left Monday and got there after mid-night (Tuesday morning.)

She and Charlotte came up. I rode back with Clarence Wallace. He had two Mexican men and two other women. I sat in back seat with them. They were L.D.S. and very religious.
Got to L.A. at 2:00am Tuesday. Bertha died 12 February 1956, would be 91 years old 19 April.

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From FamilySearch: 


Birth: Apr. 19, 1865
Weber County
Utah, USA
Death: Feb. 12, 1956
Davis County
Utah, USA

Daughter of Jacob Bachman and Elizabeth Sutter

Married Arthur James Stallings, 3 Jul 1875, Logan, Cache, Utah

Children - James Crayton Stallings, David Stallings, Charlotte Jane Stallings, Clara Elizabeth Stallings, Arthur D. Stallings, Florence Ione Stallings, Parley Stallings

Utah Death Certificate

Family links:
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  Elizabeth Sutter Bachman (1831 - 1866)

  Arthur James Stallings (1861 - 1920)

  David Stallings (1881 - 1881)*
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  Charlotte Jane Stallings Nichols (1888 - 1980)*
  Clara Elizabeth Stallings (1891 - 1904)*
  Arthur D. Stallings (1894 - 1993)*
  Florence Stallings (1897 - 1903)*
  Parley Stallings (1906 - 1906)*

*Calculated relationship
Mountain View Cemetery
Weber County
Utah, USA

1956 February 12, Death Certificate:

Mountain View Cemetery: