Friday, August 17, 2012

Glendale's School Classes

John Marshall Grammar school, 1897. Larry's grandmother, Josefa M. Camargo, is 3rd row center.

1913, Broadway School, October 9, 1913. Glendale grammer school, ungraded room.

1931, John Marshall Elementary School, Glendale Ca. March 5, 1931. A cute little bob was the style of the day but Larry's grandparents wouldn't hear of it for their little girl with the pretty long ringlets.

1956, Don Worth: My 2nd grade teacher on the playground at R. D. White, Mrs. Hogue, in 1956. Also, Linda Miller(?) and John Lathrop(?). I don't think boys and girls got segregated into a boys and girls side until 3rd grade. I remember getting in trouble for going on the girls stairs. I wonder what the school administrators were afraid of?