Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marklin Modular Train Layout

My Marklin train set is 95 square feet of city, track, trees and people. The layout took me two years to build.  One year a student suggested I revamp the two table on the right side of the layout and simplify the track plan.  I did so and enjoy the two tracks which now run on slightly different routes.

This modular marklin train layout is set on five tables that link together. The mountains are made of foam, with cast urethane rocks and a product called "Rockhard" on the rest of each mountain. The engines are a Br 44 steam and a V200 diesel. The layout is a work in progress.

Two trains run independently and the layout can handle four trains running automatically using signals and contact tracks as switches. Children enjoy running trains, setting up buildings and trees and playing with the cars and people. 

Lately I decided to put a Seuthe 11 smoke unit into my Br 81. I tried getting power from the controller but that didn't work so I ran power directly from the shoe to the smoke unit. Bingo! The first video is how the layout is set up in a classroom.  The other videos shows the running stock.

2010 video:

2009 video: